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Alex B

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  1. Back in a Lotus at last

    How much is Bedford? i was looking at blyton on the 10th but I haven’t done Bedford before.
  2. Exige V6 4th Year Service

    They are a Lotus authorised service center as far as I’m aware.
  3. Back in a Lotus at last

    Now that looks nice Andy! Good too see you back in a Lotus!
  4. MLOC Calendar - 2018 - Photos Needed

    Just added a selection of mine.
  5. Elise S2 111S Won't Idle Properly Or Rev

    Have you tried TB reset? This might explain the high revs
  6. im back

    theres a yellow aston around eat wood I've seen a few times. you're right looks awful in yellow! That elise however looks stunning
  7. A Big Thank You

    The 410 had its first service??
  8. Lotus Number 4...

    One of the best colours. You’ll just have to get it looking as clean as Phil’s Evora now! and once you’ve done that you can do mine ?
  9. Lotus Number 4...

    Heard a rumour you’d sold up ?
  10. Lotus Number 4...

    Only teasing Dave it looks lovely. so does this mean we might actually see the car in the next 12months.
  11. Lotus Number 4...

    Looks a peach does that Dave! I spotted you’d hit the button earlier this week on seloc. but isn’t it missing a spoiler ?
  12. It's back!

    Is it near completion now then Jonny?
  13. New Member / New Elise owner

    Fuchs titan or millers CFS? mobil 1 isn't brilliant too my knowledge