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  1. Listening to the new Autechre EP - tis rather good: https://t.co/lfkfieG7Gw #autechre #warp

  2. Looking forward to the final release of #angularJS v1.2 - absolutely loving this framework now. #html5

  3. Listening to the new album by Si Begg: http://t.co/BPo3iqPIjv

  4. So; in theory I should be rocking an @OmateTrueSmart next month and hopefully getting my upcoming software to run on it.

  5. font based on the style of lettering seen on cassandre posters designed by atipo. download it for free: http://t.co/0OSbcHDDHk

  6. Women: stop slamming the fucking car door!!

    1. Martin R

      Martin R

      Nooooooooooo, this drives me insane as well.

  7. the DustRoom

    the DustRoom

    Random pics by me
  8. Silencing Big Ben for the #thatcher funeral? Surely that's ripe for some serious sound system to be set up playing "Ding Dong" instead?

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