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  1. Since your first Exige, have you bought shares in McDonalds or KFC, or put your local Indian/Chinese takeaways on speed dial ? Just putting it out there Sorry, not helpful..
  2. 340R Wheels

    Very nice indeed matey - probably the finest looking of the S1 / Exige / 340R era wheels in my view... I'm not surprised they were pricey, I guess it’s all about supply and demand with these things. Hope you find another for the full set.
  3. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Looking bloody lovely Leigh....
  4. 2019 Calendar - Photos required!

    Guy, I was struggling but ended up creating a folder / album within the Calendar area - can you confirm you can see them (not sure if they are only visible to me)?
  5. Evora engine cover upgrade

    Phil, that looks SUPERB ! Great job - looking forward to admiring it in the flesh sometime.
  6. New car at last S190 Pics updated

    Looking very good buddy - I take it the DA polisher has seen some action?? I'll be having a gentle go at the 160 in the spring, if not before.... Edit - are they carpet tiles on your garage floor? Does it wipe it's feet before entering then
  7. MLOC Evoras

    Easy fellas, there are other forums for that kind of thing - apparently Plenty of love for the Evora here. I was lucky enough to drive Phil's a couple of years ago, fabulous car, and certainly plenty quick enough...
  8. I recently started thinking about getting some 'masking' decals made up to recreate the Lotus logo on my Elise S1 Victory Alloys with paint (as per the original finish, which is then lacquered over). So having come across Dan last week on another forum, I gave him a shout yesterday and sent a photo of mine to him to see what was possible. My wheels are still the original finish and don't need a refurb, but I'm thinking about that time in the future when one (or more) may need doing. I was blown away by the speed he turned it round - from my photo and a quick exact measurement, he created the decals and put it on his site within a couple of hours Here it is https://divinehandcraft.co.uk/collections/lotus/products/lotus-victory-wheel-decal-mask He also sells near exact copies of the LOTUS rear clam decal for the S1 - which is nearly impossible to buy anywhere else other than Deroure/Lotus (at inflated prices), as it is specific to the S1, and loads of other faithfully recreated decals for the Elise, Exige etc it seems, including some very nice Lotus 70 decals. I think he will make pretty much anything you want him to, if required, in any colour. Big thumbs up from me - great service, great product, and a very good price - and very quick postage. His main site is https://divinehandcraft.co.uk I must emphasise - before I get a roasting - that I have no link to Dan at all and only came across him last week!
  9. New car at last S190 Pics updated

    Looking good buddy......lots of hours spent detailing already I reckon....... Can’t beat black when it's clean and shiny - unless it’s green of course Looking forward to seeing it after all your efforts...
  10. PPF film - midlands

    Cheers Kieran, like you say it has done its job...Lisa probably could have maintained it a bit better than that but I guess it’s well used at least. On the Barry Ely one I can’t see any lines, suspect it’s because there aren’t any close up photos of the front end. Certainly looks invisible though! Yep I saw the film on your 190 at Gav's, with the white residue around it. The trick is to stop your polish or wax about 1/2 inch short of the lines. Fiddly but looks tonnes better...
  11. PPF film - midlands

    Cheers Jim. I have it on the Exige, it was done by the factory when new (or whoever their fitter is) as mine was a Lotus owned press car originally. When I bought it from Silverstone, they had the front renewed with Hexis, it is self healing and looks fantastic. The lines are only really visible up close or if you use the wrong wax, but I guess you know that bit. The sills and rear arches have it on too (the original PPF). So I’m used to how it looks - but very dubious about it on an S1, I really need to see one freshly done (at a decent price!).
  12. PPF film - midlands

    I’m interested in recommendations for PPF too, for the front clam of our new S1. I’ve only ever seen the very front of the clam done on S1's, it seems there are too many curved surfaces for them to be able to do it up to the front ‘bonnet’? I’m not convinced it looks any good due to this, but happy to be proved wrong if there are places that will cover more area effectively. Paint protection is the name of the game I suppose, but for me it’s important not to break up the lines and design of the car.. EDIT - after a quick search I’ve found this thread, seems there are a few recommendations (and perhaps one to avoid):
  13. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Jonny, you CAN'T sell it after the work you’ve put in. There can’t be another S1 Exige as nice and well restored as yours out there, why not keep it and simply do say 500-1000 miles a year in it - happy medium? You get to enjoy all your hard work but don’t ruin it or like you say, clock up the miles...
  14. Certificate of Provenance

    Nice one Guy, and a very deserving car for it too. Makes it extra special - we have one for the 160 as well. That's great that only 2 were made, mega rare...
  15. Instagram account / Lotus in the Peak Adverising

    Oi, pipe down JF.......it’s mine Gutted you can’t make it Kieran, I think you should rearrange your holiday

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