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  1. Might be worth getting the oil and seals done on the 2nd hand one before you get it fitted? Save any further heart ache.
  2. Good luck with the fettling! Been out in mine this afternoon lovely weather for it.
  3. Welcome to the club! Lovely colour that.
  4. Awesome colour Chris. Whats the specs?
  5. Been a couple of times, love it. Didn't make it this weekend though.
  6. Was planning on going tomorrow but not sure if I will Yet. Its a mega place.
  7. The photos look beaut Kieran. Glad the weather held off for collection day. Look forward to seeing it in the flesh
  8. Thanks Guy, Weekends have various themes/events on them. I think an evening could be good if we can get a group of MLOCers together and have our own little take over.
  9. Thanks Rich. Was right place right time for the position in fairness. Porsche have made some stunning machinery in recent years. For me it is a toss up between a 911 GT2 RS or the 911R. That was the second 911R at a show over the weekend, what a beautiful car.
  10. Yeah cost a 5er to get in but it's not the end of the world. Tbf the £5 entry gets you a C&M keyring that you can either keep or exchange for a hot drink.
  11. Monster motorsport used to be on an estate opposite BnQ in Loughborough
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