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    scandal green s2
  1. You should of asked the other night dean my mate does these
  2. That's what I run on mine
  3. Black circles ????
  4. They don't do many lotus Seats
  5. #3

    Love the colour Andy
  6. Bucket
  7. Eurotrip
  8. Euro trip
  9. I'll tell you tommorow now the cars all back together
  10. Just a update guys all sorted big thanks to Dave at Bilstein dropped them off Thursday and both fronts refurbed and back on car by Monday night
  11. I have just changed to 205 on front due to a euro road trip next week Swapped my a048 to some ad08 for the trip
  12. Been in touch with Bilstein Leicester guess where I'm off for 8 in morn lol
  13. Cool Jonny who did your ohlin ?
  14. Euro trip booked next week and just come to the car and front passenger side shocker has let all its fluid out !! It has the Bilstein lss suspension any ideas where to get refurbed asap or buy a new one