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  1. Saw this at the Chateau Impney Hill Climb - V24 Bentley Packard called Mavis, 42litre engine. It has a HP gauge - I want one, especially one that has "emergency" power at 1400-1700 HP
  2. The BBMF Lancaster did a fly past and a few circuits at the Chateau Impney Hill Climb on Sunday, hairs on back-of-neck-standing time again.
  3. I understand what I am looking at now ! the wing root fairings had been removed - thanks for that. Never worry about being an "anorak". Just have a look round this forum, there is loads of fascinating and detail discussions about all aspects of engineering. People who really understand things are always worth listening to, and just how good is it to understand Spitfires ! I am sure we could spend many happy hours poring over a set of 1940s drawings and the hardware - I might even be able to understand the technology.
  4. I bow to your expert knowledge. The hinges I was referring to are ringed below. I looks as though the wings are not attached to the fuselage. I don't really understand what I am looking at in that area, is there a fairing missing ?
  5. Mk 5b ??
  6. Any one else go to the Cosford Airshow ? Didn't spot any Lotus in the car park. For the aviation enthusiast among us - you can see some of my pictures on Flickr here https://www.flickr.com/photos/rocketian/albums/with/72157682091870973. here is one to whet your appetite
  7. "A few dodgy diesel" 11 million vehicles were affected !! and it is not the fuel figures it is the emmissions How can you ever trust such a cynical company? They built software into the vehicles that detect when it is being tested and change the engine mode. What else in your "brilliant" car has been manipulated, or fiddled? As someone once said "i bought a VW and I am fuming"
  8. I have been thinking VW too - but the apalling way they fiddled the emmission figures has destroyed any confidence I may have had - not only in the product but also in the corporate mentality, that and the refusal to compensate European owners means they are very much on my blacklist - VW motto seems to be "screw the environment, then screw customers"
  9. Why are you holding your willy in the second picture?
  10. I agree with a7esk, speak to Frank at Option 1 (Bromsgrove). He will re paint the panels for you and give you a guarantee for as long as you own the car - I think he quoted me £600 a door a few tears back. bit of a Freudian slip there. I should have said "...a few years back." - but "tears" is quite appropriate too.
  11. Try Paul Matty Sports Cars - I believe the Sales Manager John Crook races a Mk 1 Lotus Cortina
  12. mmm Subura agent, rubbishing Land Rovers, ulterior motive do you think ?? Also that Disco has 138,000 miles on the clock, so cant be that bad
  13. Every now and then the instrument cluster shuts down on my 2006 111R. Speedo and tacho go to zero. Temp disappears and fuel goes to zero. Usually it comes back after a few minutes, next day it is always working. If I "tap" the binnacle with my fist it works for a few seconds, so looks like a bad contact somewhere. Anyone got any thoughts????
  14. Nice motor - shame about the driver !