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  1. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Great news for LitP........no so great for me - seeing two S160’s there will make me seriously miss mine.....!
  2. Done it!! Bought another Exige :) :) :)

    Looks the business - congrats..
  3. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Sorry Dean, I thought I had read that this would change this year. Wrist slapped then...
  4. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    If you trailer it, it can’t win car of the day......which I’d say it has a damned fine chance of winning.... Just leave out the last few bits and drive it there with your fingers crossed, hehe, nobody will notice. After all you’ve done such a slap-dash rushed job on the whole thing nobody will look at it anyway mate
  5. Selling up

    Chris, come to your senses! As Dean has said, get a shed if you need more space. I have a large shed in the back garden for exactly this reason. Don’t worry about low mileage, and instead see it as a solid place to keep your money that puts a big smile on your face, especially if you don’t drive it very often. If none of this persuades you, this might - I had my S1 for under 4 years, and made almost 70% on it at the time I bought the V6 in October. That absolutely wasn’t why I bought it, and granted it was a fairly minty S160, but I still think you could expect a very nice “on paper” return every year if you keep it nice and stay on top of it maintenance-wise. Don't do it......
  6. Which aftermarket steering wheel?

    I had a Momo Team (280mm) when I changed mine a couple of years ago. The standard wheel is 300mm I think, so the smaller size made the steering feel even more direct. Many prefer the larger size though, really it’s personal preference, the Sparco wheels are popular too.
  7. Goodwood FOS 2018

    Hi Simon, just wanted to flag that I sent you a message in response to this at the time - maybe you didn’t receive it..?
  8. Here’s what the Exige has been up to.......yes, I have actually got it properly dirty - thought I’d better post on here to make sure you all believe me.. Bloody brilliant car - it’s immense Met with Paul a couple of weeks ago and we went for a Sunday morning blast, took a few piccies....
  9. A Winter runaround

    Looks tidy - my money is on it staying put when the roads are filthy though, looks too nice to be a winter snotter! Congrats and enjoy..
  10. Hello to MLOC people

    Welcome to the forum, great choice of car...looking forward to seeing it at some MLOC meets soon - one of the monthly meets is in Ockbrook, not that far from Leicester... I’m in Leicestershire too, albeit with an Exige S Roadster. Whereabouts are you located?
  11. The One That Got Away

    Good old MLOC! I can see a great story in the making here - Rob, you have to sell it to Nick now......!
  12. The One That Got Away

    Hi Nick - welcome to MLOC. I don’t know the car specifically, and as I’m sure you know it could be a long shot trying to track down the exact car. You may be better to look for a well looked after S2 111S in the classifieds. I presume you’re limiting your search to K series models? If so, consider the earlier S2’s as well as the S1 - the original iconic lightweight, appreciating in value nicely (as are the others...!). Good luck and make sure you ask lots of questions on the forums, there is a wealth of experience available to give you pointers and things to watch out for (good and bad). Edit - I’ve just noticed you’re in Somerset - I think there are a few owners on SELOC from down your way, so it would be worth potentially posting on there too, if you are looking at other options (though there won’t be many available locally I suspect..)
  13. Re the Sport 160 idea....you'd better jump on the next one that comes up if it’s half decent, if my experience was anything to go by. I had it just over 3 and a half years, sold it in October last year, for almost 70% more than I paid for it - and I bought it from a main dealer at top dollar at the time. Crazy. Good to see Lotus values on the rise though - has to be a good thing.....I miss the 160 a little but the Exige certainly fills that gap, and some!
  14. Indoor cover

    Looks bloody brilliant - the wedge shape under the cover.....mega.
  15. Nice work Phil, I know what you mean about chips being annoying, I haven’t got any major ones on the Exige yet - apart from two new ones on the front clam about half an inch from where the bloody Armourfend finishes.... However I do agree that you need to get out more...!!!

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