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  1. MattyB

    Considering a return to the fold....

    Well remembered! Many (many) years ago I owned a black S160. Crazy to think I sold it in 2005 for £13,500 and 14 years on they're worth significantly more! I'm over in Wolverhampton, so currently use Top Gear Automotive as they're right on my doorstep. Dan@HPE is worth a visit too, especially if you're looking at tinkering.
  2. MattyB

    Considering a return to the fold....

    Hi Johnny - everyone always comes back in the end Just to add my 2p - personally I'd not have another manual V6 Evora (or Exige, as it's the same setup). I don't rate the manual box at all, and the transmission noise isn't acceptable IMO for a car of this cost or caliber. My next Lotus will see me back in an Elise, although I'd still consider an IPS Roadster as a possibility. Try one for yourself, but if you read about it on SELOC I'm not alone in that one. The manual Evora 400 and later Exige 350's have improved the mechanism, but the transmission noise remains.
  3. MattyB

    Last drive.....

    With the Exige clam, lowered height and OZ wheels it looks awesome. Hell of a car to let go. To a fellow SELOC member I assume?
  4. MattyB

    New Elise Owner - What don't I know?

    It won't be your first or your last....budget accordingly
  5. MattyB

    MLOC Evoras

    Well I picked mine up on Friday, 5 hours back from Edinburgh handled with aplomb. Stereo is pants, doors are massive, but otherwise it's great. Just need to get the SR scheme and it'll be all set...early XMas present for me
  6. MattyB

    New Elise owner

    Welcome! Daily drive an Elise in the winter? Brave TBH it'll be fine, they're just not the nicest in cold, rainy days - that being said, there's something massively enjoyable about getting the roof off of those crisp, cold mornings with the sun out, wrapping up warm and sticking the heater on full. Good for the soul.
  7. MattyB

    MLOC Evoras

    Well over a month later and still not collected there was an issue with the AC compressor, so Craig at CMC (who's been excellent) agreed to swap it over - but unfortunately there appears to be a manufacturing issue, and they're not prepared to ship out a new one until they know the issue is resolved. Craig has no ETA, so right now I'm just hopeful I get it before XMas at this rate!
  8. Unfortunately not I sold it in 2012 - for the grand sum of £9800, back before cars went mental in the pricing....I bought it to replace my S1 Exige! It went like absolute stink, it'd been tweaked to 360-370bhp, boost came on like a tidal wave. It was a proper event to drive, and as an object/collectable I loved it - all the little Porsche details, the granite-like build quality, the noise....awesome. However, it wasn't much fun to actually drive. It needed better tyres and complete suspension refresh IMO as it was on crappy dampers @163k miles. Mine was the press car "M120 MJB" which can be seen all over. I sold it to a guy in Scotland, and it's either been written off or exported, as it's not been MOT'd in many years
  9. For everything VAG related, from my Lupo to my RS2 I've taken to MidlandVW in Cannock for the last 10 years, and they've been great. I'm sure they could help with it.
  10. MattyB

    MLOC Evoras

    Lots of positivity So where are you all getting your Evora's serviced? I've not managed to pick mine up yet, waiting on the AC unit to be replaced, so fingers crossed for sometime this week.
  11. MattyB

    MLOC Evoras

    It's blue - I'm probably going with the wrap option, at least it's reversible should it need to change back.
  12. MattyB

    MLOC Evoras

    Yeah, there are a few benefits to the non-S, and as you say, it's no slouch. The problem is I feel like I could do with an Elise *as well* for those roof off summer days It's already got some 2012 upgrade (linkage, steering wheel) and a 2bular, so that'll do for now - however I do want to do the SR black highlights (roof, etc). Can anyone recommend somewhere for this?
  13. MattyB

    MLOC Evoras

    All being well, I'm picking up Lotus No 4 next week - a 2010 Evora Sold my S2 135 about 3 months ago, been on the hunt since. I couldn't quite stretch to a decent "S" so settled on an NA. I'm getting on a bit now, so the added comforts will be easier on the old bones Do we have many Evora owners on here? Did a search and very few mentions!
  14. MattyB


    Very common these days. Contested claims can get very costly - you can thank Accident Management companies and people who insist on having a Porsche as a courtesy car for that - so with insurers it's in both their interests to go 50/50 and move on as quickly as possible....but rarely in the interest of the insured parties!

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