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  1. Daveb99

    Considering a return to the fold....

    No worries Johnny - glad to help (a bit). Whereabouts are you based? We have the Lotus in the Peak event coming up in late June, so if you can get yourself a nice 350 before that it would be a great way to start your second bout of Lotus ownership....! I had a couple of S1's from 2000-2004, then a ten year gap, then another S1 (160) and taking it to that year's LitP was definitely the best day out of the year in the car. Are you looking to use it on track at all ? If not it would be worth considering the Roadster - it's a little bit more road-orientated, but still no doubt great on track (haven't tried it yet). In terms of running costs, I've now taken to SORNing mine for a few months of the year (winter) to save a bit on tax - that's the only bit that seems extortionate to me at almost £600 / yr..... Edit - just looked at your profile and your S160 pics. Makes me miss the black 'look' as our current one is somewhat brighter 😂 Forgive the gratuitous pics 😉
  2. Daveb99

    Considering a return to the fold....

    Welcome back Johnny, I wasn't here 9 years ago but I'd like to think MLOC will still be going 9 years from now. In your shoes I'd go and drive a V6, for as long as possible - on your favourite roads. I expect the power and torque (and sound) will have you doing man-maths in no time! When I bought mine (a 2013 Exige S Roadster) about 18 months ago, I had two long drives, and it wasn't until the end of the second drive that I was absolutely sure I wanted to part with my mint black Elise S160 for one.....they are very different. I've subsequently got another S160 (well, a part share), which probably tells you how much I missed it! The Exige isn't going anywhere though - they are both awesome bits of kit. Dunc, it sounds like you are a whisker away from chopping in the 250 for another V6 - and I totally get your reasoning. To an extent I have the same thoughts about the Elise and Exige V6 - one is somewhat 'cute', the other looks like a total beast - and that's a grey Roadster with no spoiler & splitter of course. However, whilst the V6 is a hugely capable thing, which os always an event to drive, I still take great pleasure from wringing out our S160, there's something about the chuckability of an S1 for me, coupled with the relatively linear NA throttle response. I agree about the gearbox in the V6- it's far from ideal - but I do think the performance, noise and junior supercar feel you get from driving it more than makes up for it.
  3. Daveb99

    S2 Exige vs Elise 111S

    Different cars here, as I have an S1 Elise Sport 160 (well......co-owned), and an Exige V6. The S160 is peaky with hot cams and needs to be revved to 6500+ to deliver full satisfaction (which I love), with no brake servos etc of course either. The Exige, being supercharged, is totally different with tonnes of torque, and can be too much for the road - so you have to keep an eye on your speed far more often. I haven't driven an S2 Exige but I'd imagine the comparison with an S2 111S is not that dissimilar in terms of supercharged vs NA. There's something about extracting the power from an NA engine, working hard, overall it probably puts a bigger smile on my face...
  4. Daveb99

    My Lotus Esprit s4 gets new paint!

    Looks great - who did the work Charlie?
  5. Daveb99

    Last drive.....

    You’ll be back Leigh, I remember selling my second S1 in 2004 (to buy a rather average Boxster, in comparison) and at the time I couldn’t imagine having another Lotus, I thought it was out of my system. A ten year gap followed but 15 years later and I’ve had 3 more 😳 Enjoy the Aston, I must drive the 5 miles up the road to come and see it - not to mention the Stratos.....
  6. Daveb99

    Shes a keeper, at least for now!

    It looks great as it is - if you’re planning to sell it in the near future I wouldn’t spend anything unnecessary on it, as you won’t get it all back (far from it)..
  7. Daveb99

    New car at last S190 Pics updated

    I thought it was an S1 thing too. Maybe Lotus had some rubber sheet left over 😆
  8. Daveb99

    B4BP Gearbox Wanted

    Try junks on SELOC maybe Taff?
  9. Daveb99

    New car at last S190 Pics updated

    Looking great Kieran. Roll on the spring when we can all crawl all over it - and you can do the same to the bogey green S160 no doubt!
  10. Daveb99

    New Elise Owner - What don't I know?

    That’s a very fair point Luke - I was comparing to a more standard K series S2 - never actually experienced the delights of a VHPD yet. The 160 is reasonably characterful in the S1 but I’m sure the VHPD turns it up a few levels...
  11. Daveb99

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Another vote for top left, it’s the closest to Scandal Green 😁
  12. Daveb99

    Honda conversion

    Have a good chat with Alan (AlanS1) on here..... Edit - and welcome to MLOC, by the way!
  13. Daveb99

    New Elise Owner - What don't I know?

    Hang on a minute matey - last time I looked your 190 was an S2 (though still very unassisted of course) !! S1's were a bit more raw - but I bet you love it, I have to say taking the S160 out now and again after the V6 Exige is pure joy, so much feel. You forget that less is more sometimes..
  14. Daveb99

    New Elise Owner - What don't I know?

    Yes - I think MMC discs were dropped in late '97 or early '98. TBH unless you're doing track days galore I'd prefer cast iron discs nowadays.
  15. Daveb99

    New Elise Owner - What don't I know?

    Sounds correct to me Jonathan, I too had an MMC-equipped Elise back in the day, my first, and I recall how horrified I was when approaching a roundabout for the first time in the wet and trying to brake. I got used to it soon after, basically you had to 'double dip' on the brakes, far from ideal! Would have been nice if the supplying dealer had warned me first, but no...

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