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  1. Powder Coating Rear Diffuser - Elise S2

    Another vote for MHP here and you really have changed Dean.
  2. Lotus in the Peak

    So this year I will be missing Lotus in the Peak and thus will not be leading a group however I went out on my Todd and did the Matlock run and you are definitely in for a treat! Combining some of the best bits of all the previous runs and some new fresh bits! top Work Dean and team.
  3. Help with Fireplaces

    We’ve just had a flush fit one installed, love it already. just ready for stock piling logs this summer.
  4. Geo - where?

    Jody’s RaceCar Work shop is another good shout.
  5. FLEM Meetings... gauging interest

    So come on then Fish when are we having a pub meet?
  6. Green Elan for sale.

    Believe it or not that should moved more recently than our Colin’s Elan!! im pretty sure Gav said it was ready for MOT
  7. Done it!! Bought another Exige :) :) :)

    The factory produce GT3 uses the My10 style spoiler ?? Lovey looking car Mark. it was up for sale about this time last year in Nottingham had planned on going for a look but decided it was a little too Aggressive for me.
  8. That’s a very well known exiges.com car. bare in mind it’s CAT C\D marker.
  9. Powder Coating Rear Diffuser - Elise S2

    Mines been alright after 2k Miles.
  10. Dash Gauge Mount

    Jonny’s idea of a dash to suit would be do able with the new DIGI dash being sold via seloc.
  11. FLEM Meetings... gauging interest

    Yes Ian, There’s I’m organised for next weekend. keep and eye on the events section. usually Sunday morning meets follow the structure of meet early doors bit of a drive, stop for breakfast then tootle off home. quite often organised with a few days notice to make the most of the good weather.
  12. Urgent MOT

    Dash cars at Loughborough. You have a pm
  13. FLEM Meetings... gauging interest

    Monday or Wednesday for me. The Shardlow/Ockbrook meet is second Monday of the month. So last week of the month is a good idea gives a nice gap between the meets. I’ll be up for coming along!
  14. Fed up....

    Should make life easier for you Dan ??
  15. But the stratos he’s building will be.

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