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  1. Are tge holders big enough to hold a 330ml can ?
  2. Thanks Rich. T cut is not allowed near the camper Original paint from 1970, which has obviously weathered over the years (is an import from Arizona), then lacquered to preserve.
  3. 1st wash and polish of my new 2008 Elise S that I picked up 2 weeks ago. Happy with the result. Ceramic coating to be done in a few weeks time Next job is to get the plastic trim looking more black, polish up the leather sill covers and replace the LOTUS decal on the rear clam as a bit tatty.
  4. Hi, they are Probax, i found the labels stitched onto the sides once I looked properly. Am looking into just adding a cushion, with some straps to fix to the seat - I have a friend who is pretty handy with fabrics, upholstery etc Also, in discussions with Allon White Sports Cars, they offer various options on refurbishing elise seats, could be a case of replacing the foam in the seats which may have collapsed over the years.
  5. Hi, So I collected my new 2008 S2 Elise yesterday and absolutely love it, apart from the seats which as is no surprise are not particularly comfortable. I am not sure what seats are fitted, I've heard about Probax seats, but there is nothing on mine to indicate what make they are. Photo attached. Can anyone advise, and more importantly can anyone advise a way of making them more comfortable, though I'm not looking to rip them out and spending a grand or even more on new padded seats. I would even consider a padded seat cover from Halfords or something similar. Thanks for an
  6. Hi, I'm after some new floor mats for my Elise S2. I particularly like the look of these, but trying to find someone who makes them, has so far been fruitless. Any idea where I might be able to get something similar ? Thanks, Badger
  7. Think these look well made, and mulling over buying but at £180 a bit pricey. http://www.onrailsengineering.com/lotus/cupholder Does anyone know of a good quality one that's maybe a bit cheaper ? Thanks.
  8. Hi, So, the 2008 Elise I have just bought, has a none Bluetooth stereo head unit, and so I wish to replace it. My requirements are: Single DIN size USB port in front panel Detachable front panel CD player would be nice but not a must I don't like them with lots of flashy lights or big screens, they are just distracting and more things to go wrong. I particularly like the look of the Blaupunkt Doha https://www.asmobilesolutions.co.uk/pro ... -car-radio, but the front panel is non detachable. I did find these https://www.amazon.co.uk/auna-RMD-Sende ... ics&sr=1-5 http://w
  9. I've just ordered one from prestige car covers. The prestige + with embroidered logo. I phoned them up to ask some questions before I ordered, filled in the online form, price cames to £414 incl VAT, Scott who worked there said if your are a member of mloc, nyloc, seloc etc we give a discount, so it came to £299 incl vat. Should arrive in 3-4 weeks.
  10. Badger02


    She or he certainly is
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    I'll 2nd that
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    Thanks, it certainly looks the part
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    Aye, can't wait
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    Thanks a lot, as soon as I saw the ad, I was thinking, I think that's the one for me
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    Thanks, hope so
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