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  1. Well done Jody, looks great.
  2. Another vote for CCC, although that was on the Jaaaaag. They do know their stuff and had all variety of stuff in when ours was there.
  3. Got ours, ta. I never open it till 1st Jan.
  4. Has everyone got their calendars ? Nothing here yet.
  5. In true Lotus style, they all have the same paint code 😂
  6. Happy Christmas from all of us as well. Hopefully get a run or two and some trackday next year !
  7. Personal vote for Allon White here. Not cheap, but personal service and very easy to deal with.
  8. Rickbk, can't help with the question about insurance, but have two of my own. 1. who's the trackday with ? 2. who are you insured with ? I have a tiny mileage allowance but pay way more than that (admittedly with 6 TDs included and agreed value). Ta
  9. The only other info I found was an email address with 'enquiries' in place of 'gav' in the email address I gave above. By his own admission, he's not the quickest at replying to emails 😆
  10. I have : Phone 01283 535 315 email gav@unit4vehicleservices.co.uk I was sure I had a mobile as well, but can't find it. Will check a previous invoice and update if there's anything else.
  11. I think you'll find that's Chrome Orange More worryingly, she didn't colour ANY of them in the same colours as ours
  12. Any chance those seats will fit an S1 Elise Mind you, with the price tag on the car, I bet each seat would cost more than an entire Elise
  13. dobbo


    I should have done the roll-bar cover as well :-)
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