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  1. Can anyone recommend an ELM327/OBDII connector that works with a 2001 Elise? I've got one of the blue ones like so: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575033836&toolid=10001&campid=5337202664&customid=&icep_item=152274230867&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229508&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg Works on my 2005 VW, and my mates 2008 Astra, but not on the Elise - just says it can't connect to the ECU. Before I go buying ones at random and wasting £10/15, has anyone got one that works so I can buy the same? Ta
  2. Hm...never thought about trying to re-cover the steering wheel myself. I found a price of £45 to do the centre of the wheel, didn't seem too bad - but you only need a bit of fabric if doing it yourself, and it only seems to be available in big rolls which come close to the cost of getting someone else to do it for you! The centre tunnel I'm not sure about. As you say, difficult bit is removal and refitting!!
  3. I have blue seats...and blue door cards, but my steering wheel centre is grey (and a little scruffy). Any suggestions on the best place for a refurb? Also, on a similar note, what are people doing about the centre console around the handbrake? Again, looking a little tired. I'm not sure whether to wrap it, paint it or replace it?
  4. I had the same conundrum, but it was Bilstein vs NSS2 for me - cost was a factor, I couldn't justify the NT40's or Quantums for what I use it for. I went with the NSS2 - I got them for £680 delivered, the Bilsteins would have been £850. I also wanted some height adjustment, which the Bilstein can't do. I'd hard to give a fair comparison, as I had a 65k car which then had a full suspension refresh and NSS fitted at the same time, so obviously it was going to be a massive improvement regardless. What I will say is, I don't find the suspension harsh at all. It's firm, obviously, but only as much as you'd expect for this type of car. I'd love to try the same setup with fresh Bilsteins, but for me, the NSS2 is a good compromise. And it looks awesome sitting lower
  5. Where about is the water getting in? And are we talking a few drips, or actual big pools of water?
  6. On a similar topic, and I know it's old, but this has always been one of my favourites: No idea why the BBC have never repeated it.
  7. It's not only that, but those that are sold are frequently shipped overseas due to the stronger euro - mine went to France a few years back (for £20k!) and I'm sure others have too. Don't forget to (try) and join Exiges.com if you haven't, worth keeping an eye on that too....but judging by the amount of "Wanted: S1 Exige" adverts, you're in for some competition!
  8. True! If I did, I'd probably buy a cheaper Elise-conversion. Preferably with a Honda....
  9. They're cheaper from Pneus, who I bought mine from: https://www.tyres-pneus-online.co.uk/car-tyres/yokohama/advan-neova-ad07/ These were stamped LTS2, dated 2015.
  10. I'm gonna play devil's advocate here - have you driven one Kevin? Also, are you buying it to use (trackdays?) or more for collection? I'll tell you why: I'm on my 3rd Lotus, and for me, my Exige was the least enjoyable of them all. They look the f***ing nuts, probably the best looking car I've ever owned, but I can't say I enjoyed it as much as my other two, they're just too compromised in my opinion. You've also now got the factor that the prices are rocketing, so you're paying a massive premium. If you're buying one to drive, I really wouldn't rule out non-original ones, or converted ones. £30k+ buys you alot of Elise/Exige these days...... I suppose it's easy for me to say - like you I "had" to have a proper one, but back then they were £20k and not £30k+ in this current crazy car climate. Either way, I'm just offering my 2p on the matter, YMMV, etc. Oddly enough, whenever I see one, I have the urge to buy another, despite my unsuccessful ownership
  11. Unfortunately (and unsuprisingly) I missed out on those NT40's. Either way, Dan @ HPE is doing my suspension overhaul. When I sat down and worked it out, it's barely worth me doing it myself for what he's charging; plus he'll turn it around far more quickly so I get back in the saddle after a week or so. And I'll have the added benefit that I know it's been done right So now I just need to decide on the suspension. And, more importantly, what colour I want my wishbones! (I knew I let him beat me in karting a few years back would eventually pay off.....)
  12. Dean, thanks for the heads-up on this one. I did contact Will earlier, not heard back as of yet. Always difficult with suspension. I've been reading SELOC threads about the whole NSS/NT40 vs Quantum vs Bilstein vs others - however in most cases, people are basing their opinion of the new suspension against their old worn stuff
  13. Thanks all - I was pretty convinced that TGA were the way to go, but you all make it sound so easy The driveway for me is on a slight slope, so not ideal for working on the car in reality, although it's not really enough to cause concern I don't think. The cold weather won't help though! While it's not fair to tell you what TGA quoted, he did estimate 15 hours to remove all and replace (based on rebush and suspension replacement) Thanks for the offer Jonathan - I've got 4 axle stands so hopefully they should do the trick! Dean - the whole Bilstein vs NSS has been my major decision. Firstly, the current setup has to go; the front dampers are corroded so definitely need to be replaced. That said, I'm aware than 90% of MLOC/SELOC seem to be in agreement that standard Bilstein is easily the best road setup you can get.....but.....they're more expensive (£840 vs £730 for NSS), and I like the fact the Elise looks loads better when it's slightly lower Last question - anyone care to weigh in on the spherical wishbone bearings vs standard debate? Bearing in mind, primarily road car.
  14. So my S2 is well overdue for a minor refresh - standard Bilstein's + bushes are on 70k, and as the rest of the car is in great shape, it's just needs the most important aspect sorting. I was planning to do this myself, using an EP Chassis Refresh kit and some Nitron Street series, but after a conversation with TGA, I'm not sure its worth my time. They've quoted a reasonable price for the labour cost of of a full rebush, given that it'll probably take me 2-3 months messing in a single garage to do it myself, plus I need to invest in some tools to get the job done. I've read the guides on here, but it largely seems to have been done by people with big garages and a selection of suitable tools so my question is this: 1. How viable is it, in a single garage? I can get probably 2, maybe 2.5 feet workspace on one side (I'd have to flip the car to do the other). 2. I can do basic car things (general service bits, basic part replacement) but using the old Haynes difficulty guides, I'm probably a 3-spanner man at most. 3. How far down the rabbit hole do I go? Is just replacing the bushes + dampers/springs enough? I don't want to get stuck in the whole "While I'm here I may as well...." angle, I did this with my old Alfa and ended up with a five-figure bill and near enough a new engine bay.... Anyone want to chime in? It's December already, I want to be back on the road by March! (I think the main thing to come from this is that I need a new house with a double garage. And a 4 point lift.)
  15. TBH I think I'll just pay someone to refurb mine D&R Starters in Wolverhampton looks decent, so I'll see what they charge.