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  1. Good setup this. I've ran it for a couple of trackdays and Jody has ran it for about 2years.
  2. Alex B

    Shameless plug

    Have to wait n see 😁
  3. Alex B

    Shameless plug

    I have a deposit down on a 135R, got an itch for a K again.
  4. Alex B

    Shameless plug

    If everything goes to plan I will be
  5. The time has come for me to move the exige on. You will find the advert over in the classifieds. Feel free to ask any further questions 😁
  6. Time Left: 2 months and 8 days

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    Unfortunately new house purchase forces sale of my beloved Lotus Exige S. I have owned the Exige for 3 years, buying it from its original owner in the early part of 2017. 57K miles with a full service history, a mixture of dealers and lotus specialists. Folder of paperwork to go with it. The car is a '59reg MY10 Exige S 240PP benefitting from factory fitted Performance, Touring and Sports packs and official factory 260bhp upgrade installed by Murray's Lotus. This Includes: Larger intercooler 260cup spec ECU Larger fuel pump Higher flow injectors Some of the standard options included in these packs are: Ap 4pot brakes 308mm discs Twin oil coolers Probax seats in cream leather - non harness holed seats specced by original owner. Air Conditioning Radio unit and speakers OEM 10 spoke forged alloys Interior carpet set (floor, sills and bulkhead) Leather centre console LTS traction and launch control Works carried out since my ownership: Ally Bell discs all round. -Fronts only replaced in April 2019. -RC5+ brake pads on the front -RC6 brake pads on the rear Pro Alloy triple pass radiator. The Supercharger had the bearings and oil replaced as a precaution 2years ago. Carried out by PowerHouse Automotive in Chesterfield. MOT was done in December 2019 The Car has just had the front end resprayed to remove any stone chips, before and after photos available. The car is currently sat on a set of Team Dynamics Pro1.2's it will however come with the previously mentioned OEM 10 spoke forge alloys and new tyres instead of these. Please contact me for any further info


    Castle Donington - GB

  7. Only thing to note on ZZRs is the E marking is missing on newer tyres meaning legality issues
  8. Cl5 pads are phenomenal. I've had numerous sets and never had a set fail. 888R are very highly rated, haven't had any experience of them myself. I'm currently using avon ZZRs on track and they are fab. Hope to see you out on track this year then!
  9. Might be worth getting the oil and seals done on the 2nd hand one before you get it fitted? Save any further heart ache.
  10. Good luck with the fettling! Been out in mine this afternoon lovely weather for it.
  11. Welcome to the club! Lovely colour that.
  12. Awesome colour Chris. Whats the specs?
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