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  1. Near miss? Do tell...... ;-)
  2. Congrats Keith - looks fantastic. Love the red [emoji1303]
  3. I have similar thoughts occasionally - but a good blast on decent roads soon reminds me that I'm not ready to part with my S1 just yet! Phil - over to you as you've been there and done it with the Evora...
  4. The S160 needs new boots, so I've decided I'm going for AD08Rs, the next question is where's the best (cheapest) place to get them from? I have a good local fitter so mail order would probably be best, unless anyone knows a good Lotus-friendly place to fit them in Leics/Warks or near Solihull area (that happens to be cheapest...). Also, is there such a thing as an LTS version, like there was for the earlier Yokos, or are the standard off the shelf ones what I need? I've also been told that there are two versions - one with rim protection, one without - might as well have the former, anyone know where to get them? Any help much appreciated, as always...
  5. Spot on Phil. Looks superb. Specialised have been making some of the best covers out there for a long time now. I remember recommending an outdoor one to a mate in London who has a Boxster - back in 1998 - and it's still going strong I believe (which is more than can be said for his engine - it self destructed years ago). They are based up in Wharfedale from memory (Burley). Some flippin' great driving roads up there, "ey up our kid" (used to live up that way...).
  6. Hi Rich, Very spooky....! It's Stone Tyres. They do hot vulcanising for truck tyres etc and will be repairing mine after I drop it off around 8am tomorrow, then it will go in the enclave for 3 hrs with all the truck tyres etc they do. I'm then picking it up late afternoon. I'm going to work in our Crewe office while it's being "cooked" [emoji6] I spoke to a guy called Dan - very helpful chap.
  7. Brief update - removed the wheel and the nail (bloody carpet tack!) and it's definitely punctured - leaking air. Now booked in for a hot vulcanised repair while I work at our other office - total cost £22. Bit better than £170 for a new tyre....have the winters on the rear now though so I'll be taking it steady! Together with yours truly fixing our dishwasher (new heat pump) last week, that's £470 saved, quite chuffed my Dad brought us up to be practically minded Sorry about the non-Lotus content but thanks for the advice Stephen.
  8. Haven't got a spare - though I do have a full set of winter wheels & tyres so I could put the winters on the rear and drive carefully if I had to take it anywhere (i.e. if it deflates after pulling out the nail)..... Looks like it hasn't lost even the slightest bit of pressure - I've checked it again this morning and it's exactly the same as the other side. I did think about pulling it out, I think I'll check it with fairy liquid, jack it up, remove it and have a go.
  9. I have a nail in my 1 month old Michelin Pilot Supersport on the BMW - it's just a whisker outside the range where it is classed as a minor repair that can be plugged by most tyre places. It doesn't seem to be losing pressure but clearly I need to get it sorted. So given that the tyre is so new and a new one is about £170 fitted, after doing some research I found out about hot vulcanized repairs where it is repaired with new rubber and baked - and then (almost) as good as new. Apparently it only costs £20-£30 if you can find somewhere that does it - and therein lies the problem.... So far I've found a place in Northants (Wellingborough), and one in Staffs (Stone) but wondered if anyone knows anywhere closer - Leics, Warks, Notts - given that I'll probably need to take them the bare tyre and our other car is electric with limited range......! Any help / advice would be appreciated - pics attached of the damned nail!
  10. I may also be making the trip for this - about time I found some nice back roads that way, and I keep being told to drive the S160 more......
  11. Great news Dan - good to hear things are going well. So, I presume you'll have room for a receptionist, lounge area with occasional tables, glossy magazines and the like
  12. Congrats - the 400 sounds awesome. Did you own an Aston and R8 before it? What's this smoke you refer to.....?!
  13. I was reading on SELOC just the other day that the recently advertised black Elise S1 Sport 160 actually fetched the asking price of £29k. Things have indeed gotten silly - I guess it's simply supply & demand in action - and owners of such cars at now more likely to hang on to them - thus reducing availability further and pushing up prices! As some of you will know I've considered selling the S160 a couple of times in the last year or two - but I reckon I'd be daft to do that now - not sure what I'd replace it with...
  14. Quick update - I now have the car back. The hoses were well and truly knackered and the leak was pretty bad when pressurised, ie engine running. They were 17 years old though, and very rarely inspected due to being concealed in the sills and above the arch liner. I now have fresh new silicone ones from Pirtek. Also had a B service at the same time, all done by Jon Saunt (Lotus specialist, LegacyStorm, Leicester). Jon really knows his stuff, decades of experience with Lotus, and even he said the hose replacement was a bugger of a job - he had problems with the unions etc.Had a great drive back this evening after collecting it. I had forgotten how bloody brilliant these cars are. It has only been a month since I drove it....must get my memory checked Thanks for all the help/advice.
  15. Brief update, I've finally had a chance to get the wheel off and arch liner out (plastic Rawlnuts.....don't you just love 'em) and both of the oil cooler hoses, which are routed over the wheel arch liner, are quite perished. The leak seems to be coming from the feed hose just before it vanishes out of sight through a hole to the oil cooler. If I didn't have a sloping drive and a bloody single garage I'd get the front under tray off to see the joint - but it isn't worth the aggro... I'm getting it recovered to Jon Saunt (LegacyStorm) in Leicester on Weds. Jon can get the hoses made up no problem, so I'm hoping to have it back in time for the Shardlow meet a week Monday..... A few pics...