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  1. MLOC mourns

    We need an update.
  2. I can’t shake this caterham itch Kurt. So I think it will be that, have some fun and then go v6. Or just go straight to a v6. But I think I’d think what if... As you know, life’s too short and all that not to try these things.. Anyroads, I’ve not seen any clues Mark..
  3. Mine should be be up for sale again after Xmas if the secret car falls through.
  4. I hate these posts... Give us a bloody clue.. There's only Rozzer after a car, so as long as he doesn't find out, mums the word...
  5. MLOC mourns

    May it rest in peace. It was a pleasure to have known it. Knowing you, you will be waiting for the Brocklehurst sale...
  6. Evora clutch change 'round these parts

    Give Gav at Unit 4 a buzz. i know P4n (Paul) was having issues and went down. I can't think you would get it done anywhere cheaper and with gavs attention to detail.
  7. 3D74629E-301B-4604-ADFE-72A793FB5E28.jpeg

    That’s s great picture...
  8. Scatty

  9. Lotus Number 4...

    Wow, never thought I'd see the day.. looking forward ard to a nosy around and a pax... Congrats Dave, looks great....
  10. Newbie checking in.

    Welcome Matt....
  11. Your best MLOC memory so far

    Loads of brilliant memories. tbh I like the fact we can just rock up at Donington, a meet, well anywhere and all have a common interest. Loads of banter and everyone, young and old, just get on fabulously.... the old school Sunday blats are probably a firm favourite followed by breakfast. I still remember my very first one. I've not been able to get rid of Laura since....
  12. New car content...... Nlc, well kind of.

    Dear god, Rozzer took me out for a blast today. Ive never experienced anything like it...I thought it would be quick, but not like that... It's bloody savage fast.... Utterly gobsmacking... i understand where Rozzer is coming from, it smells like the smell you get walking around the pits on race day.... Fabulous.... My caterham thoughts haven't gone away. Didn't help that Tony S took me around Donington in his 420r. I was blown away by the late braking and front end grip... the dark side is calling again.... :-)
  13. New car content...... Nlc, well kind of.

    God I love this car. Saw it in the flesh today and it's an absolute beaut.... ive been having these thoughts too. Sadly I can only properly fit in an Sv version, the pedals were a bit too close on Kieran's and the knees just not properly comfortable..Sv is perfect for me. Well done Rozzer, nothing like getting into a Caterham at the entry level.... Ha ha ha...
  14. Number 5

    I'm suprised Luke hasn't commented.... best looking exige in my biased opinion..... Ha ha ha, fab colour....