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  1. PPF fitment recommendation

    Phil, that looks like a great job, I’m glad you got it all sorted and finished to a superb standard. Great recommendation - I just hope I never have to use them!
  2. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Lost for words as usual, this is going to be something else when it’s finished. Stunning attention to detail as always [emoji1303]
  3. Spa Historic 2018

    Keep 'em coming Kurt.....sounds like you've had a cracking weekend. Very jealous!
  4. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    Ray, I'll probably have the GoPro mounted in the car for the Ashbourne run so can send you some in car footage if that helps, from during the run. I can try to do a bit of some run groups leaving as well (as I presume the brisk groups will leave first).
  5. Absolute Lotus Magazine

    This has reminded me - so I've just ordered my subscription...looks good.
  6. Smash!

    Kurt, good to hear that it's moving in the right direction - having a witness like that will really help. Steer clear of Leigh though - If you enlist his help it will turn into a 5 year job
  7. Smash!

    Really sorry to see this, absolutely gutted for you Kurt, it sounds like there’s a positive way forward with Option 1 though. Just think of all the shiny new perfect paint you’ll have, every cloud....
  8. Geo - where?

    Hi Al - thanks for the advice mate. I wouldn’t say never, currently I have no TD’s included on my insurance but I do loosely have plans to potentially track it next year. That isn’t the reason I thought about the Geo, I simply thought that as the Sport 350 settings are essentially an ‘update’ on what is otherwise the same setup as the S, it would be worth looking into. I think you’re right about reaching the limits on the road in a V6 - not much chance of that I guess.. Being a Roadster it has different geo to the V6 Coupe, so perhaps altering it to the factory 350 settings wouldn’t be the right thing to do - it would have to be a mixture of the 350 updates, but retaining the Roadster bits, if that makes sense. I think based on the replies here I may leave it as is, and simply get it checked against the standard Roadster settings somewhere like PJS or at Dan’s. There’s nothing wrong with the way it drives, I simply wanted to make sure it is as per spec and perhaps take the opportunity to apply the newer settings. Good luck at the weekend mate - it’s my daughter’s birthday on Sunday, otherwise I’d have come up to Donno to watch and support you guys.
  9. Geo - where?

    Cheers Dean, lots of V6 owners on TLF have had the Sport 350 Geo done. It seems Lotus improved it for the 350 to dial out a little understeer mainly. Lots of discussion on it here: https://www.thelotusforums.com/forums/topic/89770-exige-sport-350-geo-settings-in-degrees-decimal-degrees-minutes-mm/ I don’t intend to rush into it - the Roadster has slightly different settings from the V6, partly to compensate for the lack of spoiler I believe. Whatever I do (if anything) it will be well researched! Thanks for the tip re PJS though - I may give them a shout. There’s nothing noticeably wrong with mine as it is, but I’m always game if there are slight improvements to be had. Thanks for all the other replies too..
  10. Geo - where?

    Thinking of getting the Geo on the Exige changed to the Sport 350 settings - most owners seem to think its a noticeable improvement for fast road. Can anyone recommend a good place to get it done? I’m thinking maybe Dan at HPE, since it isn’t too far from where I work, any other recommendations?
  11. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Great news for LitP........no so great for me - seeing two S160’s there will make me seriously miss mine.....!
  12. Done it!! Bought another Exige :) :) :)

    Looks the business - congrats..
  13. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Sorry Dean, I thought I had read that this would change this year. Wrist slapped then...
  14. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    If you trailer it, it can’t win car of the day......which I’d say it has a damned fine chance of winning.... Just leave out the last few bits and drive it there with your fingers crossed, hehe, nobody will notice. After all you’ve done such a slap-dash rushed job on the whole thing nobody will look at it anyway mate
  15. Selling up

    Chris, come to your senses! As Dean has said, get a shed if you need more space. I have a large shed in the back garden for exactly this reason. Don’t worry about low mileage, and instead see it as a solid place to keep your money that puts a big smile on your face, especially if you don’t drive it very often. If none of this persuades you, this might - I had my S1 for under 4 years, and made almost 70% on it at the time I bought the V6 in October. That absolutely wasn’t why I bought it, and granted it was a fairly minty S160, but I still think you could expect a very nice “on paper” return every year if you keep it nice and stay on top of it maintenance-wise. Don't do it......

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