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  1. Congratulations on the purchase. Look forward to seeing it.
  2. As you may have seen there's a group of MLOCers heading to the Classic Team Lotus workshop for a tour on Sunday 20th September. Unfortunately I have to potentially work on the Sunday morning so to save a space going to waste is anyone interested? Send me a PM or comment here, space will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. I'm only after the price of my ticket back.
  3. Car looks great Alex
  4. I wouldn't class it as rare as such possibly just uncommon. As said above nearly every car is slightly different. Colour wise it's an easy sell. Mileage wise 51k for an S2 Elise is acceptable. It's the run out of the revvy 2zz engine so that's a bonus. Rattles should not effect the price as "TADTS" Body work wise. You'd be surprised that getting the clam fixed and painted won't cost you the earth. I'd suspect that if you've been offered £19k by a dealer I'd assume it was Will B or Jon Seal. They'd be looking at sorting the paint and advertising for circa £25k. If it was me I'd get the body work sorted then stick it up for low 20's say 22/23k. It's prime selling time currently as the sun is out. Hope this helps Alex
  5. Adam, It's not the first time I've heard of poor condition cars for sale through Hoffman's that are described as near perfect. I hope you continue with the hunt and find one that is up to scratch.
  6. A friend of mine has started his own YouTube channel reviewing & discussing various different cars. He's just finished a video with an Elise SC Give it a watch and give him a follow please.
  7. I'm pretty sure that the standard S2 ECU cannot be mapped due to being locked by lotus.
  8. Oo nice choice. Hope it arrives quickly for you!
  9. Alex B

    A trip to HPE

    It's all in the pipe line. However body work it's currently marked for next year. There's a bit of list of things to change or replace to make it my own. Just going to plod through it at a steady pace. While trying to use it as much as possible. First things on the list are; driveshaft regrease as a precaution, gearbox oil and toe link refresh (has been done once but looking a touch scabby now.)
  10. Alex B

    A trip to HPE

    Thanks Dean! Not sure if I'm going to swap the back box at some point yet. That will depend on how noisy it is on track.
  11. with a new mappable ECU and the wiring corrected yesterday finally saw a trip down to see Mr Webster at HPE for a spot of mapping. On getting the car on the rollers Dan found the car to be over fueling by roughly 40% at anything over 1/4 throttle. Meaning an initial power run wasn't on the cards. So Dan set about working his magic and after what felt like forever (but was infact only about an hour) we had our first power run! Producing 198.1bhp out of the K20, relief I hadn't purchased a dud. A while later we where happy to go for another power run this time making 201bhp! At this point I'm thinking brilliant I've got a 200bhp car. Dan on the other hand had other ideas with a few more alterations here and there we saw and horse power a time until finally breaking the 205bhp barrier with and end result of 205.7bhp @7700rpm and 145.7lb ft torque. Now I'm aware they aren't face melting numbers but this is a stand engine apart from stark kit manifold and a 74mm TB. So I'm more than happy with the result. The true magic that Dan has worked in the car is the mid range drive ability, it's as smooth and as civilised as you could want. Until you push the throttle down and then it goes like a stabbed rat. I'm more than happy with the results of today, so a huge thanks to Dan for your work! VID_20200522_125751.mp4
  12. Not sure I've ever listened to a pod cast 🤔 Is it worth a listen?
  13. Great to see everyone's ways of keeping busy be it cars in various state of fettling or house projects. I've been keeping myself busy helping to keep the lights on in and around Derby. And when not working I've been busy out in the garden, moving the stuff that needs to go to the tip from one side to the other. Hope that Sunday and Monday will bring me a chance to get the 135R out of the garage to sort a few bits and pieces. Stay safe everyone
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