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  1. Impressive - but that’s km/h - there’s no way he’d be doing 200mph at the FoS I can assure you…..(speedo showed over 200 a couple of times). Still ridiculously quick though.
  2. Daveb99

    Back in Red

    Nice one Max, is that a Honda?
  3. Hi Jim - I’ve sent you a message, cheers, Dave
  4. Love the sneaky Emira pic - gangsta spec tints on the windows 🤣 The wheels are different to the Goodwood car too - diamond cut and black, rather than grey …. quite like that…. Hope you sort the car without too much aggro.
  5. Daveb99


    You’re not wrong there Scotty - black is a nightmare, but stunning when properly detailed. I’ve had 4 black cars, two of them Lotuses, exhausting process to do properly but worth it 👍🏻
  6. Daveb99


    Agree 100% with all this. Emira will not be as much of a contrast to our boring daily drivers, of that I am sure !
  7. Daveb99


    Spot on that mate. I also think that another problem Lotus have had is that they often make a great value used buy, as they don’t depreciate much (and often appreciate) but not necessarily a good new buy - as some people who don’t “get them” want more than a sparsely trimmed interior and old tech. I’ve had 8 Lotuses (some for longer than others 😜) yet I’ve never bought a new one. The masses (who I would rather see buy their Porsches etc to be honest) want more from a new car ie tech, gadgets etc nowadays - so Lotus are having to include all that “stuff” that has nothing to do with the
  8. Daveb99


    I noticed......maybe the beige velour seats will be a cost option 👍🏻
  9. Daveb99


    And therein lies the problem! Lotus will become like every other manufacturer and dumb down the driving experience.....don’t worry if you are falling asleep, your seat will vibrate and the car won’t change lanes...! Touch screens and other distractions, accompanied by “safety features” to compensate for the distraction caused by the touch screen..... 🙄
  10. Daveb99


    Totally agree Scotty, looks fantastic and let’s hope this secures the future for Lotus and takes them upmarket too - it’s the only way they will achieve volume sales and attract Porsche customers and the like after all. It’s just the thought of some owners drifting across motorway lanes while mucking about with all the buttons etc that makes me a little sad.....
  11. Daveb99


    That looks like it will be an unpleasant distraction from the purity of driving a Lotus to me....! Lotus - “For the Drivers who wander across lanes on a motorway messing about with their displays” 🤣 Doesn’t mean I won’t want one though....
  12. Thanks Phil - you’re welcome to have a drive whenever you fancy. Your Evora is a stunning machine in every way and I’m waiting for you to give me the nod at some point in the future! Thanks for helping me with the wiper stalk fix too - as we said, has to be the fastest fix we’ve ever done on a Lotus that one!
  13. Well it has been over 8 months since the last update on here so I thought I’d better write something.... After being SORNed for 4 months over winter, I’ve driven it a few times this year and it continues to be a lovely thing in all respects. Never fails to put a smile on my face, as well sorted S1's always do. I’ve sourced another set of AWI wheels for it as I’m such a fussy bugger I wanted them in the correct silver, as per OEM. It’s a much brighter silver and really pops in the sun. They had already been recently refurbished (wet painted) to an extremely high standard and happe
  14. Nice one Ray (and Andy) - look forward to seeing it soon, and trying to keep up 🤣
  15. Daveb99

    Goodwood FOS

    I’ll give you £50k for the GT410 mate - offer valid until Thursday 8th July 😂
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