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  1. Hi Dave

    Apologies for delay getting back to you. 

    Had two independent dealers give a value of £26k for the 190 Sport

    Please see attached photos

    You are more than welcome to call round and take a look if you're still interested

    Many thanks




















    Lotus 190 Sport Elise Series 2 History & Description.pdf

  2. Thanks Phil. The car went this morning so I have a big space in the garage. Re the plate - you and I both know that’s unlikely 🙂
  3. Thanks Duncan - I’m sure I’ll get my backside into an Emira one day. In the meantime, you’re on the right lines with DCT. But it will be sonically way superior to the Emira i4…..
  4. Some of you may have spotted that, despite all the hard work I’ve put into the car, it has been up for sale in the last week, and is now sold awaiting collection. This was never in our plans; the sale was somewhat forced due to my wife no longer being able to drive a manual comfortably because of a health problem, and we bought the car to use not only for Lotus meets and runs but primarily for weekends away and longer trips etc, where we typically share the driving. It will be missed, and the new owner has bought a truly great example of this wonderful sports car. However - have
  5. Seasons greetings. I think only Lotus could answer that particular question….
  6. Came across a comment that sums up the end of the race very well. “Can’t believe anyone who follows F1 really thinks the decision was fair. Its like a ref deciding to fight 13 rounds not twelve because the boxer winning on points looks worn out.”
  7. Did someone mention a YouTube channel?
  8. Nice. You’ll need some number plates though 🤣
  9. Thanks Rich, looking forward to catching up - been a while. Let’s hope the fog lifts 😳
  10. It has been a quiet 3-4 months with the Evora, as I’ve been working on the house a fair bit. However after 5 months of deliberations I’ve finally got my wheels refurbished. I went for gloss anthracite, absolutely delighted with them - to my eyes they are more suited to my “lower black pack” than the diamond cut finish 👍🏻 I had them done by Nuneaton Alloys and Powder Coating and they were extremely good value. The quality of the finish is top drawer. They cure the powder at a nice low temp (180-200C) for just 15 mins so absolutely no risk to the integrity of the alloy👌🏻
  11. One is world class, the other has lots to learn, and it shows…..
  12. I think that was Lewis saying “if the FIA are going to screw people over and manipulate the result of a race I was dominating to create a spectacle for TV then I’m not sure I want to be in this game any more….”
  13. The first half of this seems to sum it up very well…. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/59631665
  14. That’s because his elbows are permanently sticking out when he gets on track….!
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