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Elaine last won the day on February 6 2015

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    Esprit S4s
  • Birthday 02/02/71

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    woody Whitwick
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    Lotus, ZZR-1100 kit car, 160bhp Mi16'd Monster Scamp, 110 Land Rover, Suzuki Jimny. In other words, when it's not fast, it's off-road!

    Digging for WWII relics on old military bases, dumps, airfields, etc.


    Keeping myself fit & healthy the Marc Kent way.

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    Esprit S4s.
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    metallic Silk Red.
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    S2 Exige with: GT200 ECU, ITG, Larini, and Geo.

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  1. Reg has just gone to pick one up...
  2. Excellent. Will share that info with the other Esprit owners who we know.
  3. Do you have plenty of experience on Esprit's, Jon? If so, I'll spread the word.
  4. Just up the road from where we live.
  5. The best of both worlds.
  6. Helping to spell out MLOC with cars.
  7. Just down the road from where we live.
  8. Our car was just 10 days old here... And we acquired a windscreen chip a few hours later when we were doing the World Record Breaking attempt of the most Lotus cars on track!!
  9. Sold this classic beasty in 2004 when we ordered the Exige. I hope it still lives...
  10. This is the colour that Silk Red paint turns in the sunshine.