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Midlands Lotus Owners Club (MLOC)

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  1. Why are you holding your willy in the second picture?
  2. I agree with a7esk, speak to Frank at Option 1 (Bromsgrove). He will re paint the panels for you and give you a guarantee for as long as you own the car - I think he quoted me £600 a door a few tears back. bit of a Freudian slip there. I should have said "...a few years back." - but "tears" is quite appropriate too.
  3. Try Paul Matty Sports Cars - I believe the Sales Manager John Crook races a Mk 1 Lotus Cortina
  4. mmm Subura agent, rubbishing Land Rovers, ulterior motive do you think ?? Also that Disco has 138,000 miles on the clock, so cant be that bad
  5. It is not quite as stupid a name as it sounds - ZE for Zero Emissions. I have just ordered one too, pick it up on Sunday. Zoe Dynamique Nav Charging point is still fitted free It is a 2 year PCP deal, 7500 miles a year, £1000 down and £77 a month for the car and £80 for the battery - so total £157 a month. zero road tax, insurance ~£150, and leccie is about 2p a mile (less if you have economy7) Sadly, the Elise has gone - now I am officially "between Lotus'"
  6. Mine lived outside in the elements for 7 years, without problems - apart from a bit of green on the roof fabric. Don't bother to cover it up it will be fine.
  7. Eliseparts will do you a full set of AD07s for £327 (plus VAT). LTS marked too. https://www.eliseparts.com/products/show/78/480/full-set-of-4-yokohama-ad07-tyres/
  8. Another vote for Option 1, at Bromsgrove
  9. "30s up the road" .... that's about 5 miles away then
  10. Every now and then the instrument cluster shuts down on my 2006 111R. Speedo and tacho go to zero. Temp disappears and fuel goes to zero. Usually it comes back after a few minutes, next day it is always working. If I "tap" the binnacle with my fist it works for a few seconds, so looks like a bad contact somewhere. Anyone got any thoughts????
  11. Morgan 3 wheeler at No 9. I wonder what the criteria were. and how many people who voted had ever driven any of the cars....
  12. Thanks for the offers and advice guys. I did contact Dan, but he was busy for the next few weeks. So the car is over at PMSC now. Just thinking £400 for a replacement fuel pump seems an awful lot - does that seem right??
  13. Thanks for that. I did ask them and they put me in touch with the guy that does their "fetching and carrying". He charged me just a little more than hiring a trailer fo rthe day. Bad news is that the fuel pump has failed - £400+ for a new one + about 10 hours work
  14. Anyone got a car trailer in the Droitwich, Bromsgrove, Worcester area I can borrow/hire for half a day ? I need to get my Elise over to Paul Matty's