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  1. Hi Rich, Try Classic Line when your renewal is due. I have both our S1's insured with them. Both have agreed value ‘modern classic’ policies, choice of repairer, salvage retention, with same NCB as you, and includes 6 track days (not that I’ve used them yet...). Also includes breakdown and Europe cover. Paying just £209 for the yellow S1 (3k miles pa) with a very low total excess (£100) and including all the mods/improvements/upgrades of course. I usually ring around the other typical brokers recommended on forums as well, Henderson Taylor, REIS, CCI, AIB, but none of them can get anywhere near Classic Line as a complete package. Hope this helps. Enjoy the track day 👍🏻
  2. When’s the deadline Guy? I have a few photos in mind but need to wait about 6 weeks before I can submit them 😉
  3. Hi Ian, good to hear from you on here and thanks for the compliments! As the person who put almost all of the mileage on the car I can only applaud you for looking after it so well. I have a huge file of invoices and a continuous service history from Day 1, and all MOT certs too - thanks so much for keeping all that. As per our emails I’ve sent you some more photos, and look forward to reuniting you with the car so you can see what a pretty little thing it is again nowadays 👍🏻
  4. Very tempting Karl - we might just do that....
  5. I knew there were more, I just couldn’t remember them all ... 🙃
  6. Joanne and I have a week off this week and I'm determined to get a good run in the yellow S1. Today we had a good drive out locally but tomorrow I have something far more interesting planned...... After the girls have exited stage left for their scholastic duties at 8am we are heading to Kedleston Hall, via the twisties of course. Then off to Carsington Water for a spot of lunch and a decent walk hopefully, before heading up to Cromford, parking in the Wharf car park (which I haven't been to yet). Then to Matlock Bath (parking in the station car park probably!!!) for a wander, then back through Cromford and up the Via Gellia. Again a first for me... But the tour of glamorous LitP / Peak runs locations doesn't end there. On to Ashbourne to park up........you guessed it.....in the Shawcroft Car Park. A good wander round the shops will follow, possibly with some afternoon tea, before the 40 mile drive home through the twisties again..... Why the MLOC car parks.........well that would be because they are nice and big. I don't want my ickle S1 sandwiched between two Range Rovers.....😂 Next time I'll have to take in Chatsworth and Peak Rail at Rowsley for the full car park box set !
  7. Quick update - I've been using the car quite a bit for trips and days out and it continues to feel spot on (to me anyway!). Last week Joanne and I managed a 300 mile round trip down to Wiltshire, via the Cotswolds, and revisited some of the places we used to love when we lived down that way 20 years ago. It was bizarre because I had my two S1's (not at the same time) back in the day when we lived there too - lots of memories and some great roads 👍 Then today we've been to a couple of places fairly locally, and tomorrow we are heading up to Kedleston Hall, Carsington Water and Ashbourne for the day, before Sunday's run and breakfast meet at Karl's farm (though I may bring the 160, not sure yet)..... I'm still looking for a good name for it though - I'm sick of calling it "the yellow one". We call the 160 "The Toad" (short for Toxic Toad), so it needs to be something animal related perhaps..... Here's a photo from the long trip last week. When you have a driver, you can be a bit more inventive (nearly dropped the phone though).
  8. It was indeed Neil - I was expecting something to be wrong but it's all spot on it seems.....👌
  9. Time Left: 2 months and 9 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    This is no ordinary Mini. Not only is it the very last example of the highly praised and very sought after Works 210 models produced (described by Autocar as the pick of the range), it happens to be specified with every single available factory option – I checked this when we purchased it last year. That’s £12,000 of options fitted to this car. With low mileage, a full main dealer history and Mini warranty until March 2021, and serviced just 900 miles ago by Mini. Want to know more? The Works 210 includes a host of factory fitted performance and styling upgrades, including the JCW Pro Tuning kit (the extra power and torque is very noticeable throughout the rev range), full JCW aero kit, door finishers, indicator lenses, and of course the small matter of the JCW Pro exhaust, with Bluetooth controlled switchable valves. About that exhaust then. The car has 3 driving modes, Sport, Mid, and Green, each one changing the throttle and steering response. It is very configurable - not only can you alter the suspension dynamics (it also has the adaptive damper option fitted), you can open or close the exhaust valves in whichever mode you are in, resulting in anything from nice and quiet, to full on pops and crackles on the overrun. It really is outstanding, and is essentially the same product as the M Performance Exhaust (an option on fast BMWs) – but with a Bluetooth remote to control the valve, which works like a charm. The soundtrack really is sublime, I have to agree with Autocar – with the valves open it sounds more like an F-Type than a Mini. The Works 210 isn’t merely a toy, though. For me, this particular car is the ultimate 5 door Mini hatch. In my view it’s the perfect second car for enthusiasts with families, especially with this specification. It’s a fun, practical, capable performance car with the premium feel that a highly specified Mini brings, and properly accessible rear seats with plenty of leg room (way more than a 3 door, with a much bigger boot too). The extra power, torque of the Works 210 with JCW styling and the Pro exhaust makes for a very entertaining and characterful car to drive when you want it to be, the pano roof makes those summer trips more enjoyable, and the heated seats, heated windscreen, countless convenience and safety features, LED lights and driver aids make it safe and secure and great to live with through the winter. The good thing is, it drives 99% the same as a 3 door – unlike the Clubman, which are wider and heavier. It’s also very economical, it returned 49 mpg recently on a 300 mile trip. Some of you may know me, and you’ll know my cars are always immaculate, and this one is no exception – I would describe it as “pristine throughout”. It’s pretty much unmarked, and has never had child seats in the rear. It has had 1 previous lady owner (who literally ticked every option box when ordering). It has not been “thrashed” in the slightest - my wife and I drive with mechanical sympathy, and I spoke to the previous owner to satisfy myself that she had done the same. We’ve owned it since August last year, it was bought as a fun and practical alternative to my Exige, as we wanted to free up some funds to spend on the house. I subsequently bought a second Elise S1 too, but that’s another story ;) So why sell such a unique and stunning exponent of the modern Mini brand ? We are actually replacing it with another 5 door Mini, just one that is much, much slower, for our daughter to use during and after learning to drive, and to serve us as our second daily at the same time. I would dearly love to keep this one – it’s a very special car, but having 5 cars is definitely overkill for us! More about the specification then. It’s quite simple - name an option available on a Mini in 2018, it has it. I could list them all here but I think this advert is long enough! Highlights include: Option Packs: Works 210 Enhanced Kit + JCW Sport Pack (as described above) Media Pack XL (large widescreen Nav, Enhanced Bluetooth with USB, Centre Armrest and more) Tech Pack (Harmon Kardon 12 speaker audio, Head up display, Reversing Camera) Chili Pack for JCW (LED front fogs, dual zone climate control, rain sensor, passenger seat height adjust, white indicators) Driving Assistant Pack (Main Beam assistant, Rear-end collision warning, traffic sign recognition) Storage Compartment Pack Mini Excitement Pack (don’t ask me what that includes!) Other notable options (there are many, many more!): Panoramic Sunroof with dual blinds 18” Cup Alloys (all completely unmarked) Full lounge leather interior (ultra comfortable with height and lumbar on both seats) Front and Rear Parking Sensors Variable Damper Control (which is superbly judged…) Heated windscreen Heated seats JCW Multi Function Steering Wheel JCW badges front and rear JCW side repeaters Electric folding mirrors Comfort Access Front & Rear Car Eye (integrated dash cams) Active cruise control Union Jack LED rear lights Union Jack front headrests Rear Privacy Glass Anthracite roof lining If you are interested or want any further information, feel free to get in touch, the car can be viewed any time.


    Market Bosworth, Leicestershire - GB

  10. I wouldn’t know Keith but it wasn’t me - although I am a spreadsheet genius 🤣
  11. Cheers. A very kind and experienced MLOC member who I won’t name because he might get inundated 😉
  12. Hi Rich, I’m no S2 expert but have had both the ITG Maxogen and Hurricane induction kits on my S1's. Both are obviously a worthwhile improvement over the standard air box. The ITG is supposed to be the best, but the Hurricane I have now is more than good enough, and sounds great too, to my ears. It looks like you can get one for the Exige... https://www.elise-shop.com/hurricane-induction-kit-for-vvti-engine-elise-111r-exige-s2-federal-elise-p-250.html?zenid=85b72df3636185f49944ac0312545b0c
  13. And now the shortest update of all. MOT passed today, I must have done something right 😀
  14. Quick update - I’ve resolved a small brake issue, it seemed to be pulling to the right slightly, only noticeable when braking with no hands on the wheel. I remembered that one of the crossover pipes (near side) was slightly twisted when I removed it to split the front calipers. I straightened it at the time and thought it would be fine, but it may have had a slightly reduced bore of course.....which could be causing an imbalance of the braking force. So I’ve replaced it with a new one, bled the brakes again and have also nipped up the bleed screw a bit tighter as there was a slight weep of fluid before I started. It now brakes in a straight line! Other than that, not a great deal to report, I’ve had a few more great drives in it, and it’s booked in for MOT next Friday so fingers crossed it will pass... I’m starting to really bond with this little thing now - of the 5 S1's I’ve had I think this is easily the sweetest to drive, no rattles, squeaks, everything is just “right”, incredible given the mileage really, and that includes the 13k mile Scandal Green SVA 160, which is basically a monster in comparison - in a good way though
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