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  1. I've been over to the detailer based just near the train station at Loughborough. His work looks really good. I was considering having the M3 machine polished and coated by him. I know theres a few people from MLOC that have used him and would recommend his work. You're welcome to nip up, or I'll pop round to you at some point, so you can take a look and maybe go for a quick spin.
  2. It's bad enough when someone damages your car, but when they do it and don't have the courtesy to own up that's just not on. What detailer you going to use? Yes, changed in November. M4's very nice too, obviously practically the same car. If it had been the previous series (e.g. E92) I'd of definitely gone for the coupe, but in this shape I actually prefer the 4 door. I just like the stance and the more flared rear arches. Plus it helps with the 3 kids!! Didnt really think about the speed bumps in the x5, but now have to take them a little slower!!
  3. I had a white E92 320d M sport with red leather. It still ranks highly on my list of previous cars. if you were going to go with black grilles I'd maybe go carbon rear diffuser and wing mirror caps. Would make it quite expensive though.
  4. I'm a fan, I'm on my third too. Even my previous 13 plate X5 40d was a quick car and for a big heavy lump it handled well and I found it fun to drive. It was also a great workhorse for work and for trucking the family around. A great diesel engine. I swapped it in November for a slightly less sensible choice, which I deliberated on for sometime, but eventually talked myself into it. Glad I did I'm really enjoying it. F80 M3 Competition Pack. The CP gets you slightly different suspension and electronic diff set up, tweaked exhaust, different seats, all black external trim and ups power to 450bhp Its Sakhir Orange, a bit of a controversial, but I love it.?
  5. Dave, the black grilles look superb with the blue. Glad to see some other BMW fans. Maybe we should organise a MLOC BMW breakfast run?
  6. That's always my problem with main dealers. I know you should expect to pay a premium, but not double the price.
  7. Turbo replacement sounds expensive, especially at Sytner's!!
  8. Glad both of your twos purchasing experience was so quick and painless. Took me weeks and weeks to find a dealer that could secure me a car and then I had to wait a couple of months for it to arrive. Nearly gave up hope with BMW and switched brand, but stuck with it and got there in the end!!
  9. Very nice. They're an amazing little car, proper rocket. Foggy has one similar and I know he loves his. If it's anything like my rear drive BM, they can be a bit of a hand full in the wet!!
  10. Thanks Kieran, looks stunning. Just a shame this time of year that it's not gonna stay looking clean for long
  11. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I'll Speak to both and see what I can get arranged. I've never had a car professionally detailed so this will be a first for me.
  12. I will be getting my new daily early December and I'm thinking of having it detailed/protected as soon as it arrives. Does anyone have any recommendations for someone local??
  13. Had service, brake fluid change and MOT by Jon this weekend. He did it on the Saturday morning to suit me, so I could avoid time out of work. Would highly recommend him and the service he provides. Clearly knows his stuff when it comes to anything Lotus. Hopefully if business continues to pick he can get his own place. Sounds like he's actively looking. Would be good to have a Lotus sign up in Leicester again.
  14. I'll be giving them a try when I need a service unless anyone can suggest somewhere better?