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  1. Donington Park, Monday 29/10 - Booked

    Who is it with?
  2. Donington Museum Closing

    I’m up for this depending on what date gets picked! Brilliant idea.
  3. A favour...

    If the rears were causing the issues I’d assume you’d feel in through the entire car where as this is directly through the steering wheel so must be connected mechanically to the front suspension/steering setup.
  4. A favour...

    I was in the ball park with it. gonna clean the facings up this weekend.
  5. A favour...

    Unfortunately not. After a chat with Alan, we decided the next step would be to try a new set of discs, mine aren’t far off from needing replacement and there’s a possibility that they could be warped or could have debris behind them causing the wobble. Another MLOCer has kindly offered me the use of a spare set of discs to test this theory.
  6. New car at last S190

    Yeah not fun getting caught at the side of the road from a Dead Rad. The mushroom cloud of steam was impressive though.
  7. Another New Lotus

    That looks beautiful Dave! Finally! Not gotta keep quiet now!
  8. A favour...

    Yeah I’m assuming the beading has broken away. Will take them n get em refitted once I’ve double checked with Alan’s spare set on Tuesday.
  9. A favour...

    Yeah I remember Murray had a lot of trouble with his. Took the car out Saturday n marked up the wheel n tyres with a yellow mark. Checked them yesterday to find one of them appears to have slipped 3 to 4mm during a 15mile drive.
  10. A favour...

    Unfortunately it hasn’t cured it, made it better but not solved it. Will take you up on the offer one evening next week if that’s good with you Al? litterally just need to swap and go for a quick drive see if it still wobbles.
  11. A favour...

    Thanks for all the offers Gents. yes it’s steering wheel wobble, ive has the wheel balanced numerous times plus tracking done multiple. running AD08R’s
  12. A favour...

    I’m after borrowing a pair of S2 Toyota front wheels. Just to check to see if the wheel wobble is related to my wheels or not
  13. Smash!

    Kurt, just seen this turn of events hope it’s getting sorted? are you still a member of a union? Most unions offer free legal protection included in their membership. best of luck. alex
  14. Farewell, but not goodbye.

    Well done Scatty! after all that struggle selling yours then finding “The One” I hope it lives up to every expectation! looking forward to a passenger ride! Never been in a motorised tent before ?

    Looks smart.

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