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Who Is The Oldest Elise Driver In Mloc?


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Well I will kick off with an admission that I was a 1951 baby.

My god that was a hell of a long time ago! :D


No TV no PS2 no computers no internet :)


I hope someone out there can beat that.......please :(




Veteran old timer Dave :D

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Well Matty,


If it's anything to go by when I was your age I had an Elan S4SE :clap:


So maybe Lotus will still be around when you're at my ripe young age :(


They might have made one or two of those illusive models they keep just talking about :D and I'll be in my zimmer frame watching you zip by :D




Oh! come there must be someone older than me out there.

I am beginning to get a bit of a complex now:blink:


Dave :)

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Simon, I'm gutted you were my only hope! :(


So time to set a new poll.

Something I can't win :clap:



Thanks for all your support folks.

Oh and by the way Scott I thought Jean was yours! (Just your type!! B) )




Mid last century Dave ;)

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Just spotted this thread. I was keeping quiet about my age, but I'm glad to say I was a 1955 baby. So glad there are some others out there who like the rush of wind on their bald spot! :D


I've always loved odd British sports cars having started with a couple of Marcos's and then a TVR or two, before being lured away by a long line of company cars. Luckily the tax got so bad I took the money earlier this year and bought the Liz. Hurrah for company car tax B) What am I saying!??!!

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Hi Rich,


So how did you know I had a bald spot?


OK bald area :blush:



You have given me hope may be there is someone older on MLOC but they are just not admitting it!


When you get to our age you really know how to appreciate a good car.

Not like some of these young whipper snappers just playing to catch the girls! :)

(Or may be to replace them ) :D


Thinking about it I suppose I did the same back in 70's with my first Elan. B)



Dave :drive:

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Hi Dave,


Lucky guess about the bald spot....I reckon anyone who's owned a long line of British sports cars is going to be either bald or grey!! :(


I was going to post in the 'Low Sun' debate about wearing a flat cap for driving. Thought better of it, but may post a picture...hmmmm.


Cheers, Rich

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Thanks Beefcake!


You've made my Christmas! :clap:


I'm not the oldest MLOC member!! :angry:


Bit of a downer is that I appear to be the oldest Elise driver :angry:


No "Cellaway" resignations not accepted :angry:




Merry Christmas ;)



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Dave - it seems that you're also the oldest S2 owner, the oldest 111s owner, the oldest red S2 owner, and so on. Perhaps I should stop there. :P Actually there's a bloke who I see driving around in a dark blue S2 sometimes near Malvern who I reckon looks older. Doesn't seem to be a member here though.

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