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  1. I took both seats out and left them with him, dropped them Thursday, collected following Wednesday. Cost was £200, this included repairing the stitching that had come apart, recolouring the bolsters where it was worn due to getting in and out, plus a steam clean, feed and treatment on both, which I thought was reasonable. Was very honest and clear about what was being done. He's very responsive to emails if you want to drop an enquiry over.
  2. Just an update - had my seats back today, Lee's done a great job of a difficult repair, also recoloured the seat bolsters, cleaned and treated all over so the seats almost like new, never guess they were 10 years old with 50k of use! Happy to recommend Lee at LN Trim if anyone is near Cannock/Staffs: http://www.lntrim.com/
  3. I'm off to see a fellow called Lee at LN Trim near Penkridge tomorrow, should be an easy fix.
  4. Allon Whites are a bit of a trek for me at 2+ hours...!
  5. Can anyone recommend a good leather repair specialist, preferably near Wolverhampton (but happy to travel). Just a minor repair on the bolster of the passenger seat, should be an easy job - but would prefer a recommendation!
  6. At standard height you'll be fine. Both of my previous lowered Elise's coped OK as well, as long as you straddle or angle it. Regardless, you need to take them slowly, which can result in slow progress along heavily bumped roads....and tailgating SUV's 🙄
  7. Interesting write up - I've not driven any of the modern Elise's, but the Cup220/250 is definitely on my radar, but they're just so damn expensive! If trackdays aren't really on the menu, have you considered either the Exige V6 or Evora?
  8. I use both Martin@Top Gear and Dan@HPE - both will do a great job. If you get bored Dan will even throw a Honda in the back too 🤣
  9. Well remembered! Many (many) years ago I owned a black S160. Crazy to think I sold it in 2005 for £13,500 and 14 years on they're worth significantly more! I'm over in Wolverhampton, so currently use Top Gear Automotive as they're right on my doorstep. Dan@HPE is worth a visit too, especially if you're looking at tinkering.
  10. Hi Johnny - everyone always comes back in the end Just to add my 2p - personally I'd not have another manual V6 Evora (or Exige, as it's the same setup). I don't rate the manual box at all, and the transmission noise isn't acceptable IMO for a car of this cost or caliber. My next Lotus will see me back in an Elise, although I'd still consider an IPS Roadster as a possibility. Try one for yourself, but if you read about it on SELOC I'm not alone in that one. The manual Evora 400 and later Exige 350's have improved the mechanism, but the transmission noise remains.
  11. MattyB

    Last drive.....

    With the Exige clam, lowered height and OZ wheels it looks awesome. Hell of a car to let go. To a fellow SELOC member I assume?
  12. It won't be your first or your last....budget accordingly
  13. MattyB

    MLOC Evoras

    Well I picked mine up on Friday, 5 hours back from Edinburgh handled with aplomb. Stereo is pants, doors are massive, but otherwise it's great. Just need to get the SR scheme and it'll be all set...early XMas present for me
  14. Welcome! Daily drive an Elise in the winter? Brave TBH it'll be fine, they're just not the nicest in cold, rainy days - that being said, there's something massively enjoyable about getting the roof off of those crisp, cold mornings with the sun out, wrapping up warm and sticking the heater on full. Good for the soul.
  15. MattyB

    MLOC Evoras

    Well over a month later and still not collected there was an issue with the AC compressor, so Craig at CMC (who's been excellent) agreed to swap it over - but unfortunately there appears to be a manufacturing issue, and they're not prepared to ship out a new one until they know the issue is resolved. Craig has no ETA, so right now I'm just hopeful I get it before XMas at this rate!
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