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  1. Glad to be of service! You may struggle to find a photo with the cream but I’m sure there will be someone with it somewhere……it will look great though, with any seats….👍🏻
  2. You have articulated most of my ‘beefs’ about the whole Emira ordering ‘experience’ there. I’m totally with you on all those points. There’s no way I’d take the risk with any of those things. Driving position is so important - as is the colour inside and out. Ride height - when they first showed the grey Evora on track at Hethel at the online launch event, I was immediately disappointed and felt it rides too high. Only when they wheeled out the blue one did I think “wow” - but we all know that isn’t the standard ride height - far from it. As it happens I decided I want t
  3. Sounds good. What kind of awkward questions? 😂
  4. ** SAVE THE DATE - Lotus in the Peak 2022 - 10th Anniversary ** We are excited to announce that next year’s event will take place from 8th - 10th July 2022 and will return to a very special grand venue - none other than the significant historic landscape of Chatsworth. As one of the premier events on the Lotus calendar, the organisers are firmly focussed on making it the biggest and best yet, to mark the 10th Anniversary since the event first took place at Chatsworth in 2012. Please follow us to stay informed and share this post with your fellow Lotus enthusiasts, to help us mak
  5. Nice one Ray, was yours the angel on top of the tree 😂
  6. Fair enough Rich, I can see why you’d want to stick with 99…
  7. Not good. I’ve been running the Evora on E10 for the last 2 tanks, but according to Lotus I’ll need to run the Elise S1 on Super to be on the safe side. Rich, isn’t yours a Toyota engine and would therefore be OK on E10? Luke, I can’t recall whether you have a K series or Toyota engine in yours?
  8. Just watched it too, despite the early start for the Tick run tomorrow AM. What a performance, what a player. Unbelievable. Great for British sport 👍🏻
  9. Hehe, I’m actually rubbish at that - Joanne does them all every year!
  10. So having wrapped the sills I decided to have a go at the front splitter. Boy, that was tricky. A specialist pro place told me a while ago it would need to be done in 2 pieces - top and underneath - and quoted me £250. No thanks……I managed it in one piece, using about £5 worth of top quality wrap! I do now need to empty the swear box though….. After removing the number plate plinth you can wrap each side separately. There’s no need to wrap the bit behind the plinth and it’s much easier handling shorter lengths of this stuff…👍🏻 So far the sills and splitter have cost about
  11. Another week has gone by and the Evora delivered in spades on a 300-mile round trip to Hethel for our MLOC tour of Classic Team Lotus. The afternoon before the trip I decided on the spur of the moment to wrap the sills in gloss black. Don’t ask me why, I just decided to get on with it! Took this at Ketteringham Hall, home to Team Lotus F1 back in the 1970's. I’m loving the black sills look and am planning to do the front splitter - possibly today - but not the roof, I quite like that in silver with the diamond cut wheels.
  12. Thanks for the comments, makes it all the more worthwhile 👍 Had a fabulous drive home on Tuesday evening up the Fosse Way, in the dark, after meeting a mate who is also looking for a tidy Evora NA. It’s fair to say he was mightily impressed with it, as was I on the drive back, it just gets better and better 🙂
  13. Cheers Dean. Sometimes I wish I was a bit less attentive to detail, believe you me!
  14. You’re obviously not trying hard enough 🤣 Impressive. When’s the sermon?
  15. Cheers Rich - it really is satisfying, you’re right, knowing that’s it’s had the kind of attention lavished on it that no dealer or specialist would ever do 👍🏻 Give me a shout if you want more info on the headlight refurb….🙂
  16. Thanks Clive, it isn't as difficult as it looks and there's only one way to learn.....👍
  17. What was the reason for selling Adam? The 410 was a beaut.
  18. Headlights - mine had no lacquer on them (removed by a previous owner) but a few scratches/swirls. I know they must be properly protected to resist yellowing etc. So I set about sanding them by hand with 3000 > 5000 > 7000 grit wet & dry then finished using my DA polisher and Meguiars 105 compound. Then I applied the Aliath PPF film. Really pleased with the results and I suspect they should be fine for years to come. LED Interior & boot lights - I replaced the standard ‘candles’ with LED bulbs. 42mm Festoon bulbs is the size. They work really well
  19. Full Dashboard Removal - this is the big one! I knew when buying the car that I’d need to do this at some point - the airbag cover was slightly lifted at the corner and the only way to rectify it is to remove the entire dashboard (thanks Lotus)…. I have seen worse but it really bugged me so had to be done. I also undertook several other jobs while the dashboard was out. The key to this is to research it properly and take your time - and make sure you have the space. I had the car in the middle of the garage so both doors could be opened fully. I also put all the fixings from the
  20. Focal 165 AS speakers & Door cards - I removed the door cards, tightened all the fixings on the rear side of them (there are a lot of screws holding all the bits on), and added cloth tape to all the contact points. While they were off I fitted the woofers from my recently purchased Focal 165 AS component speakers. They were a straight swap - I just needed to remove the speaker housing to get the old speaker fully out, and solder the wires onto the new speaker. I also added some Silent Coat sound deadening material inside the door, and closed cell foam behind where the speaker fits.
  21. Boot lid Gas struts - I just needed to replace one of these, to give it the required oomph for it to go up on its own and stay up. Simple job. Wheel nuts - they had the usual corroded look, so I gave them a quick clean with a mini wire brush, coat of Kurust where needed and then a coat of silver. Washer fluid leak (again) - so the washer fluid was still leaking. Dripping from off side front, in front of the wheel. A quick chat to Dave at PJS and he recommended replacing the O ring in the headlamp wash connection. I duly did this and it fixed the issue - or so I thought. It’s
  22. Audio - Wireless CarPlay Head Unit - The standard Alpine unit had been replaced by a previous owner with a Kenwood one, which was better, but very laggy indeed (old tech and all that). After lots of research I bought a Kenwood DMX8019DABS with wireless CarPlay. It also has Android Auto. Fitting wasn’t too bad, after carefully identifying the reverse signal wire (for the reversing cam, to tell the head unit when it's in reverse) and the speed sensor wire (apparently required for the wireless CarPlay to work). Mine had an ISO connector fitted in the car so I was able to connect direct
  23. Steering column - early Evoras have a slight play in the steering, caused by Lotus apparently forgetting to fit a crucial aluminium spacer during assembly, or in some cases fitting one that was too small. This is rectified by a TSB (2011/11 I think), but the spacer itself is on back order - surprise, surprise! Fortunately I have a neighbour (Alan) with a full machine shop in his garage, and I had some aluminium round bar of a suitable size, so we (OK, he) made a larger spacer as per the Lotus part, which addressed the issue perfectly. For reference, the original spacer fitted in my car
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