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  1. MLOC mourns

    Yep, you've either got a very big head, or very small feet, looking at that photo.. Oh, and it looks like you've wiped your backside on your flat cap a good few times anyway Dean - a bit of pigeon shit makes no difference
  2. Top quality man maths in action.......now you know you can't just spill your brain out like that on a public forum without posting a link.......I'm sure nobody will gazump you - and you know you'll get lots of endless conflicting advice
  3. Absolute Lotus Magazine

    I saw this too and have signed up to be kept updated. Sounds very promising. With your discerning nature and extensive vocabulary Dean, you sound like an ideal contributor mate - obvs
  4. Back to the fold

  5. Back to the fold

    Welcome back......that'll be Chatsworth House then (assuming it wasn't Dean's house....). The MLOC annual event has been held there ever since apart from this year (Kedleston Hall). Enjoy the Exige, and in the spirit of new cars mentioned on here, let's see some photos...!
  6. 1966 Elan S3 DHC SE

    Simon, this is an absolute beauty. Looks like no stone has been left unturned. Can't wait to see it (next summer?). I remember it well from 2014 and the kids writing stuff on it is a very fond memory I have of Chatsworth that year What a difference 3 years makes....
  7. Dab Aerial Cabling

    That's certainly another way - but what happens when your mobile data signal drops out in areas with no coverage?
  8. Dab Aerial Cabling

    I fitted a windscreen DAB aerial in my S1, and the same thing is fitted in the V6 I have now. From memory I ran a second ground wire from the aerial down to somewhere under the dash. I've had superb reception with both - and I can see there's a second cable coming down from the windscreen aerial in the V6 too so I presume the installer went a similar route. Highly recommended..
  9. 6.5" Speaker Upgrade

    Not in an S2, but I've spent a good few hours losing skin off my knuckles changing all 4 speakers and fitting a small subwoofer in the Exige V6 over the last couple of weeks. The result is superb. The subwoofer makes the biggest difference - suddenly there's real weight to the sound - even at motorway speeds, roof off. I replaced the 13cm rear speakers with the Infinity Kappas I removed from my S1. Fitted 10cm Focal 100AC's under the front (Alpine) grilles on the dash (including some home made 'cups' made from Silent Coat to sit the speakers in so the sound is projected properly) and a Pioneer sub in the passenger footwell - which I'll be hiding behind a perforated piece of MDF covered in acoustic cloth. With the decent Kenwood HU from my S1, it now sounds very, very good - far better than I expected. For the S2, I'd suggest a similar approach - sub for the footwell and replace all the speakers. I think you'll then hear a massive difference. Hope this helps. I'm sure some S2 owners will be along soon to help out too..
  10. Lotus Number 4...

    Yes Phil, it took our butler hours to shoo all the birds off the lawn, and even then our brace of Golden Eagles kept landing in the background Calendar photos now sorted too, cheers for the reminder..
  11. MLOC Calendar - 2018 - Photos Needed

    I've added a few.... ....OK, yes, more than a few....I've only had the Exige 2 weeks and it was rather nice autumn light
  12. Lotus Number 4...

    Had a quick blast late this afternoon so stopped to take a couple of pics. Carbon Grey is pretty impressive when it catches the sun.
  13. S2 Splitter - black or body coloured?

    I'd say black - safe option that goes with pretty much all colours [emoji1303]
  14. MLOC Calendar - 2018 - Photos Needed

    I might have to try and take a few of the new beastie...