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K Series Turbo From Mg Zt/ Rover 75 Transplant


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Hi all,


I've been considering multiple engine swaps recently and have stumbled upon the information that for a small period the mg ZT and rover 75 used a low boost turbo k series engine (see attached image).


I know several people have done t series transplants for big power but no one seems to have tried a k series turbo transplant.


The standard motor only has 160bhp but a t25 turbo bolts straight onto the standard manifold and with some minor tweaking should be close to 190-200bhp. I know this is achievable with an NA engine, but this will be a fairly low stress setup with a nice amount of torque.


My main concern at this point it - why has no one done this before?


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There is info on SELOC about a K-series turbo.  For me, the two issues are

1 - can a K take a turbo (reliably) and

2 - do you want a turbo even closer to you (through a modified firewall) ???


What power / torque are you after ?  It's easy enough to get to 200+bhp and 150lbft torque with a NA K-series.  If you want more, you need to look at the options.

T-series (turbo)

K-series (turbo)

Duratec NA (I think)

Honda (NA or SC)

Audi (turbo)


The last 3 have commercially available options.  No-one has done a commercial option for the T or K.  I think there's probably a reason for that....


One thing I've never understood is why the Toyota or VXT engines (and subframes) have never been tried in the S1.  Does it just not fit ?

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Chris, I think the reasoning behind not trying the yoga lump in an s1 is its a lot of work and the k20 is a stronger engine.


A vxlump would be interesting.


Although you missed one potential option off,

K series with a supercharger as this does has a commercially available option.

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Wouldn't keeping it cool be an issue, bearing in mind it is mid mounted with undertrays? I know Lotuz struggled a bit to keep the VX turbo cool enough during it's development.

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