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  1. They are made in batches, but come up fairly regularly second hand
  2. Paintworx in Loughborough did a lovely job on my exige.
  3. Your car is compatible with a Garw dash which may be a little easier to get hold of than a shurlock cluster. Where are you based? I could possibly lend you my dash to enable movement of the car?
  4. Looks great pal. Definitely been great to hear your progress during the last year. Hope to see it and you on track soon.
  5. Currently out of stock but you can get them o. eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Front-Indicator-Bulb-Holder-REPAIR-Lotus-Elise-Series-S2-2001-to-2011-/391854019443?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  6. Just as an update I have managed to sort out what goes where just got a few parameters to alter and should all be running fully. Quick teaser below
  7. I've got a second set Chris. But I'm not overly close pal.
  8. I've just managed to get one of the Garw IC7 dashs for the 135R. I've got a bit of an issue with inputs. Everything powers up but I don't appear to be able to get any input from the ECUs. The dash has an S2 05 interconnection I'm guessing with my car being an 03 rover K series this might be where my issue lies. The car is running a hondata Kpro4 + standard lotus ECU piggy backed.
  9. I'd say nitrons are definitely night and day even on a rough road but it will massively depend on the cars Geo setup, spring ratings/helper springs and the shocks valving etc. I've had a couple of Elise platform cars and had nitrons of one form or another on most the cars. My S1 for example when I first got it had nitrons with 700lb rear and 550lb front springs with 150lb helpers front and rear. It was utterly sublime on a smooth surface. Felt like going off road if you ran over an ant. I swapped these 475 rear 400 front with no helpers this made the car ride beautifully on all surfaces.
  10. Looks good Luke! Is it a motorsport car?
  11. Favourite to drive is a hard question. So far possibly the Exige, however I due to Covid I haven't really used the Honda car.
  12. What did I replace it with now there's a question... I went from the 111R to an Elise S1 with modded K series running 170bhp. Then onto a 120bhp S2 Elise Then a 240bhp My10 spec Exige And finally settled (for now) with an Elise 135R running a 205bhp Honda K20
  13. How much of a clean does it need? If it's first clean/ periodic deep clean I'd go magic sponge to take an ingrained dirt and from out of the aluminium However these are a very very fine abrasive so I wouldn't recommend as a regular option. Regular cleaning I tend to use AD interior cleaner on everything bar the Alu. Normally find a damp cloth is enough for the Alu.
  14. http://www.atd-detailing.co.uk/ Haven't had my car done but I use the detailing shop next door (shop n shine) The work he does looks amazing.
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