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    golf and cars and the good lady wife. probably in that order as well....

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  1. scatty

    PPF Installer

    What cost are we talking about...im considering it.
  2. You’ve not dumped gav have you Dave...😪 im still carless but had to pop down to see him to sort out his personal life.. 😄
  3. Welcome. im often up Worksop way, my folks live in Whitwell... if you get a flash from a vw up or an s1 Honda elige then it’s me... 😁
  4. I’m sure there’s a place in Chesterfield.. luke Hammil took his there, might be worth dropping him a message unless he sees this...
  5. Ha ha ha, probably Dave 😂 although I intend to get out a bit more once I find out where it currently is...🤣
  6. I fear it’s turned into a garage queen already... the proof in the pudding will be if it’s seen out and about from now until March..... gav said you’d been bending his ear for advice.. that bloke is worth his weight in gold... you gotta love a yellow s1 Elise. Always reminds me of Des... I wonder what happened to him...top chap.
  7. scatty

    My Little Girl.

    Sending love Kurt. Xx Thinking of you all... I know first hand how good they are at qmc. Mrs scatty has been in for the past two weeks (for another day)...Those nurses work tirelessly in their 12 hour shifts...
  8. Unbelievable. Must admit it I didn’t miss a ball all day Sunday. Mrs scatty, said turn this rubbish off, Itl never be as exciting as the World Cup super over... i think she’s just about finished eating her words....
  9. scatty

    Exige S2

    That’s a shame Dean. He was a good addition to the Lotus fold...
  10. scatty

    Exige S2

    A great idea. I’d only want feeding coffee... ahhhhhhhh !!! and a sit in a few cars. I’m a simple soul me. hes got posh cups. But even you wouldn’t know about them Drage. He won them at squash tournament apparently ... who knows.
  11. scatty

    Exige S2

    We should have known Rozzer!!! Only car not been down to gavs.... although you know the rules!!!! Drage’s being the possible exception. 😉 ****scattys theory on red cars
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