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    golf and cars and the good lady wife. probably in that order as well....

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  1. scatty

    2019 Exige Purchase

    Jeffs club racer for me, looks amazing in sig orange. Be cheaper and easier to sell on than a yellow un as well. you might see it soon, it’s got to come out of its bubble for an mot.
  2. scatty

    2019 Exige Purchase

    Fantastic car this.
  3. scatty

    MLOC Evoras

    P4n fake taxi edition. Still makes me chuckle...
  4. scatty

    Musing on a change to suit my age group..

    I’m not really an Aston fan. I like the r8 though. have you thought of an Evora or did you just want a complete change.
  5. scatty

    Another New Lotus

    That looks lovely.. fab colour.
  6. scatty

    Anyone seen Fish

    He might have run off with P4n, he doesn’t want to be seen with us horrible lot anymore either.
  7. scatty

    New car at last S190 Pics updated

    1 more sleep 😴
  8. scatty

    New car at last S190 Pics updated

    Great news mate !!!!! Be good to see a car back in your garage, and not of the saloon variety..
  9. scatty

    Unit 4 Lotus Speacialist

    Only a ten minute walk eh Colin
  10. scatty

    Unit 4 Lotus Speacialist

    100 % Gav is the man. His attention to detail is second to none. I wouldn’t use anyone else.
  11. scatty

    leaving lotus ..... for a while

    Life’s too short not to try different cars that you like. i wanted to try an Evo and then returned to the fold. Then wanted to try a Caterham which I now have. jeffs your man to chat too about saloons, he can’t get enough of them :-) (in joke)
  12. scatty

    Workshop recommendations required...

    What now Colin????? The mx5 will soon be replaced at this rate. I think you should put a duratec in it. ;-)
  13. scatty

    Workshop recommendations required...

    Such a shame he doesn’t offer the taxi service to the station, its only a ten ten minute walk though eh Colin...
  14. scatty

    Workshop recommendations required...

    Gavs your man.
  15. scatty

    Onlins set up exige

    Ive got spare Allen key and a 9mm socket. Talk about your lucky day Rich, il be round in an hour. im sure my gurus, luke, Rozzer and Alex will be able to help.

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