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  1. Hi mate

    Was that you this morning, and most mornings come to that, driving through Castle Donington? I was in a red Cayman and flashed you:) Your Evora is looking and sounding nice

    I used to have an Elise S2 and if it is you I have met you a couple of times at various meets over the years. Gone to the dark side now with the Cayman but loving the flat six sound!




  2. Farewell But Not Goodbye

    Wish you all the best mate :-)
  3. Jon serviced my Elise this morning. First time since he went on his own after Stratstone closed. He has serviced it for the last 4 years though and I can highly recommend him. He certainly knows his way around a Lotus. Had another couple of cars in as well so word is getting round. Keep up the good work Jon :-)
  4. Do you think he replenished the air freshener as well Dean??:-)
  5. I went past Gavs on Tuesday and thought I recognised the clamless car outside! Glad you got it back mate;-)
  6. Front end of my Elise S2

    Crop of an earlier photo

    © Rob Bowles

  7. DSC 0136

    Pic of my Elise S for the 2012 MLOC Calendar

    © Rob Bowles