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  1. 🤣🤣🤣 I’ll reveal my 'gold standard' photos at the last minute for the 2022 calendar, and steal your spot 😂
  2. Be fine with a bit of draught excluder and a lick of paint. The ruin will polish up ok too 🤣
  3. I've been predictably chicken-like and driven neither the 160 since end of Sept, nor the yellow S1 since end of Oct. Both have been SORNed since then but now that we finally have some good weather I'm counting the days until 1st March. I think it was 1st June last year with the green one, and the yellow one was in bits of course, so at least it'll be 3 months extra use this year... Planning to take the yellow S1 off SORN, can't wait, it will be like having a new car again 👍
  4. Niiice. Do the black aero bits make it faster on the supermarket runs 😄
  5. Thanks god for that, we now have more than two leaders for the Sunday morning Peaks runs 🙂 Come on mate, you know the rules, pics or it ain’t real.....😉 (Look forward to seeing it - and you of course)
  6. What a surprise......🤪 I still think he sold it to them for £60k max, hassle free sale and all that...
  7. If that’s true, classic case of more money than sense then. Maybe not for much longer 🤪🙂
  8. You say that Dunc, but if he’s daft enough to lose £16k on it in 2 months, he might have just cut his losses and accepted a lower trade offer to get the deal done (perhaps not as low as my 'bend over sir' 55k suggestion though). He obviously needed the cash. Did he give a reason for sale?
  9. So let’s say he got 58k trade. £19k depreciation in 60 days. £320 a DAY !
  10. Madness. Suspect he has taken a bath on the trade value - 55 ish I reckon. So he’s lost a fortune in under a year....I don’t understand some people!
  11. Congrats Adam - look forward to seeing it when we are all allowed out again..
  12. Jees, I can’t believe the crap you’ve been through with that Evora. Fingers crossed the Exige is the opposite.
  13. Very exciting! Why the delays Adam?
  14. Looks like it is going to be 3 cars, based on the same platform, not sure if they will all be launched at once but Lotus are certainly teasing us with those covers on!
  15. Dean is just winding you up. He knows that I beat him to it, Scatty is picking it up for me in his full PPE 👍🏻
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