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Who Is The Oldest Elise Driver In Mloc?


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Check out the Stats listing for the MLOC site Beefcake has put the oldest and youngest on there so easy to check out! ;)


(third button from the right top left of page)


Some other cool site info in there too! :clap:



Dave :drive:

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I'm the youngest Elise owner! And the second youngest MLOC'er


Foxy_chick is the youngest member on the list, but she doesn't count because she doesn't own a Lotus (she drives Scott_Mac's old 106) and she doesn't even live in the Midlands! ;)

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Actually Scott, your the 10th youngest member :D I'm the 3rd youngest, but Foxy its first, even though she's not a Midlander, and she doesn't drive a Lotus! :rolleyes:



Oldest Elise owner ? no one near as yet I was sprogged 12Aug 1937 works out to 72 !! go on beat that

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well daves 211s you can now relax in another 18 years (or when I am down the crem you could be the oldest driver in mloc ! think I can now pick up the gold watch ) ITS NOT THE DRIVING but getting in and out with the hood on that is a problem in 2028 you will know what I mean

still must make you feel there is still an Elise life left !

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Ok, here are the guilty who didnt own up :)


10 Oldest Members

Member Born

CELLAWAY November 8, 1950

daves2111s Febuary 13, 1951

topkat December 18, 1952

m.kettlewell May 30, 1954

Deano December 6, 1954

RichP January 9, 1955

avalon April 3, 1958

Simon V March 21, 1959

tdafforn December 15, 1960

Paul L September 7, 1961



Click here for the other stats ;)


Hey - you missed me - I was born in 52

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