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  1. My series 2 R, sent the ECU to B&C and they sent it of to lotus. Made the car so much more drivable and less frantic. Think it changed at about 5.5k.
  2. When can I see a production car because; The colours on the configurator bare little resemblance to reality, with the exception of the obvious yellow and dark grey. Want to see the correct ride height of the vehicle. The display vehicle is full of batteries and sits very low. Want to see and test the correct seat hight on the vehicle. Want to see the interior of a production vehicle, fit and finish and most importantly the real colours of the leather. Basically they are asking me to part with nearly 80k in the hope that with luck, the car when delivered, bares some sor
  3. Having put an early deposit down on an Emira V6, I have been invited to the road show at Rybrook this coming Monday. Looking forward to asking a few, possibly awkward questions, to which I hope I get honest answers. Looking forward to getting back into an iconic British brand🤞. Will give some feed back after 😃
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