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Legacy Storm In Leicester (Jon Saunt) - Superb

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Just had my S1 Sport 160 serviced and MOT'd by Jon at Legacy Storm in Leicester.   Big thumbs up from me - great price, brilliant service, really professional from start to finish.  He took great care of the car which fits well with my somewhat obsessive tendencies, and also fixed my gearshift, which had stopped re-centering in the gate, it now feels like new (or probably better than new).


It is very clear that Jon has a huge amount of Lotus experience (20 yrs+) and really knows his stuff.


He is well located in Leicester - 10 minute walk from City Centre/High Cross, with free Wi-Fi everywhere so I was able to do my job at the same time!


In case you weren't aware, Jon is ex-Stratstone Lotus (previously Storm), and was there a long time.   When they recently went into administration, Jon set up his own specialist business.   To clarify - I have no connection with Jon and hadn't met him before today!


So we are now spoilt for choice for very good independent specialists in the Midlands smile.png


Thanks Jon - top job clap.gif

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We are very lucky within mloc to have such good choice of independent garages and mechanics.

Over my time on mloc - 10 yrs this summer various people have been the " flavour of the month"

From horizon/ sports car services, to top gear automotive and Unit 4

And all appear to offer, knowledge, passion, competitive prices and a personalised service to elavate them above the

Main dealers and are recognised as such when service histories are listed when selling on our cars

I certainly take notice of folks comments when deciding where to take my car so the more reviews the better for me

so keep the recommendations coming.



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Jon serviced my Elise this morning. First time since he went on his own after Stratstone closed. He has serviced it for the last 4 years though and I can highly recommend him. He certainly knows his way around a Lotus. Had another couple of cars in as well so word is getting round. Keep up the good work Jon :-)

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Yes a lot of experience with 2.2 esprit and v8s from engine builds to radiators to belts. I cut my teeth on esprit sand elans


Excellent. Will share that info with the other Esprit owners who we know. :)

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