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  1. Green Elan for sale.

    Ha ha, I always have a good nosey around it, I think it looks great. I can never get over how tiny it is. Gav won’t let me touch it, or even breath on it. He says it getting cult status. Well, I think he said cult??? Don’t worry, I haven’t stuffed any notes in secret places.
  2. Green Elan for sale.

    It does look lovely.
  3. Green Elan for sale.

    In the corner at Gavs, where cars go to die. ;-)
  4. Selling up

    Terrible idea Chris. Put a cover over it and just pretend it’s not there. Hang your bike up on the wall. job done !!!!!!
  5. Which aftermarket steering wheel?

    I had the 300mm momo on my previous, same as the others just slightly bigger. But much smaller than standard. I got the Elise parts removable boss as well. I didn’t find it particularly easy to fit and line up. The b and g one looks loads better. Worth trying both wheels as the 280 felt too small for me and slightly obscured the dials, but I am giraffe like. Deffo the best looking wheel though imo.
  6. FLEM Meetings... gauging interest

    Tuesdays is generally better for me.
  7. Garage to Service 111R

    I think I’ve seen both your motors down there foxy. I had a good nosy around your vx, very nice. the mot place is around the corner. Colin, your Elan is now the new mx5. I have it on good authority the mx was going for an mot this week. So maybe gone soon (yeah right).
  8. Garage to Service 111R

    Must admit, never heard of them. It’s a bit further, but I’d be driving down the a38 to see Gav at Unit4 in Burton. freezing cold workshop, no tea or coffee. Lotus Elan and mx5 in both corners (evening Colin). But he is top notch is our Gav.
  9. Newbie considering a track orientated Elise

    Don’t do it !!! He nearly killed me last time I had a pax at Cadwell. and now he’s got more power...
  10. Driving experience ideas please.

    Drift day at Donington in the caterhams. We had a good day doing it.
  11. I think mines in the garage. I best check ive not seen it since Gav swapped the gear cables and put some fresh gear box oil in it. Felt like a new car afterwards. as soon as it's a nice ish day I might go for a drive. Quiet Alex...
  12. Newbie considering a track orientated Elise

    I'm 6ft 4 and fit ok. well, I fold myself in and out.
  13. MLOC mourns

    Ha ha ha...
  14. MLOC mourns

    We need an update.
  15. I can’t shake this caterham itch Kurt. So I think it will be that, have some fun and then go v6. Or just go straight to a v6. But I think I’d think what if... As you know, life’s too short and all that not to try these things.. Anyroads, I’ve not seen any clues Mark..

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