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  1. Donington
  2. Just to indicate price wise http://lotusapprovedusedcars.co.uk/car/detail/1215521383/EXIGE-S/Exige-V6-S-Premium-Race-Pack
  3. Nice !
  4. I remember a year ago a 20k+ miles exige s3, sold for 39/40k, but privately, and if you have one year of warrantly, that's an other extra, the only other car you can compare with is a 2013 S3, 18k miles, adverted for 41k as well.
  5. So he was 67 (white elan) on this video, can not imagine myself this at this age ..
  6. I hope it is better than seloc, kind of disapointed ..
  7. My cover, please save me one while I snig up
  8. Yes, exactly why I was not really much into the porsche they are everywhere, truly they are great, but still not as involving as the Exige, no comparison there ... I actually only went to drive the vantage, and was very disappointed, very linear, not much sound inside the cabin, and let's face it, on the road they are just jelly ... But important to precise, I only tested a V8, I am know the v8s, and specially v12 are way way better. But you come from a Lotus, the Aston is a big jump. The 997 c2s had all the sport options also ..
  9. I test drove one (v8) before going for the v6, and a carrera 2s gen2, the aston was the worst, looks good, but that is the only good thing about it ...
  10. The v6 would be a good solution with advantages from the lotus and the honda, bigger, more progressive .. v6 grunt
  11. a hell of a car, the best le mans looking car around
  12. https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-0/s526x395/15095690_1322963534414755_3271375058326776612_n.jpg?oh=ca84e757a2a69243d885b42252a6696c&oe=58BC27BD
  13. Pretty cool, but something I don't understand, I think they and chris harris used the cars on same tyre set, now the time for 918 and la ferrari are similar between the 2 shows, exept for the p1, car was 2s faster in chris harris show ...
  14. Ok, after a small research, long read on seloc, apparently the v6 have bad geo from factory, and doing it is a big improvement, now where can I do it ? Did the previous with Dan Webster, but he is so busy most of the time that I don't even want to try .... So where did you guys go ?
  15. I am going to repeat myself, but net time really try Classicline, they are the cheapest for me, by far, and still a proper and local insurrance. Paid the same price for the v6 than for the 260 s2 before, and I think free cover for Lotus trackdays.