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  1. Haven't made it too one this year but it's normally a decent turn out as long as the weather is good.
  2. Gorgeous.
  3. He will normally answer during working hours
  4. Top man phil all sorted and paid for!
  5. Anyone know why I cannot purchase full membership only just realised I'm not one.
  6. Simon, I'd say give it a another bleed and see if it replicates the symptoms. Can sometimes help to have the rear of the car on axle stands making the engine bay bleed that little bit higher .
  7. I'm there on the Saturday! Think I'll be public transporting it this year so one or two alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed...
  8. Dave, Its the cars way of saying use me more !
  9. I remember several of these. Pretty sure I have some footage somewhere of the one your talking about, I'd not long bought my first elise
  10. Jon, a few mates have had boosted mk1 and 2 MX5's and loved them. Very quick and nimble. Closest thing to a lotus without the price tag of an Elise or VX. It would be my first choice for replacement of the exige if cost cutting was needed
  11. 10years wow! Id not even been driving 6months in may 2007. i was still at college!
  12. Quite a common problem with Elise's I think it's going to be one you have to take on the chin as the moisture that's caused it might have been in the fibre glass before you had the work done, therefore making it near impossible to prove that it's the body shops fault.
  13. Get an mloc discount sorted Leigh! looks like it could be a good read.
  14. Voted
  15. thanks everyone. Its awesome, the power delivery is awesome! hopefully get it on track in the next month or so.