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    Any chance those seats will fit an S1 Elise Mind you, with the price tag on the car, I bet each seat would cost more than an entire Elise
  2. How bad is the split ? There will still be grease in the joint so would probably be ok to get there, especially if you drive slowly.
  3. Ours will be 8 and 10 and we've only missed one LitP my Dad's'80th). They love the day. Oliver did the run with me last year (thought we were going 'racing') and enjoyed it loads. We're local so never thought of camping, but might do this year just for the fun of it. Jessica's turn for the run.
  4. My old DVA 200 K-series ran the EP 5" silenced decat and it was fine.
  5. dobbo

    LitP 2019 help

    Probably, yes. Thanks.
  6. dobbo

    LitP 2019 help

    Do you have a date in mind ? It always falls close to my Dad's birthday and this year will be his first after Mum passed away. Happy to lead a fast-ish Ashbourne group as long as I can get a navigator (can't commit to doing enough drives to do it from memory).
  7. Happy Christmas everyone. We have my Dad with us this year - first Christmas since Mum died back in September, so going to have some tough moments, but the kids will keep us busy ! See you some more trackdays next year. Chris, Sonya and the kids 🍷
  8. dobbo

    MFRU ?

    Unfortunately not. It was fine last time and I haven't been in the front compartment for anything in months. Can only assume it was a mistake at Guglielmi's when they had it for some work.
  9. dobbo

    MFRU ?

    It's sorted now. The charger was wrongly connected ! No idea how as it was ok last time it was on the charger.
  10. dobbo

    MFRU ?

    Went to the car today and unimmobised it (99-plate S1 with Bernard Scouse Audi conversion running Emerald K3 ECU). Dashboard, etc did their normal things. Turned the ignition on and the fuel pump primed as expected (fast then slow, then stopped once pressurised). Turned to crank but nothing. No relay click, no chattering, nothing. Car was fine when last driven and has been on the Optimate 4 since then (~3weeks). All Optimate and dashboard LEDs are normal. Headlights are bright. Looking at late S1 wiring diagrams (section MN1 Sheet 1 etc), it seems that the immobiliser, the alarm or MFRU are probably the only possible causes. There's no fuse for the starter motor itself. It can't be the fuses for either the ignition or MRFU, nor the inertia switch, as any of these would stop the fuel pump priming. Anyone got a spare MRFU I could borrow to check ? Would prefer to eliminate that before looking at the immobiliser, unless anyone thinks the immobiliser is more likely ?
  11. dobbo


    I should have done the roll-bar cover as well :-)
  12. Another thumbs-up today. Took the car in last Friday afternoon for an urgent radiator swap. New rad/fans/heater matrix didn't arrive until Tuesday but the fan mounting kits were missing. They arrived yesterday and the car was ready this afternoon. Given that this was a clam-off job, drain coolant, refill, bleed, etc, plus other jobs on rear lights and trying to sort the fan switching, I think 4hrs labour is VERY reasonable. He even washed it ! Cheers Gav.
  13. Looks good. Do you do things like the dash panels / top / centre tunnel etc?
  14. Bis - I asked Gav to swap our plates. Make sure you get the right car back....
  15. dobbo

    Wiper spray bar modification

    All you need is Citroen part no. N93780 bx washer jet spray bar from here and a bit of tubing to connect it to the existing pipework. You may also need a connector join the tubing to your existing pipework, a 90 degree joining connector will do the job. I softened the spray bar in boiling water to straighten out the odd curve at the end, then put it around the lumpy fitting at the end of the S1 wiper using a small tie-wrap at the loped end. Two extra pin-holes and the water sprays the full length of the wiper. Most people seem to put the end of the bar just before the middle of the blade. It's easy enough to take apart and loop around to the top of the wiper instead though, that said even though the arm only covers the bottom of the wiper the force of the wiper moving throws the water up the screen covering the whole window anyway.
  16. dobbo

    Wiper Blades

    Elise windscreen wipers can be particularly bad when compared to other cars. A number of things are arguably to blame for this: Curvature of the screen Length of blade Speed of blade due to single arm arrangment The arm and blade arrangement fitted to Series 1's and early Series 2's are particularly renowned for there poorness. It is difficult to tell whether it is age related (as most S1 blades are now relatively old) or a design problem (the spring in the arm and across the blade being insufficient). Various options are available:- Replace the S1 / early S2 blade assembly with an identical replacement Replace the wiper arm and blade for a 'Series 2' type (that are fitted to the majority of Series 2, except very early ones) Replace the blade only, e.g. with a JML Wonder Wipers item or similar. The Series 1 type can be identified by the traits that it cannot be lifted 90deg to the screen (without breaking!) and it uses an 'R' clip to retain the blade assembly on the arm. The Series 2 assembly is a conventional blade with integral plastic clip that holds it on the arm. All three options have been successfully tried. Replacing the arm and wiper for an S2 type has the advantage that once the new arm is fitted the blade assemblies are standard parts available from high street vendors, whereas the S1 types are a special Lotus item. The replacement blade option is very cost effective with some excellent feedback reported.
  17. dobbo

    How do I remove the dash?

    From the image above you need to squeeze the plastic insert panel to remove it, it should pop out Remove the screws that go into the dash in front of you and also the ones that go up into the top of the dash as shown on the image Remove the Dash top extrusion by pulling it Make sure that if the steel clips fall down you pick them up, you dont want to leave them rattling about and ending up in the door sill!
  18. dobbo

    DVS 040.jpg

    Where's everyone else ??
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