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  1. That looks ace! You should offer to do other people’s cars at runs and events - with the added bonus that the paint will dry quickly when the engine is hot 😂
  2. Get that post it note removed Ray - there’s a tasty looking motor underneath it, albeit bogey green ...!
  3. Nice one everyone. We have bought another freezer to keep in the shed so we can store more bread, milk etc etc for our elderly neighbours, they’ve had home deliveries cancelled due to others in greater need, and it means they don’t need to go out as often, and we can reduce our shopping trips too. The couple next door are in their 80’s with lots of health issues, fingers crossed for them.
  4. She can’t be half as unhappy as mine Jonny - front clam has been on the dining table for over 9 weeks now - ice doesn’t get any thinner than what I’m standing on 😳
  5. Cheers fellas......I have to say the virus situation has really knocked the stuffing out of me in terms of motivation to carry on - haven’t lifted a finger on it for 2 weeks almost. It just doesn’t seem important somehow, in the grand scheme of things.... Jonny, that’s praise indeed coming from you mate - you’ve given me exactly what I needed, the kick up the arse to get it finished! You’re right, the goo in the footwells was a total mare, I couldn’t believe someone would fit junk like that over (mildly) corroded surfaces. I’m hoping to crack on this weekend now, so expect more updates very soon.....👍🏻
  6. Duncan - please don't post photos like that.......I've got 12 rooms still to decorate including sorting out loads of dodgy flooring upstairs 😩 In the absence of suitable motivation I decided the best course of action was to purchase an Xbox and some driving games - for the kids of course 😉 I still have the yellow S1 in a million bits in the garage as well - and the front clamshell is still on the dining table. Ho hum, it will get done eventually - ready for summer - if we can use our little plastic cars by then!
  7. Thanks for all the comments, I’ve made quite a bit of progress since the last update, and will post up some more detail and photos very soon.....I have now done the front brake lines, steering rack, door hinges (machined some new stainless capping pieces for where the ally had worn) and started to reassemble the suspension. I’ve bought some new uniball rear toe links as well but haven’t started fitting them yet. Oh, and I’m trying to use less of my blue garage towel stuff in case we need to use it as toilet roll at some point 🤔 More to follow....
  8. Nice one mate, shame about the skiing but a decent outcome... I think you should get Dan to make up some decals for it - 135R K20 Edition.... Look forward to seeing it, when we are allowed to get together again - will probably be late summer now!
  9. I’d love a quick rack but I’m doing my best to keep my costs down - and failing occasionally... Maybe ask on SELOC about the ARB bushes too?
  10. Good stuff Dean, I was very lucky with the yellow S1 that all this had been done just before I bought it. Didn’t stop me ripping it all apart though - rack came out on Sunday as well !
  11. Great stuff Paul, I had a long chat to Paul Shipley recently and he’s a great chap. PJS are very well regarded as you can see, and we are lucky to have an excellent official Lotus service centre and superb independents in the Midlands.
  12. Welcome Paul. For geometry checks and alignment I’d have a chat with either Paul at PJS, or Dan at HPE Automotive.
  13. Sounds like a serious bit of kit! Will it go faster?? 😀
  14. Quick update - made up and fitted the 2 front brake lines yesterday (not as easy as it seems!) and removed the steering rack to fit phosphor bronze cups today (possibly the worst job I’ve had to do yet!). More detail and pics to follow...
  15. Cheers Will - comments like these make it all the more satisfying to do stuff yourself 👍
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