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  1. I’m 6ft 4 with giraffe like legs.. removable wheel with 20mm spacer should be fine for you... A helmet on the other hand, I’m with all the other lanky streaks of piss.. I can fit with one. But it kind of hits the roof.. I tried an open face one but no joy...
  2. Roll on the Milf evenings... looks amazing mate...
  3. He’s cleaned it and everything for it’s grand entrance....😎
  4. Dont be shy then, let’s see a picture...😇
  5. I’ve got an indoor cover but have been scared to put it in for this very reason...
  6. Thanks Phil, it’s really nice to have her back.. not sure on the boards, they were on when I got it... maybe luke, Alan or Matt may know... it’s the mloc slag this car, we’ve all had a go with her....
  7. Mines been driven back from its respray in Lancashire and to gav for a service... might use it this year now I have it back...
  8. Ha ha ha... i jumped ship from smiths (but they were classed as essential) and now at Xpo Logistics nr the airport... still bloody essential... I think buying a lotus is classed as good for mental health.. as it’s now snowing, I’m out. I can’t drive when it’s dry...
  9. I’m a key worker Dave...😀 I need a car...🤫
  10. I don’t think Covid would stop me going to view a car... mask and gloves and off we go... you snooze you lose Ray... hurry up and get dressed!!!!! a marmite colour for me, but that dash... 🙂
  11. Welcome... I always wanted a Lotus after a few hot laps at rockingham years back... a quick once over wouldnt hurt at all... I’d recommend young Gav, top bloke and will look after you without costing the earth... his eye for detail is beyond...
  12. What you really need is an s2...😀
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