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  1. Alex B

    Hello old friends......

    Awesome colour Chris. Whats the specs?
  2. Alex B

    Hello old friends......

  3. Alex B

    Caffeine and Machine

  4. Alex B

    Caffeine and Machine

    Been a couple of times, love it. Didn't make it this weekend though.
  5. Alex B

    Caffeine and Machine

    Was planning on going tomorrow but not sure if I will Yet. Its a mega place.
  6. Alex B

    Back with a bang...

    The photos look beaut Kieran. Glad the weather held off for collection day. Look forward to seeing it in the flesh
  7. Alex B

    Caffeine and Machine

    Thanks Guy, Weekends have various themes/events on them. I think an evening could be good if we can get a group of MLOCers together and have our own little take over.
  8. Alex B

    Caffeine and Machine

    Thanks Rich. Was right place right time for the position in fairness. Porsche have made some stunning machinery in recent years. For me it is a toss up between a 911 GT2 RS or the 911R. That was the second 911R at a show over the weekend, what a beautiful car.
  9. Alex B

    Caffeine and Machine

    Yeah cost a 5er to get in but it's not the end of the world. Tbf the £5 entry gets you a C&M keyring that you can either keep or exchange for a hot drink.
  10. Alex B

    RR to rent in the East mids?

    Monster motorsport used to be on an estate opposite BnQ in Loughborough
  11. Alex B

    RR to rent in the East mids?

    Dan Webster may be able to help??
  12. Alex B

    Caffeine and Machine

    It's open mid week too Mike, but the busy times are obviously the weekends.
  13. Alex B

    Caffeine and Machine

    It's definitely worth the effort. Knocks spots off Nottingham car cafe.
  14. Alex B

    Caffeine and Machine

    So I took a trip down the Caffeine and Machine at Stratford-on-Avon. For those who haven't heard of it's a cafe/restaurant that has been set up with the intention of giving petrol heads a place to call home. https://caffeineandmachine.com/about-us/ Fantastic collection of cars coming and going.
  15. Alex B

    S2 Exige vs Elise 111S

    Just something else to thing about here. Ive owned several lotus elise's prior to the exige 2x standard rover Ks and a 111r. I test drove a 111s(vvc) and compared to my normal non vvc rover car I found there to be very little difference speed wise even with an extra 40 of Longbridge finest horses in the 111s. I was actually a touch disappointed in the performance of it. This being because the s2 111s has a longer ratio box than that in the standard rover k car. The 111R was an absolute pleasure to drive. Almost refined round town at low revs then mental once you hit that 2nd cam. If you are local to Castle Donington I'm happy to take you out in my exige S.

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