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Monza (Stack) Elise S1? - Wiring Help (Grafting To Kit Car)

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Lello Ladies and gents,


I have a 'Stack' 'Monza' IP from either a S1 or S2 Elise and I would dearly like some help - Apologies for the following.. I would love to graft the beautiful Lotus IP into my kit car. [it is NOT my intention to offend anyone here]. :flush:


I have 2 areas to consider:


1. How can I get the indicator light on the IP to work? (feeds / Pins required?)

2. Which (Lotus) sensors will I need to get the correct readings for the Lotus IP to work? (Not including Engine management)


Lotus have basically said that they do not wish to help (and why should they) and Stack have referred me to Lotus.


Below are my findings so far - the IP looks just beautiful when powered up :clown: ... but alas, it is on my work-bench! :elvis: I have looked and looked over the internet and I just can't find the detail I am looking for.





Wire Col. Main/Stripe

Connection Details

12V Battery Feed


Purple No Stripe

Continous Battery Positive Feed Through Fuse (7.5A ?)



Black (Heavy Wire)

To Chassis or Battery Negative

12V Ignition Feed


Green No Stripe

Ignition Switch Positive Feed Fused

Tacho Input



5V Out, Switch to Chassis Through Diode, 2 pulses per Rev

Speedo Input


Yellow No Stripe

5V Out, Switch to Chassis Through Diode, 400 pulses per MPH

Temp Gauge



Resistance to Chassis, Short Cold, Open Hot

Fuel Gauge


Light Green/Black

Resistance to Chassis, Short Empty, 150R = 21Litres

Fuel Sender Voltage



Feed to top of Fuel Sender? Not Used

Main Beam Light



12V Input to Light LED

Battery Warning



To Chassis Through Switch for LED On

Brake Warning



To Chassis Through Switch for LED On

Oil Warning



To Chassis Through Switch for LED On

Engine Fault Light



To Chassis Through Switch for LED On

Panel Illumination



To Chassis Through Switch for LEDs Off

Tacho LED



12V Input to Light LED

Panel LED Adjust



To Chassis to Set Brightness, Also Resets Trip Counter

Rear Fog Light



To Chassis Through Switch for LED Off









I hope that the above does not cause offense to anyone - the findings above are my personal (Laymen-esque) thoughts.. please do not take them as gospel (and blow up your own IP's).


If someone has any suggestions (constructive please!) then they will be gratefully received. (yes, I will have an Elise one day.. but until then, the kit car is my little toy)


Thanks and regards,


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B4, seat belt switch and then to ground.

B8, Ground ( other side of rear fog LED inside stack )

B2, is labeled as new spare ?

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Hello Gents!,


Paul - Thank you! :flush:



Martin, thank you for the information. No, there is no label anywhere on/near B2; should there be?


The real 'sticking' point I have is that I can't work out how to get the indicator lights on the dash working. Any thoughts?


Thanks and regards,


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    • By IROC
      I have a challenge with the readout of the temperature and I could use some advice.


      Warm engine gives a readout of 87 C, lights on then 92 C, heater on then 98 C and then radio will then also start engine fan, as it get over 100 C in the display.


      Good ideas? Experience?





    • By Sanctum
      As a newbie to the MLOC forums, I will take the usual stance of asking a stupid/dificult/irritating question and expect everyone to instantly drop everything and help
      But seriously... Having just bought my first Lotus (a little S1 elise) I'm really looking forward to being a part of the Lotus community and meeting a few of you all at track days. But before I can do that I need to fix a couple of small problems on my new track mule.
      First up is the Stack. I'm assuming the sticky/sluggish speedo and rpm needles is fairly common. I'm putting it down to lack of use (27k miles in 15 years) and expect them to free up. More urgent is the lack of illumination. All the warning lights work, but there is no illumination when the side or main beam headlight button is engaged. On the plus side, the headlight buttons do light up correctly, so I would hope it's just a bulb gone in the stack itself.
      If anyone has a wiring diagram of the stack unit or has been round this loop before, a bit of learning prior to pulling the unit out would be most welcome.
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      The base Exige S1 has four separate relays in the engine bay rather than the MFRU box found in my S2. I purchased manuals for Elise S1 off eBay but non of the wiring diagrams have separate relays for start relays, fuel pump, main relay and O2 sensor (Possibly). Does anyone have wiring diagram / colour codes for elise with separate relays? I am usure why it has separate relays?
      I need to re-wire swirl pot and additional fuel pumps as they are poorly wired. Currenty they have a separate relay and wires energised from the ignition and are on constantly when you turn the ignition to position 2 (Prior to cranking engine)
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      2) Will it be possible to wire fuel pumps to just prime and presurise fuel rail or will they need to be running all time from position 2 of ignition? Currently the inertial switch & cobra immobliser are not in the circuit and ideally i want to get these wired in so in the event of a bump fuel is cut off.
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      Hi everyone,
      this is driving me mad over the last year. On my s1 elise I have a electrical problem....
      After I have turned off the engine and removed the keys the stack dash lights stay on, they also flash brigh/dim, the revs and speedometer also light up along with the the digital screen, the lights come on intermitenly and are causing the battery to go flat.... Other than that the car run's great and everything works as normal (including the Dash) when the car is started....
      This was original posted without any soluition:(
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      Jump leads and starter battery later and she's fired up and burbling away in the garage.
      I set off to find that the rev counter, speedo and LCD not working; the seatbelt light that usually goes off after a few seconds is lit constantly.
      Turn the ignition off; back on - all usual lights work but the speedo, rev counter and LCD are still non-functional and the seatbelt light remains lit again.
      I take it out and use my sat nav as a speedo whilst I get to my meeting; after the meeting all is the same.
      This happened once before and after a few minutes of the key being out my mileage switched to kilometres but everything else went back to normal working order it would seem.
      This time it's having none of anything.
      Is there any connections or fuse that could cause this or is it fucked?
      Got a tour of Lotus next month so will have to get it fixed or rely on OBDII port for functions until its sorted.
      Chap on SELOC had a similar issue and thought it was an earthing problem - anyone know what I should be looking at?