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  1. Can anyone recommend a bodyshop near Wolvo/Cannock? Dan@HPE has recommended Andy Meacham to me, so I need to see him (but with the M5/M6 constantly clogged, it's not a quick journey) and there's also Option1 nearby too. I wondered if there was anyone else closer to me who people are happy to recommend?
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    Swapped my alloys, so my old Black S2 6-spokes are up for sale. 4 alloys, with AD07 tyres and including centre caps, but with the following caveats: - Front tyres have decent tread, but are 9 years old - Rear tyres are *just* about legal. - The laquer is peeling on the alloys, I've tried to photo the worst of it. - The front passenger side is very, very slightly buckled from a pothole. I couldn't get it to come out on the pictures though - it's just 'flattened' the edge a bit. £200, collection ideally as shipping is a pain.


  3. Sounds like I'm on the right track then in the move. Anyone want to buy an S2 135? I'm not a fan of green cars, unfortunately Although I would prefer a more lairy colour rather than black/silver (no offence to current owners, obviously!) My one and only concern is the whole clutch issue - there are a fair few for sale around the 30-40k mileage range still on the original clutch (or at least, no mention of the change) which would be a slight concern, but I'll worry about that once I'm in a position to start making offers ;)
  4. Owned my Elise for a year now, but finding I don't use it much. Most of my driving is Motorway/A-road, and I'm usually carrying a passenger - I love the Elise when I get the opportunity, but when the missus moans as it's too raw, or your mates make sure you're picking them up in the VW because they don't want to 'post themselves in it', or I'm visiting the parents which is a 45min motorway journey.....I find I'm leaving the Elise at home alot. So I'm hoping the Evora can find the balance. Bigger engine, longer geared, more usable but still as enjoyable when needed. The fact I can squeeze a small mate in the back for short journeys is even more of a bonus. Anyone done it, any downsides, any regrets? Budget is about £30k, so it'll be early, non-S models.
  5. Just to weigh in, I was concerned about spherical bearings too - rumours of harshness, etc - however I've no regrets either. FWIW, have a chat with Dan@HPE - I was going to do it myself, but by the time I bought/borrowed tools, for what he charged I (personally) didn't think it was worth me DIY'ing it. Also, bear in mind budget creep, regardless of whether you DIY or not; there's alot more "while you're there" or "no point putting the old ones back", which for me included, but wasn't limited to: - Wheel bearings - Braided brake hoses - Toe links (I went with Spitfire) I also wish I'd have painted my calipers (or should I say, asked Dan to) because it makes the lovely, colourful and clean wheel arches look untidy
  6. Can anyone recommend an ELM327/OBDII connector that works with a 2001 Elise? I've got one of the blue ones like so: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575033836&toolid=10001&campid=5337202664&customid=&icep_item=152274230867&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229508&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg Works on my 2005 VW, and my mates 2008 Astra, but not on the Elise - just says it can't connect to the ECU. Before I go buying ones at random and wasting £10/15, has anyone got one that works so I can buy the same? Ta
  7. Hm...never thought about trying to re-cover the steering wheel myself. I found a price of £45 to do the centre of the wheel, didn't seem too bad - but you only need a bit of fabric if doing it yourself, and it only seems to be available in big rolls which come close to the cost of getting someone else to do it for you! The centre tunnel I'm not sure about. As you say, difficult bit is removal and refitting!!
  8. I have blue seats...and blue door cards, but my steering wheel centre is grey (and a little scruffy). Any suggestions on the best place for a refurb? Also, on a similar note, what are people doing about the centre console around the handbrake? Again, looking a little tired. I'm not sure whether to wrap it, paint it or replace it?
  9. I had the same conundrum, but it was Bilstein vs NSS2 for me - cost was a factor, I couldn't justify the NT40's or Quantums for what I use it for. I went with the NSS2 - I got them for £680 delivered, the Bilsteins would have been £850. I also wanted some height adjustment, which the Bilstein can't do. I'd hard to give a fair comparison, as I had a 65k car which then had a full suspension refresh and NSS fitted at the same time, so obviously it was going to be a massive improvement regardless. What I will say is, I don't find the suspension harsh at all. It's firm, obviously, but only as much as you'd expect for this type of car. I'd love to try the same setup with fresh Bilsteins, but for me, the NSS2 is a good compromise. And it looks awesome sitting lower
  10. Where about is the water getting in? And are we talking a few drips, or actual big pools of water?
  11. On a similar topic, and I know it's old, but this has always been one of my favourites: No idea why the BBC have never repeated it.
  12. It's not only that, but those that are sold are frequently shipped overseas due to the stronger euro - mine went to France a few years back (for £20k!) and I'm sure others have too. Don't forget to (try) and join Exiges.com if you haven't, worth keeping an eye on that too....but judging by the amount of "Wanted: S1 Exige" adverts, you're in for some competition!
  13. True! If I did, I'd probably buy a cheaper Elise-conversion. Preferably with a Honda....
  14. They're cheaper from Pneus, who I bought mine from: https://www.tyres-pneus-online.co.uk/car-tyres/yokohama/advan-neova-ad07/ These were stamped LTS2, dated 2015.
  15. I'm gonna play devil's advocate here - have you driven one Kevin? Also, are you buying it to use (trackdays?) or more for collection? I'll tell you why: I'm on my 3rd Lotus, and for me, my Exige was the least enjoyable of them all. They look the f***ing nuts, probably the best looking car I've ever owned, but I can't say I enjoyed it as much as my other two, they're just too compromised in my opinion. You've also now got the factor that the prices are rocketing, so you're paying a massive premium. If you're buying one to drive, I really wouldn't rule out non-original ones, or converted ones. £30k+ buys you alot of Elise/Exige these days...... I suppose it's easy for me to say - like you I "had" to have a proper one, but back then they were £20k and not £30k+ in this current crazy car climate. Either way, I'm just offering my 2p on the matter, YMMV, etc. Oddly enough, whenever I see one, I have the urge to buy another, despite my unsuccessful ownership