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  1. Cheers Al - much appreciated, seems getting a hose made up, if needed, hopefully won't be a problem. I'll drop you a message..
  2. Anybody know anywhere that might be able to make up replacement hoses, if that's all it needs?
  3. Very helpful Alex....!
  4. Thanks Iain, mine is leaking on the off side, I suspect it's the joint like yours. According to the Deroure parts diagrams it looks like the pipes are one piece, which tallies with what you've said about pulling them through the sills. Pity because if there was a serviceable joint in front of the sills it would be so much easier.... Re the braided hoses that you sourced - it sounds like they were not the standard ones (as they are braided) - any idea where the seller got them from? Hangar 111 sell the complete kit including a replacement oil cooler for £300, I really could do with not spending that much on getting this fixed - as it needs a B service as well... If it does come to that though - i.e. if I can't source any replacement hoses - can you actually replace the oil cooler by just removing the undertray (and wheel arch liners I presume) or is it a clam off job? My main issue is I can't really do this myself, due to a cramped single garage and sloping drive :-( Thanks for your help with this - I remember you from the Hethel run last year, and LitP in 2014 too I think and your unique S160 of course! I've attached the Deroure diagram in case others have any ideas on replacement hoses.
  5. Thanks chaps. I've been out to check the tray and it seems to be minimal - tomorrow I'm going to see how much it leaks when ticking over. Then I'll decide whether to drive it to either Gav at Unit 4 or LegacyStorm in Leicester to get it sorted. Unfortunately I don't really have the space in my single garage to start trying to diagnose and fix it, though I might jack it up and remove the wheel arch liner (and undertray maybe) to try and identify exactly where it's coming from.
  6. My S160 has kindly developed an oil leak.....still it's pretty much the only issue I've experienced in over 3 years of ownership so far, so I can't grumble... Being a WVTA S160 it has the oil cooler (unlike pretty much all other S1's). It's under the radiator, the leak seems to perhaps be coming from where the pipe attaches to the oil cooler, but I can't see it properly yet. It seems to be leaking quite a bit with the engine running (suspect because oil is being pumped through) but not much, if any, when stood with the engine off. Does anyone know whether you can get to it from the wheel arch, if I remove the liner, or is it a front clam off job......? Also, anyone know whether the joint itself can be replaced if required? Looking at deroure it seems to be a metal threaded connector/seal, not just a hose clip job. Anyone had this problem?
  7. Cheers Adam, it was a fiddly job though, but worth it... For me they've always been very well engineered cars, especially the engines and drivetrain, and with a few exceptions they are relatively driver focussed compared to some of the competition, e.g endless understeering Audis! I'm on my third, having had an E46 330Ci a decade ago, and I still have my F11 525d Touring which is up for sale.....if anybody is interested it's minty mint and high spec/low miles...
  8. Nice to see a couple of other owners on here - and I see you chose the best colour Foggy.... Mine is nearly 4 years old and the extended BMW warranty has just been transferred into my name. I plan to extend it in July, as it's only £350 a year and covers most things, no quibble. I've sourced a spare set of mint 436M alloys for it, and some hardly used Michelin winter tyres too. Fitted the M Performance Black kidney grilles the other day - I much prefer the look.
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
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    Purchased from Halliwell Jones as an approved used BMW. I cherish my cars (anyone who has seen my Elise S160 will know that!) and this is no exception – it is in immaculate inside and out. The 3-litre straight six N57 engine and 8-speed automatic gearbox are a match made in heaven – silky smooth, lots of torque with excellent fuel economy (I average 42 mpg overall). Full BMW Service History. 61,000 miles. Sophisto Grey with spotless Oyster Leather interior. 8 speed Automatic. High specification with £8,000 of factory fitted options including Professional Media Pack (Wide Screen Satellite Navigation, Enhanced Bluetooth, Voice Control, BMW Assist), Front Sports Seats, Heated seats, Sport Steering Wheel, Ambient Lighting Pack, 18” V-spoke style 328 Alloy Wheels (all unmarked). Specification also includes Automatic Dual Zone Air Conditioning, Front and Rear Park Distance Control, USB Audio Interface, Cruise Control with Brake function, Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Dimming Mirrors, Rain sensor, Matt aluminium Roof Rails, ISOFIX Child Seat System, Velour Floor Mats, Daytime running lights and lots more. In pristine condition, with absolutely no car park dents or dings, unmarked alloy wheels, spotless interior throughout and only VERY minimal stone chipping - you will struggle to ever find a better example than this. 4 recent new tyres (Goodyear Eagle F1 AS3), Brake Fluid service carried out in January 2017. MOT January 2018. 2 Keys, Original First Aid kit, Warning Triangle and Toolkit all present. Extra set of unmarked genuine BMW OE Alloys & Premium Winter Tyres (7mm tread) available by separate negotiation.


  10. Great story Laura. We haven't met but it sounds like you are now firmly tied to Lotus for the rest of your life - bit like the rest of us! I've just worked out it was over 17 years ago when I first had an S1 - a lovely standard titanium vintage. I'm now on my third, and like you have had some brilliant fun and experiences in all of them
  11. No worries... Hope it gets driven more than my next door neighbour's F-type. He's had it from new (2013), and done about 1000 miles I reckon! You'd get on well with him then Leigh....
  12. Thanks fellas......Kieran hahahaha yeah funnily enough those photos were actually before the wax came out...... Un1eash - looks like a lovely car - I'll happily upgrade to the newer M140i at some point based on my experiences of this car so far.....incredible all rounder. Where did you get the strut brace from? Was it easy to fit? I've seen it mentioned on other forums too and it's one of those things I think I'll be adding (together with an all-black grille). Other than that I'm planning to leave it stock.
  13. Kieran, what an awesome motor, I've never driven a Caterham but have had a couple of pax rides and I think everyone has to own one at some point in their lives (for the petrol-veined brethren amongst us anyway). The R500 is legendary and it looks like an awesome example - surely it would be near impossible to find a better one that this. Huge congrats. Would love a ride in it when you're ready!
  14. I still have it Leigh - but it's going soon, just need to advertise it etc. If you're interested.....
  15. It all happened in a week.... I was aware that they are somewhat of a Q car, but out of nowhere I suddenly decided to look a bit more closely at them. Two back to back test drives (different cars) last Saturday and I was smitten.... I had to travel for this one though - South London. Arrived home at 12.30am this morning. A private sale but still under warranty, lots of options fitted and low miles.