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    golf and cars and the good lady wife. probably in that order as well....

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    Exige S
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    Being tinkered with...

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  • Jono

  1. I'm suprised Luke hasn't commented.... best looking exige in my biased opinion..... Ha ha ha, fab colour....
  2. Awwwww lovely to see you yesterday with the clan Murray.....
  3. Bloody hell..... Ha ha ha ha....... talk about not doing things by half...l
  4. Red for me....
  5. Itl take ages to warm up down at gavs..... ;-) Evening Gav.....xx
  6. There's only one Unit 4 in my world.... ;-) But I wish them luck... Gavs pricing and knowledge will take some beating. He's even started to make his favourite customers drinks and sandwiches... ;-) #allegedly
  7. I can't wait to see you driving a beeeeeeemer...... ;-) Let's see a picture before you start the polishing.... I'm gob smacked Rozzer hasn't been all over this thread...
  8. Gav

    You'll be telling us he had the heating on next....
  9. Ha ha ha, that's a great idea, sadly mines been binned... I think the s3 is less hardcore, to the s1 and s2 ..They will be putting in Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen tartan styled interiors next... Oh, hang on.....
  10. It's only hardcore when you are reversing...because you can't see a bloody thing... It's a proper car though... Hardcore clearly refers to its fit as f*ck looks...
  11. Hi Murray, How's things up north......
  12. Ha ha ha, I was just about to write, I'm sure you could pull the seat forward fish... Beat me to the put down.... :-)
  13. Welcome back. Fab car. I too have seen that car in our secret Facebook chat room.... It looked a beaut... :-)
  14. Ha ha ha ha...... :-) Made me chuckle Leigh......get your coat immediately....
  15. Looks great Phil, I love the colour.....hope it's a good un.....