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  1. Fuchs titan or millers CFS? mobil 1 isn't brilliant too my knowledge
  2. No rush. At all.
  3. Regard pax side head shield I wouldnt worry about it. Is potentially been cut to gain access to back box to Cat bolts. a quick wheel off look at the dampers should tell you 100% if they are leaking or have leaked. p.s: car looks lovely. Reminds me of my old 111r, was same colour and also an 06
  4. That would be brilliant Keith! Let me know when it's ok to come over and collect it. Swapping the clutches has Gav's name all over it.
  5. So after having sent the Supercharger off for a refurb after LITP the car is once again back together however. The suspect noise is still there. So after a trip to everybodies favourite lotus mechanic down at Unit 4 in Burton. The noise but has been identified as the clutch plate on the AC compressor. My question is does anyone know if the clutch on the AC compressors can be changed? or Will it have to be a new AC unit?
  6. Will send an email once home today and get some dates and info sorted. Id be aiming for end September/start of October or even getting in booked in as a season opener for next year.
  7. Would anyone fancy a drive out too and look round the Lincolnshire Aviation Hertigage Centre? was chatting to Jody about Organising a day out somewhere and he suggested here. ive never been but looks like there's a good couple of photo opportunities with our cars and the planes, as well as some stunning machinery to look round. would anyone be interested in this? if so I will give them a ring and see what we can do. http://www.lincsaviation.co.uk/
  8. Actually Chris I think we are on par currently...
  9. So my car has been off the road for the best part of two months. Reason behind this was to have the supercharger serviced. While in bits I decided to tidy a few bits and pieces up. Now this has taken a bit longer than I'd hoped and I have to say I had a tiny little wobble and while on holiday last week and ended up at Targa Florio Cars looking at M3's, C63's, Atoms and various porkas. As well as having a good nosey around the cars pictures below So while visiting Targa Florio Cars which can only really be described as a petrolheads wet dream and being told they'd quite happily buy my exige multiple times it got me thinking about if I was truely happy with it. So this got me working out other possibilities of car/s if I was to replace the exige... settling on an old Rs4 and a Honda powered S2 elise. However all of this now forgotten ! Since finally getting back behind the wheel of a now slightly tidier Exige S I have well and truely fallen back in love.
  10. I believe Luke VX has had some dealings with them.
  11. Looks a stunner Keith!
  12. Unfortunately not as I've decided to send some bits away for paint while it's in parts. i blame Simon for this as I was parked next to his stunning car at LITP
  13. Recently had my supercharger rebuilt for my exige, done by Powerhouse in Chesterfield. Brilliant firm to deal with. Very knowledgable and helpful staff. Reasonably priced too. supercharger has been given a clean bill of health with the working tolerances being "as new"
  14. Haven't made it too one this year but it's normally a decent turn out as long as the weather is good.
  15. Gorgeous.