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  1. Credit - Cakes Work - someone else 😂
  2. Finally some decent weather so I've added a few of the yellow beastie, I've even 'mustard' up a couple in portrait format - get it? I'll get my coat 🙃
  3. Thanks for that Nick. Quick update, the freshly refurbished AWIs and NS-2R tyres are on. Personally I much prefer them to the Rimstocks and I’ve never been a massive fan of black wheels. Now I need a geo..
  4. Hehe so stealth you can’t find it... One things for sure - if we are on the same run you’ll blow me into the weeds matey 👍🏻
  5. Cheers all....especially Lithopsian for the tips on diagnosing the flickering lights - will do the basic checks and then discuss further with Gav.. Newly acquired 5 spoke AWI wheels are now being refurbed - picking them up on Saturday with NS-2Rs fitted (was thinking AD08RS but they have got very mixed reviews).....then Geo, a waft of ACF spray here and there in the arches etc and I’m good to go on those winter runs Ray.. Not sure how long I can put up with the colour mismatch on the OSF wing though so any recommendations for inexpensive bodyshops with Elise/fibreglass experience welcomed.. I reckon it’ll make more runs than yours Scatty 😂
  6. It was already that clean you cheeky git 🤪. The previous owner only did 400 dry miles after doing the suspension refresh....I actually took the wheels off to tweak the Nitrons (honest). The calipers need doing though, he made a bit of a mess of them. I have found something that Gav failed to fix, shock horror - the headlights flicker quite a bit when the engine is running. He did something with the engine earth and to be fair they weren’t flickering when he started it up on pickup - but they are now. Has anyone got any ideas as to what it could be?
  7. Cheers buddy - yep Gav is a top man. He gave it the full treatment and also found a couple of bolts that were loose (suspension no less....) so ended up checking everything. He reckons it was a total no brainer at the price I paid (let's just say I could have had four of these for the price I sold my V6 for!!!) which is good enough for me. Have to say with the cams and hurricane it really sounds like it's running carbs from 4k to 7k - absolutely love it. The best bit is that with 114k on it I couldn't give a monkeys how many miles I put on it, which is a bit different to the S160 of course. Looking forward to getting the new tyres and freshly refurbed AWIs on it - should be Sunday. Funny you should mention door hinges - Gav has sorted mine as both were working very loose. They are perfect now - no surprise there. Couple of pics attached from when I had the wheels off. Can't see it staying quite this clean for long! I've also fitted a decal that was kindly sent to me by the buyer of my black S160 - in France. He's a lovely bloke and thought I'd like one so here it is. I trust the Exige is keeping you smiling - seems like an absolute beauty, I'm looking forward to seeing it..
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