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  1. Gold wheels would look amazing on that! I can offer a superb tip for keeping a black car immaculate, spotless, and stunning...... Wash, polish, wax, drive, repeat. Endlessly!
  2. Use screws and rawlplugs for the carpet.....👍🏻
  3. Yes, comfortably, my old single garage was 2.4m wide and was OK for this 👍🏻
  4. Superb, very exciting. Pretty sure they will look after you well at Central 👍
  5. It has the Street Series v2 Dean, so they are quite different to yours I think - there are a lot more clicks from hard to soft (38 IIRC). So far, for fast road use, I’ve settled on 25 front, 23 rear (from full hard). It’ll probably change after my first Peaks run......
  6. The man's a genius! To be fair it is still something I plan to do, but not this year now. We are facing some mighty expense on the house so it has to come first.
  7. I’ve done about 200 miles now since it has been back together and I finished it off yesterday with new leather sill pads. As well as doing the headlight adjustment, I wrapped the yellow bits in the front arches with black wrap, tweaked the Nitrons a bit (a little firmer), refitted the wheel arch liners and attached the fuse boxes. I also fitted the new Door waist seals (bottom of the window) I bought a while ago. I’ll add some pics of this stuff when I get a chance... It felt like a really big achievement yesterday, a big milestone, especially as most of the stuff I’ve done was for the first time. I’ve been sticking to driving it on quieter roads and at quiet times due to the new paint on the front clam- had a cracking 50 mile drive on roads near Ashby and Donington on Friday night with my mate Euan, who also has an S1 and lives in our village. The car feels fantastic on the road now, I’m not sure how it could really be improved for fast road use, maybe some different pads at some point but that really isn’t necessary for my current usage. Took a few pics today after a couple of runs with my daughters, can’t believe how much this colour lights up in the sun. The photos don’t really show it but the pearl in the paint is amazing. Very pleased with it - which is a good job as I don’t fancy doing all that again anytime soon!
  8. You must be pretty disappointed by that - I know I would be - but you’re making the right decision and there will be plenty of others 👍🏻 For what it’s worth I’d be tempted to keep the Exige, it’s unique and I thought it was stunning when we did the Peaks run a few weeks ago.
  9. Seems not, I think it’ll be a few weeks before it’s fully hard I suspect. I’ll be taking it easy I think....
  10. Here’s a quick photo, I’ll put a few more up when it’s completely finished. I’ve adjusted the headlights, simple enough with the required 1.5% beam “drop” measured over a specific distance from my garage units, I drove onto a couple of bits of old laminate flooring at the front to make sure it was totally flat first as my garage floor isn’t 100% level. I bled the brakes again last night, and now have a very good pedal - there was still a tiny bit of air in there but I can really feel the difference now. It was very quick this time using the pressure bleeder - amazing what a difference it makes when you’ve done it before. Now to refit the wheel arch liners and new sill pads, and that’s about it - and wait for the lacquer on the front clam to harden. It’s really still quite soft although it’s only 10 days since it was painted, suspect it will take a few weeks..
  11. That’s is lovely - congrats and I look forward to seeing it soon.
  12. Quick update - the car is back from having the clam painted, and I’m pleased to say it’s back together and drives like an absolute peach. Huge thanks again to Jody for doing the geo at the weekend. For the first time since I started this I’ve written a full list of everything done to the car since I bought it - and it’s a heck of lot longer than I thought it would be! I have a few things left to do (like align the headlights) but not much at all. This is my 5th S1, I had my first when I was only 28, but it’s the first one I’ve done any serious work on. I find it amazing that you can buy a high miler and turn it into something really special, that drives and looks better than new in many respects, for very little outlay - if you have the time and patience (and basic spannering skills...). I’ve learned loads not just about Elises but mechanical stuff in general, if you’re wondering whether to have a go at things yourself I’d say roll up your sleeves and do it - most of the stuff really isn’t that difficult and it’s very satisfying. Absolutely love this thing. More pics to follow.... Done by Gav @ Unit 4 (last year): New Cambelt Gearbox oil renewed New Handbrake cable Gear linkage fixed & greased Now onto the stuff I’ve done myself, in no particular order.... Serviceable/wear & tear items: New Varta Blue Battery Front brake calipers stripped, serviced & refinished Rear brake calipers stripped & refinished Made & fitted new cupro nickel front brake lines (2) Rear Toe links upgraded (Uniball kit with stainless rods) Brake fluid renewed Clutch fluid renewed Steering rack refurbished (phosphor bronze cups) ARB drop links replaced Fitted refurbished alternator (new regulator) General stuff: Soft top replaced New clear stone guards on rear arches Number plate mount repaired & reinforced OEM amber side repeaters New OEM Cibie headlights Front indicator captive bolt replaced Stainless headlight mounting brackets bonded to clam Stainless headlight adjustment brackets Heater & fan assembly stripped & refinished Inside front crash structure refinished New stainless tow post (finished in black) fitted Headlight wiring harness repaired & new ceramic connectors fitted Front wishbone mounts - steel bobbins refinished, Duralac barrier applied New windscreen Undertrays scrubbed & Duralac applied Rear fog & reversing lights refreshed Exhaust tail pipes re-centred New door waist seals (Elise Shop) Door hinges restored - capped with sheet stainless Pedal box secured with bolt to replace corroded rivet New powder coated stainless driving light brackets fitted Windscreen washer tubing & battery drain hose replaced Clear protectors fitted to headlights, indicators and driving lights Newly refurbished AWIs & AD08R’s fitted Front clam & bonnet resprayed Interior: Probax Seats fitted Seat frames refurbished & painted New (Eliseparts) leather sill pads Momo Team (300mm) steering wheel fitted with custom boss and spacer Sound deadening removed from footwells & chassis fixing holes Footwells treated & refinished Full chassis clean Carpets trimmed & refitted OEM Elise Mats fitted Cigar lighter fixed Gear surround stripped & refinished Centre console replaced Door cards replaced with originals OEM Indicator stalks fitted Alarm siren battery removed Eliseparts throttle linkage kit fitted Passenger footrest refinished & clear wrapped Storage net & fixings sourced and fitted Audio - Pioneer sub (footwell) & head unit, Infinity Kappa speakers fitted, DAB aerial List of parts stripped and/or refinished: Brake calipers Seat mounting frames Driving lights (backs) Front clam A pillar brackets Bonnet hinge & mount Bonnet catch assembly Side repeater mounting plates Door hinge spring plates Soft top cant rail brackets Wiper motor bracket Master brake cylinder Anti roll bar Headlight adjuster brackets (to keep as spares) Upper damper mounting brackets Lower crash structure to chassis brackets Front & rear grilles Radiator cover trim Wiper arm Footwells Gear surround & centre console Passenger footrest
  13. I’d expect so - one to discuss with Oakmere surely. I’d be insisting on one I think....you want a deposit receipt as a minimum.
  14. Thanks Phil - haha yeah - obsessive compulsive Dave 🤔
  15. Congrats, you’re going to love it. Try Classic Line, Henderson Taylor and REIS for insurance quotes too.
  16. Thanks for the comments chaps - getting there, the body shop have called and the paint is done, so I’m picking it up on Saturday 👍
  17. Hehe no far from it Scatty, Gav did some work on the yellow one last year - PJS was well before that 👍🏻
  18. PJS serviced my Exige when I had it (first class) and also stored our Scandal 160 for about 10 days while we moved house. Paul and Louise are genuine lovely people and Lotus enthusiasts through and through. Paul recommended MRH in Lichfield for my front clam respray. My Elise is there as I write this, so I’m hoping that will turn out to be another thumbs up as well. Can’t see why not, he sends all of his restoration stuff there for paint 👍🏻
  19. Yep - although the bodyshop has a proper oven so it will be baked dry and fully hardened according to them. I’ll still be hanging back like a skulking teenager everywhere I go though 🤣
  20. Cheers Dean, yeah I can’t wait to get it back, get the geo sorted (Jody is the man for this!) and then enjoy it. I’m not bothering with PPF, I think I’ll just get it painted again in future eventually, if and when needed, it seems like a lot to spend on a high mileage car on top of the paint cost.....(unless anyone knows of a nice cheap way).
  21. It has been a while so it’s about time I updated this… The last few weeks have pretty much all been about refitting bits that I’ve been refurbishing, and getting it ready to go off for the front clam to be painted to rectify the shocking paint match on the driver’s side. The hot weather really slowed me down as I seem to prefer beer and BBQs in the garden to slogging away in the garage. Can’t think why 🍺 Tow Post and Driving lights: New tow post fitted, and driving lights. I bought the kit from Eliseparts, powder coated stainless brackets, nylon bolts, stainless springs etc. Bizarrely the heads on the M8 nylon bolts for the adjustment of beam (3 each side) are a bit too big to fit into the recesses on the holes on the driving lights – so they had to be machined a bit (cue neighbour Alan to the rescue again – cheers Al). I have fed this back to Eliseparts and they are checking their stock/supplier as they shouldn’t be like this. It’s also quite annoying that they are white – as you would see some of them through the grille – so I’ve given them a quick blast of black paint. EP really need to sort this out, but to be fair Ian was very good when I spoke to him last week. I fitted some of Dan's clear protectors (www.divinehandcraft.co.uk) and put brighter bulbs in the driving lights as well. Windscreen washer hose: The plastic tubing for the washer hose was looking worse for wear so I sourced some from eBay to replace it. If anyone wants to know the size, let me know, I have it somewhere. Heater matrix & Fan blower: I fitted a new foam seal to the heater matrix housing to get a good fit with the fan blower (thanks Phil) and reassembled it all, fitting a Tamiya style connector to the resistor/motor wiring which aids removal in future. I used stainless bolts & lock nuts where possible to replace the ageing rivets – some of which I had to drill out when I stripped it all anyway. Getting it back in the car was no fun at all - you’ll know what I mean if you’ve done it - and naturally involved obligatory profanities and fluid spill (coolant) despite being quick with connecting the hoses when I removed the plugs from them. Good job the battery wasn’t fitted yet then… New battery & earth strap clean: I sourced a Varta Blue B18 battery as the existing one, despite being fitted only recently by the previous owner, didn’t have a high enough cold cranking amps (CCA) rating. Don’t you love it when people cut corners….🤪 I also fitted a new drain hose, cleaned up the earth strap to chassis connector for a good connection while the battery was out, and fitted some new foam padding stuff to the battery clamp for a snug fit (I added a bit more after taking the photo and it doesn’t slide around at all now). Bonnet catch mechanism: I refitted this with a new micro switch for the alarm, as the rubber boot had long since vanished. Amazing how well these bits turned out, they were pretty knackered when I removed them before stripping & refinishing etc. Radiator finishing trim / cover: Quick blast of primer & black paint on this, and refitted with stainless bolts.   Crash structure bracing brackets, clamshell A pillar brackets: Again these were pretty corroded so having stripped and refinished them, I refitted them with stainless fixings (the rivets had to be drilled out for the crash box brackets when removing). 1st June – time for a blast in something different… Why 1st June? After months of working on the yellow one, albeit steady and slow, it was time to get the Scandal S160 back on the road after a very long winter lay up and lock down of course. After a couple of great local blasts on the B-roads including meeting Rob E before he sold his red 160, I took it up to the Peak District for a good run – 170 miles no less. No matter how hard we tried we couldn’t seem to camouflage the first three cars against the hills on Winnats Pass though 😆 What has that got to do with the restoration of my yellow S1? Absolutely nothing. More Interior bits & audio: I sourced some original Senotex finish door cards to replace the leather trimmed ones that came in the car. I don’t see the point of having a stereo in the Elise if it sounds rubbish – so having already upgraded the speakers, adding spacers, wadding etc, I fitted a bargain small Pioneer sub in the footwell, hidden behind a bit of black carpet using loads of wide super strong velcro. Bit of a ball ache to wire in, but a total transformation. Well worth it if you like your tunes now and again. I also replaced some of the plastic scrivet fixing screws with proper screws where they aren’t seen, it makes them a heck of a lot easier to remove. Wheel arch liners (F&R): Couple of spire clips fitted to the front arch liners to replace the well nuts (not Lotus’s finest hour), and the same on the rear. Managed to repair and reshape this mess with a heat gun on the rear one 👍 ARB drop links: Stripped threads…only one thing to do with those.. Protectors for headlights & indicators: As these parts are getting more and more scarce (and pricey) I thought it made sense to invest in some clear protectors to reduce the chance of chipping/cracking them - they are from Dan at Divine Handcraft. I also have a set to put on the clear indicators on the 160 – a must as those indicators are better than money in the bank nowadays… Alternator swap: As I mentioned earlier in this thread the RTX alternator seemed to whine, so I refitted the Magnetti Marelli one that I had refurbished in Leicester (before the latest lockdown that is!!) with a new regulator. No photos, I was swearing too much from start to finish for that 🥴 Bolt checks & shakedown: After checking all the bolts for correct torque or tightness I took the car up the road with no clam on to test the brakes etc. All was good…..with a decent brake pedal – phew! Front clam refit: New stainless headlight brackets fitted, and refitted the lights etc to the front clam and superglued stainless shims onto the car, after a trial fit to get the shims right. Finally then the clam went back on. It only spent 5 months on the dining table, what’s the problem, darling…….??? Wiper arm: The wiper blade was OK (fairly recent) but the arm itself was a bit shabby / corroded. After a quick rub down, Kurust and black paint it’s like new again – good for another 100k miles…! Off for paint: With it all back together, I then had yet another setback with the paint guy in Oxfordshire I had lined up to do the front clam. He took on yet more work despite promising me I was next – so I’ve sacked him off. I’ve found somewhere else to do the front clam – MRH in Lichfield – as recommended by Paul at PJS Lotus and a few others on MLOC as well. As I write this the car is at the bodyshop, and I should get it back in a week or so. To keep costs down, at Martin’s suggestion, I removed the clam and driver’s door on site (with my ever-patient wife’s help of course) and will refit it when we go to pick it up. After all this work I wanted to be the one fitting the clam! I didn’t realise they were going to paint a whole grit lorry in Mustard Yellow to match the paint for me 🙂 When I get it back it needs a Geo, and not much else – at the moment….
  22. Haha - thank you for that, comments like that make it all the more worthwhile 👍
  23. Daveb99


    Lovely car Jon, enjoy....look forward to seeing it sometime.
  24. Congratulations and look forward to seeing it sometime hopefully - lovely colour combo.
  25. Awesome Phil, I was half expecting to see an Acoms servo in there for some reason - brings back memories of my RC days... I’m still hoping to come and spend a day with you some time to see these beauties flying 👍🏻
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