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  1. Dean is just winding you up. He knows that I beat him to it, Scatty is picking it up for me in his full PPE 👍🏻
  2. Ah fair enough......new job then or are you still at WHS 😉
  3. Yeah I know - I’m just sick of people breaking rules to suit themselves and prolonging this virus tbh, especially when the risk of transmission is still pretty high and the NHS are on their knees. Obviously looking at a car with mask/gloves is much safer than a 300 people wedding reception though 😳 Sorry - didn’t mean it to be a “high horse” thing at all and certainly not having a pop at you Scatty (king of Covid 🤣)
  4. The rules are there for a good reason - especially right now. Personally I don’t fancy the prospect of a hefty fine and it doesn’t seem morally the right thing to be doing.....but everyone is different. It’s different if you’re a trader and it’s your livelihood I guess. Not sure I’d feel great if I had an accident on the roads, needing to call the emergency services, for an avoidable and unnecessary journey..... Just my two penneth though - lecture over 🤣
  5. Ray and Dunc - have either of you decided to go for it ?
  6. Wow, sounds like there are a few to choose from at great prices. Or maybe that’s just the market price given the situation we are all in. Main dealers are having a very tough time selling stuff (though often they don’t exactly help themselves...) and the seller of the gold one clearly needs the cash. Perhaps better to pay a bit more and choose the colour you really want....
  7. So it’s certainly cheap, but not £20k cheaper than main dealer price for a used one (though Pete had now edited his post on that). There are a couple of 20th Anniversary 410’s for £82k brand new. These will more than likely hold their value a little better too. Not forgetting that a lot of people prefer to buy from dealers to utilise the finance options, second hand cars up for sale privately need to be priced to attract cash buyers. That said, if I was in the market for a used 410 Sport I’d be all over it - it’s probably a £70-£75k car in the private market, but very much buyer be
  8. Is that Komotec Waste Disposal services Pete? 😂
  9. Ah Dunc, you are a crafty old sod......I remember being behind you in the queue for a very cheap Aquamarine Evora NA a year or so ago.....even you were too slow for that one though. Surely a refundable deposit, followed by viewing and driving it after lockdown is lifted is the way to go?
  10. Yeah sorry Ray, I’m picking it up tomorrow 😂 Edit - looks great, I have to say I’d be more than happy with your 220 though - plenty of pace for the road 👍🏻
  11. Don’t do it Ray - we will never keep up on the Peaks and Tick runs 😐
  12. 😂😂😂 I’ve just realised your table is missing the Finding Nemo towel for the full effect.
  13. Cool. Matching blanket AND yellow bodywork 🤣🤣🤣
  14. Got mine today, thanks to Guy, Phil and Laura, some great shots this year. Not sure I’ve ever had both my cars in it before - wasn’t expecting that ! 👍
  15. Looks like fun - I remember my R/C days with great fondness... My daughter and I are working through the 1/8th scale Bugatti Chiron (Lego Technic). We are about to start the engine - all 16 cylinders of it !
  16. Nice! Is that Lotus’s new way of reducing panel gaps? Will you be able to collect it if the dealer is in Tier 4?
  17. Dean - buy a flippin' calendar mate !!! Oh - and Merry Christmas 😆
  18. Hehe you’re probably not wrong mate.....!
  19. I like it Clive. The Elise 2020 Festive edition. With built in face masks in the seats and auto-reroute Satnav when you try to cross borders.....
  20. Likewise Ray, have a good one and look forward to some more runs / meets next year.
  21. They do have a habit of blending in well 👍🏻
  22. Excellent, what does the 20th anniversary edition get then chaps?
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