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  1. scatty

    Caffeine and Machine

    Not with the amount of stickers he’s got on the car Jonny... he’s circa 1200kg now...
  2. scatty

    Back with a bang...

    Welcome back mate. i look forward to seeing it in 2020... 😉
  3. scatty

    Anyone live in Coventry?

    Good to catch up mate. Hope you made it in time for the concert!!!!’
  4. The Premiership beckons!!!! who’d have thought!!!!!! Statue of Wilder at the bottom of London road!!!
  5. scatty

    RR to rent in the East mids?

    They still operate as acoobyworld. But I’m pretty sure they don’t have the rolling road set up anymore. Phone scoobyworld... also try Area52, they are in Sutton in Ashfield. Another scooby specialist, but they deffo do still have theirs. Worth a call anyway.
  6. I can’t believe I was in some skanky premier inn with no football on... 😕
  7. scatty

    S2 Exige vs Elise 111S

    Looks wise, I reckon the exige wins. 😀
  8. scatty

    Best aftermarket steering rack

    You can’t beat a good rack Dean...🤯
  9. scatty

    Replacement Side Intake Scoops

    I had some Elise parts ones on my previous exige, and was happy with them.. I even fitted them myself, so they can’t be difficult to do, as I’m totally useless at everything and anything.
  10. scatty


    Weirdly I paid PWPro a visit last week. He will wonder whats going on. I think they are one of the best at what they do tbh. Worth popping down for a chat. I wanted all mine doing.. 😂 so weighing up if a spray would be better than a wrap. they do loads of top end motors as you probably know, I just wasn’t sure if he had done many lotus. His only issue was if there were lots of stone chips, ie front clam, which he suggested sanding down to make flat to get the best finish when wrapping if that makes sense.
  11. Ten years I’ve known Gav and never had a drink. He’s bought me an ice cream but that’s another story.. jeff rocks up and gavs only gone and bought 2 cups and some coffee etc... unbelievable!!!! Even Fish popped up. As if my day couldn’t get any better!!!! You struggle to find a better chap than our gav!!! Top bloke.
  12. Immaculate, I was admiring the paint work.
  13. He would t even let me measure your steering wheel Jonny 😂 In fact it was basically a no go area...
  14. scatty

    Steering wheel favour....

    Asking for a favour if anyone can help me out. im wanting to borrow a 300mm or 285 steering wheel next Sunday 10th... must be able to fit onto a momo boss..... im located in Nottingham, or dropped off at gavs would also do if anyone is leaving their car there at the weekend. thanks in advance.... 🙂
  15. scatty

    Steering wheel favour....

    Thanks mate 👍
  16. scatty

    Steering wheel favour....

    Oh god.... 😂 hopefully I won’t need too. But the person in question will know... just holding it up against will probably be sufficient....
  17. scatty

    Steering wheel favour....

    That’s brilliant Thankyou so much... the aim is to pick it up Sunday and drop it off on my way back....
  18. scatty

    Steering wheel favour....

    Ha ha ha perfect... this is why I’m not allowed into the technical section... 😓
  19. scatty

    Steering wheel favour....

    Thanks Leigh, needs to be Sunday.... its the wrong fitment Drage, I think it should be 6 hole fitment if that makes sense 🙂
  20. scatty

    Steering wheel favour....

    Ahhhh thanks for checking. I’m told that won’t fit. Obviously I have no idea... i think gav might be able to help... I appreciate you looking for me.. Thankyou....
  21. theres no need to brag Kurt. 🙂
  22. scatty

    2019 Exige Purchase

    Jeffs club racer for me, looks amazing in sig orange. Be cheaper and easier to sell on than a yellow un as well. you might see it soon, it’s got to come out of its bubble for an mot.
  23. scatty

    2019 Exige Purchase

    Fantastic car this.
  24. scatty

    MLOC Evoras

    P4n fake taxi edition. Still makes me chuckle...
  25. scatty

    Musing on a change to suit my age group..

    I’m not really an Aston fan. I like the r8 though. have you thought of an Evora or did you just want a complete change.

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