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  1. Nomination for Alan Moss in the National Car Club Awards http://www.necrestorationshow.com/awards/awards-shortlist
  2. Saw this on Facebook. Always sad when someone dies. Roger was an icon of the Esprit world!
  3. Loved it. Not revolutionary tv, just what they do. But they do it well. Big budget makes the visuals more impressive. If you don't like what they did on Top Gear, you won't like this, but I did...It's my inner child
  4. Ant Anstead...last seen on stage with me at the NEC!!
  5. I was at the Classic Car show at the weekend with Sporting Bears and was asked onto the Wheeler Dealers stage for a chat about the car. Its not exactly prime time TV but I was chuffed to do it.
  6. Happy Birthday Dean
  7. Very true...especially the edit
  8. If we're dreaming this is the car I'd do. Even in my dreams the only way to own would be a refurb! Most beautiful car ever made
  9. Hi John. I have an old Esprit S1 that I am looking for someone who knows what they're doing. Is that too old?
  10. Great shot of my car Dave, can't believe I've never taken it from that angle myself.