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  1. Fed up....

    Should make life easier for you Dan ??
  2. But the stratos he’s building will be.
  3. Hello to MLOC people

    You’ll have to bring it along the the queens head at Ockbrook on Monday for us to have a nosey as it’s our monthly pub meet. or the LDC breakfast meet at Hill top farm on the fosse isn’t on Sunday, decent drive out if the weathers good.
  4. The One That Got Away

    Will b currently has it for sale. Prior to will having it another dealer had it for sale at a grand less. If it was my money going on an S2 I’d be looking for a 135R or a 120bhp k series. The 111s isn’t actually any quicker due to longer ratio gear box. 135R would be my first choice but I think there is potentially nicer lower mileage examples out there. Having had a fair selection of Elise’s over the last few years I think the 120bhp model is a brilliant car.
  5. Wanted...

    After speaking to a guy at Autosport International about Elise’s and Exige’s he mentioned he is in the market for an Elise S or R (Toyota powered). He asked me to pass on information to him of anyone who is potentially looking to sell. so if anyone is toying with moving on and has a car that might fit his criteria feel free to PM on here, email or even ring me. many thanks Alex
  6. I have a photo of A red one at litp a few years ago was parked in the “special” reserved area.
  7. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    ? top work there Jonny! not quite sure if I’m more impressed by the car or that garage ?
  8. R500 HPE

    Things starting to take shape Dan. will be following this.
  9. I was there all day Saturday as well! we had a stand in hall 9 near “Ford Maina” and mission motorsport
  10. S2 Exige nose badge

    I need to replace mine as I currently have a lovely silver one.
  11. One of the club stands a few friends of mine run. “#trackaddict”
  12. I’ve been at autosport all weekend with mine.
  13. Indicator fix

    Haha, yes Dave they are separate on the S2. the Seal has gone on part of it as that’s how the waters getting in.
  14. Indicator fix

    My indicator are fogging up I was wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to split the units so I can dry them out and re Seal them?

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