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  1. I'd say black - safe option that goes with pretty much all colours [emoji1303]
  2. I might have to try and take a few of the new beastie...
  3. That looks lovely. I've recently (3 days ago!) replaced my S1 Sport 160 with an Exige S (Roadster). I've only done about 80 miles in it so far but "new car" thing apart, I'm pleased I made the swap. The V6 is a beast to drive, tonnes of torque and power on tap and whilst it's bigger and heavier than the Elise (especially an S1) it doesn't feel that way. Test drive it, twice if you can, including a back to back drive with your Elise, that should help make your mind up!
  4. Hehe cheers Fish. I can assure you, having sold a child, the dog, a kidney and a gonad, life is a lot simpler with the Exige... Couple of quick pics from a blast in the lanes earlier.
  5. Cheers chaps Phil, it's always a problem when buying from a main dealer - nothing much to do as yet - I'm sure it won't be long before it gets dirty though..
  6. Picked up the Exige earlier - couple of quick snaps. Really different character to an S1 of course, loving it so far, makes a lovely noise and goes like a scalded cat [emoji1303]
  7. Cheers. Tomorrow is going to be crazy - our new family car (new shape Tiguan R-Line) is being delivered first thing.....then the first trip in it will be to Silverstone to collect the Exige. Madness. Pretty sure we'll never have two new cars in one day ever again - I'd better make the most of it. This must be what's it's like if you were born on Christmas Day Edit - the S160 was picked up today......"gone, but not forgotten" - well I almost did...
  8. Definitely wider Phil - so I won't be able to open the door as wide in the garage, but not sure if the door is any longer - I presume it's the same length as S2 doors.. I'm expecting to increase my monthly trips to the chiropractor for my back trouble to fortnightly, the joys of Lotus ownership! Looks like I may be picking it up on Thursday...happy days :-)
  9. The wait continues..... There's a reasonable chance I could be collecting it in the next few days now though, just waiting on a certain transfer to clear.... Spent today clearing out the garage properly & creating more width for the Exige - as it's 4" wider it seems. Few more pics..
  10. Looking fantastic Leigh. Can't wait to see it when you've finished it - in 2025 :-)
  11. I know Keith, not what I had planned (thought this one really was a keeper..) but once you've had your head turned... It's going to a very, very good home though, In Normandy - a garage the size of my back garden with a polished floor, I kid you not. Proper enthusiast too. I know it will be very well looked after and Greg will doubtless do the mechanical bits (suspension) that I've been delaying due to other priorities. He has an early MMC S1 and 111S already, both under 15k miles on the clock and spotless... Lovely bloke - he has invited me over for the Le Mans Classic!
  12. Phil, did you mistake the Evora for a German saloon when purchasing...... ;-)
  13. Factory fitted option....! And judging by the rear 3/4 visibility in the V6 I think they will come in useful ;-) I just hope Lotus never start offering cars that drive themselves... Would have been useful for Dr H in his 340R days though...
  14. Stunning as always Leigh - can't wait to see it..
  15. Pretty much - though I've had another bike accident, not my fault - I'll send you a PM mate ;-) Good to hear you're enjoying the fine roads in Scotland..