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  1. In the end it depends on your budget which one to go for test drive them all Silverstone lotus have a few . love my 2011 NA .
  2. Even worse it could be 4 to 6 weeks now . any help direct numbers to lotus .
  3. Trying to confirm with lotus is this correct that Autoglass have told me . will lotus give me a lotus for 4 weeks on loan only got a few lotus events to go to .
  4. Just a heads up 3 to 4 weeks on back order yes mine went Friday dame .
  5. Welcome to the Evora team
  6. To get a paint shop opinion go to option one as for Frank . He give you all the opinions how to fix the issue and the cost . Eddie
  7. What price have they got it up for .
  8. Silverstone lotus just have in a Cup Exige S2 in red .
  9. Hi Phil Went with Pirelli Tyres / Car / Pirelli PZero Corsa Asimmetrico 2 Pirelli P Zero - 275/30 R20 (97Y) XL (LS) TL From Camskill tyres .
  10. Tyres now fitted great service price I paid has changed so need to keep checking as prices to very it seems .
  11. Yes Quotes so far £360 £288 £255 for the same tyres. That's why I've ask this question. Need a tyre fitter that doesn't damage alloys . Welcome to Evora ownership.
  12. Evora tyres Is this a good deal https://www.camskill.co.uk/m63b1948s343p101534/Pirelli_Tyres_Car_Pirelli_PZero_Corsa_Asimmetrico_2_Pirelli_P_Zero_-_275_30_R20_(97Y)_XL_(LS)_TL_Fuel_Eff_:_F_Wet_Grip:_A_NoiseClass:_2_Noise:_73dB/RS_GB
  13. Stunning:)
  14. Any update
  15. As always check that all bells and whistles work . Eddie