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  1. I travelled 50,000 miles in a Land Rover S2a, back in the 70s - the last of the proper Land Rovers. Go for it
  2. Check the connections on the starter motor - if the solenoid activation wire (thin one) is loose it will give the symptoms you describe
  3. Thought I might buy an Evija - then thought, perhaps not, because after I had sold my house and everything I posses to fund it - there would be nowhere to plug it in. But then I started thinking.....2000hp that is 1500kW (near as dam it) and it has a 70kW/hr battery, so if I am using all the 2000hp I will use the battery up in 70/1500 hours, that is 0.047 hours or 2 mins and 48s. I do realise that driving it at full throttle for a couple of minutes would require a very long road like the land speed record track in at Hakskeen Pan in South Africa. But seriously is a 2000hp car with a 70kW battery really viable??
  4. Sure it is not the garage roof that is leaking ???
  5. rocketian

    34883 98 7555 MG 1652

    Nice motor - shame about the driver !
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