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  1. rocketian

    The Italian Job - in lego

    Nothing to do with Lotus. But any fans of "The Italian Job" will love this, I think it is brilliant, just about every major scene captured in 4 minutes and in Lego. https://brickset.com/article/17341/the-italian-job
  2. rocketian

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Sure it is not the garage roof that is leaking ???
  3. rocketian

    Short term insurance

    Just to close this off - I contacted Direct Line who insure of my other car (Renault Zoe), and they extended my policy to cover the car I was selling for a month with no charge. So happy as Larry. Companies specialising in very short term insurance were quoting £17 - £22 a day
  4. rocketian

    Advice on what seals & where...

    I don't know if this helps - but here is a picture I took of a seal on Saturday
  5. rocketian

    Short term insurance

    I recently bought a new (non Lotus) car and want to sell the old one - but there isn't any insurance on it now, so I can't take people on test drives etc. Anyone know how I can get some cheap short term insurance ?
  6. rocketian

    Insurance Write off

    If his load was too heavy and it invalidates his insurance - you won't be able to claim from his insurance company, they will just walk away. Your only option then is to sue him privately, unless your own insurance includes cover for damage from uninsured drivers. There is also a fund for claims against uninsured drivers through The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) - not Men in Black ! We all pay into this fund with a ~£30 a year levy on our insurance policies, so you and me pay for the "useless individuals" who drive without insurance. I think the excess is quite high for MIB claims £500+ ?? You will find details here https://www.mib.org.uk/ If your insurance company say he is not responding to them (as happened to me) call him direct and you may find they haven't bothered to chase him - find out who is handling his claim (the company and if poss the individual) and pass the details to your insurer Good luck
  7. rocketian

    34883 98 7555 MG 1652

    Nice motor - shame about the driver !

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