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  1. Well that's progress at least Adam - so what is the FSE going to look at exactly, if some of the issues have been rectified?
  2. Lotus should be replacing your car or refunding your money (your choice) in very short order, in my view. When things are this bad they need to go overboard to restore the faith in their customer service, the quality of the product, and to avoid reputational impact. I’m not saying you would, or suggesting it, but it wouldn’t take much for someone in your shoes to get on all the social media apps/channels and tear strips off them, posting photos galore and describing the issues in detail. Imagine the impact on people’s views of Lotus as a brand, just when they are trying to go upmarket and steal customers from the likes of Porsche, Aston etc. Come on Lotus, get your act together, this is neither difficult nor expensive to resolve in the grand scheme of things.
  3. That’s absolutely shocking. Which dealer did you buy it from? I presume you’ve spoken to Andy French at the factory (boss of customer relations last time I spoke to him, years ago)..
  4. What was wrong with the 160? Most people who don’t “get” them often bemoan the lumpy idle and you have to drive around the kangarooing at low speeds because of the aggressive timing overlap, but did you have some other issues as well?
  5. Sorry to hear about this; I wonder whether it’s made far worse by the fact that it’s the 2nd most expensive Lotus you could buy, so your expectations are (understandably) much higher than if you buy something at the other end of the scale. You are totally right to expect it to be right at that price point. I know what you mean about bonding, I had my V6 Exige for about 18 months and although it was an animal in many respects, I do get much more pleasure out of driving an Elise S1, so I wasn’t especially gutted when I sold it. Not everybody is the same of course. I’m on my fifth S1 now and it probably cost me about 1/10th of the price of your GT410, I’ve done a comprehensive but inexpensive refresh on it, and it’s an absolute peach to drive. If you are rejecting the car and getting a full refund from the supplying dealer, I would whole heartedly recommend going back to basics!
  6. What a great run that was. Stunning pic too 👍
  7. Superb photo mate. Is that the Dovedale Safari Park? Where are the giraffes? 😆
  8. Mate, you didn't need to change it - I'm really not fussed!! That was a good run...
  9. Are you sure that isn't one of mine Ray ??!!!!!
  10. I’ll second that. I’ve watched pretty much every one of his 94 wins, right from day 1 when he was surprising the establishment in the 2007 season with his race craft and fearless talent in his first season, going toe to toe with two-time and reigning champ Alonso and coming out on top. Regardless of what you think of him, and of course he has arguably had the best car for every one of his championships, you can’t argue - he has demonstrated that he’s the complete package time and time again, particularly in recent years where he has ironed out the mistakes and has ground out wins that looked unlikely at best. I never thought anybody would ever top the achievements of the great Michael Schumacher - but he’s gone and done it. What a driver, the ultimate racer, and the complete champion 🏆
  11. Haha cheers Phil. I have plenty more too (predictably) 😆
  12. I’ve just submitted a couple more, as the Absolute Lotus mag is now out which features similar photos. Just wanted to assure you that these were my photos, not the commercial ones, as I was taking sneaky ones behind the photographer 🤣
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