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  1. Harness grommet

    It's a bit of a contentious one - the original seats weren't designed to have holes cut in them and (I think) the motorsport seat shells have extra strengthening around the harness hole areas. One option is to cross the harnesses over behind the seats to stop them being able to roll around your shoulders in a side impact, but this is also not great as the harness bar is so close the seats. The Schroth website has decent info on what you should and shouldn't do in this respect. If you decide to cut holes, I think Hangar111 do the grommets. EDIT - just seen Miles' post. I meant MSAR not Hangar111.
  2. S1 Elise/Exige Switch Blank (205)

    If anyone else needs a blank, I have some (had to buy a pack of 5 from Peugeot a few years ago, and only used one).
  3. Broken canvass roof fastener

    If you can have a look at Deroure and tell us which bit, people might have done a similar repair ??? https://www.deroure.com/diagrams.asp?TBL=1342&MAK=1&MDL=14&SMA=0&SMO=0&ST=&SC=0
  4. Nothing to do with the original question but another vote for Gav here. Just had my service, brake fluid change, MoT, a few niggles etc done last week. Top bloke for anything you need doing. (not going to post how few miles I've done between MoTs. I don't get near Dr H, but it would still be embarrassing ! )
  5. Pete Smith - LOT

    I posted on the FB page, but wanted to add that Pete always remembered that Sonya and I would struggle to both do sighting laps and look after the kids. He was always happy to be a little lenient on this with us, and as often as not took whichever of us hadn't managed to do sighting laps out for some unofficial training laps. A true gent, who will be sorely missed by all who knew him.
  6. New interior trim...

    Glad to see they have a new home. ?
  7. Original MLOC Banner and Flag

    Well I have a taker and a donation. Can a mod / director tell me how to donate. There used to be an obvious "Donate to MLOC" link, but I can't find it now. Ta.
  8. Original MLOC Banner and Flag

    Well, it's approaching the end of August, and disposal time for the banners / flags. Last chance for someone to acquire some MLOC history for their garage wall (or lounge wall if you're brave enough to risk it !).
  9. Repairs in Derby

    Gav did the bodywork on mine with a full body off respray about 3 (4?) years ago and happy to recommend him. He didn't do the spraying, but has a good contact. Also agree with CCC, who did the front of our Jag when someone shunted the front end across, damaging various stuff underneath as well.
  10. Original MLOC Banner and Flag

    No interest in these ? Directors - Are we OK to dispose of these at the end of August or do any of you want them ?
  11. Remember the old MLOC banner and flag ? The ~3m long PVC printed banner was used on stakes at the various events, and the flag was flown when possible. Sonya and I became custodians several years ago but as it's the old logo (the barcode), I guess they won't get used any more. They're not ours to sell as they belong to MLOC. So if MLOC directors don't agree to their disposal, please let me know and I'll delete this ad. If there are no objections, highest donations by the end of August to MLOC gets them (one for the banner, one for the flag. Or a combined offer for the two). Unfortunately, we can't make LiTP this year, so the winner(s) will need to collect. The photo shows two banners and one flag (MLOC at Hethel for Lotus' 60th). Neither the banner nor the flag are in as good condition as the photo.. Cheers, Chris
  12. Have a small favour to ask if you could pm me. Ta Chris
  13. Your best MLOC memory so far

    Apart from everything that's already been said, I think our house-warming was quite a (non-official) MLOC event. How many Lotii can you see ? I think a couple more arrived after this lot. The back garden became a bit of a campsite and fortunately we also still had the previous house (2 doors away) when we ran out of floor space. I won't mention who "painted" the toilet in that house...