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List of issues (Elise)

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Hey all.

So ive had my elise (1.6) since Aug and been enjoying it alot! As time has gone on ive noticed some bits id like to sort some aesthetic and some mechanical. Im located south Birmingham (Halesowen) so some recommendations of good people in the area would be ideal! 

1. The front cover panel (just below window wiper). Should this be screwed down into place? As it looks like it should but the screw is missing. Along with a washer and nut holding the metal L bracket underneath 😅

2. There is no paint protection on the front clam at all and this is something i think i needed. But for paint work thats 11 years old its not too bad but theres a hand full of small dings in the paint that need sorting before any protective film can go on and the existing films need replacing. (wing mirrors and rear sil area).

3. This might be tied to point 2 but rims and brake calipers would be good painted too! The rims already matt black but after the last wash some paint flaked from the back of a few spokes so in time it will just get worse!

4. As its the 1.6 version i been looking at slight performance gains and an easy one looks like the exhaust upgrade. I think it has a larini back box (only) already as its loud! But dont have the paperwork to support it. Its not stock i know that! Is it worth pursuing the exhaust upgrade or even a remap or both. Dont mind spending abit of money on the car as its my daily at the moment and think its too loud for track anyway.

5. Sound system is definitely dire. Thinking of a new head unit and upgrading the speakers. If anyone has any tips they would be most welcome. I dont want a sub or amp. Space is limited already 😂 and i do try to listen to music where i can. Im just greedy with the sound of the car and music. Cake and eat it as they say 🤣

6. LED headlights. Stock a weak in the dark. Anyone know who can do an LED upgrade. I dont have a garage or anything as such to take the clam off and mess with the headlights. 😔

Sorry its a long post! Any help guidance would be most appreciated!!



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Hi Random

We can't leave a lonely post without a reply 

1.  Front cover - replace the missing fixings (?) 

2. Your choice.  I think the cost-benefit works out in favour of a front end respray every so often. Yours seems fine after 11 yrs...for example.

3. You can clean, prep paint calipers yourself in situ to a v. decent standard. Which is good option  if its your daily driver. I.e. if needed you can do one at a time. Plenty of examples here on mloc if you search.  Lots of places will do your wheels in a day if you prebook and drop off first thing. Get them done scabby wheels detract along drop the look of a car. I'd have them in white but I know I'm in a minority of one. 

4. If you want a small bump in torque/ power get a small bore 421 manifold.  There isn't  much aftermarket  options after that for the 1.6 other than selling for a different more powerful model.

5. Get some Bluetooth headphones.  There isnt a cure for this one, especially as you've got a loud exhaust.

6. Can't help, sorry

Good luck



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Depending on how handy you are and if you can have any down time I can recommend voodoo paintworks for doing the brakes. Does a great job but without the high price of some of the bigger companies. Only down side is bleeding them afterwards can be a PITA. 

Premier wheels in pershore did mine last year after a careless tire fitter messed up the two rears. Collected them from me great service and finish but again it’s down time not sure if they do a same day. 

TRD airbox is a popular mod as it’s relatively cheap. On an SC car it lets you really hear the supercharger.  On the 1.6 it does give more induction noise, and with a lotus performance exhaust does make a lot more noise (not all of it good). 

Radio, like you I wanted a more more modern one so upgraded to one with Bluetooth and iPhone connectivity. I shouldn’t have bothered with the Bluetooth it’s impossible to take a call in the car unless you at stationary with the engine off. I also did the speakers the volume goes a bit higher before they distort probably but they are still small speakers so can’t expect too much from them. 

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Hi Random,

Glad you're enjoying your Elise, they are fab cars.

I can also vouch for Tony at https://voodoopaintworks.com/ who painted a set of wheels for me and does plenty of caliper work.

Regarding sound, I have replaced the OEM speakers with Focal 100AC (front) and Focal 130AC (rear) and I can now listen to music in the car. I would say it has taken the overall audio quality and output from 1/10 with OEM speakers to 6/10 and I have purchased a Kenwood under seat sub KSC-SW11 which I hope will be a further improvement by filling in bass that the 10cm & 13cm Focals can't muster.

Good luck, keep us posted with progress and it would be great to see you at a run or meet. Lotus in the Peak will be an awesome event at Chatsworth house in July 👍

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Hey. Thanks for the replies and information. Will have a look and take things into consideration. I do like the idea of the calipers been done by voodoo and their work looks really nice!

@MrWill when i take the front panel (small one) it looks like there was a screw in the slot that you would have to undo at an awkward angle. Its abit rusted on mine. Ill have to take a picture. (in "work" at the moment!) 🤣

I'll investigate more about speakers. Really like the headunit with the phone holder integrated as thats another fun issue! Its the little things! Under seat sub sounds interesting too.

I would like to do a meet to be fair. Feel abit like fish out of water mind but be good to see what others have done and just enjoy scene. Bit of a novice with stuff like this.

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Hi Random,

Welcome, lovely looking Elise you have there :)

A couple of points to add to other replies -

4) A few years ago I looked into the possibility of getting more power out of the 1.6 and there really wasn't much that could be done, although it  might be worth looking on some of the Toyota sites/forums for info on tuning cars that use the same engine. There is (was?) a s/c conversion available but I only heard of one Elise owner getting it fitted and it was a bit of a problem getting it to run correctly :( Maybe have a look at fitting a lighter flywheel - although this doesn't give you any more power it should improve the responsiveness of the engine and make it a  bit quicker through the gears. Might make it a bit 'lumpy' in traffic though :lol:

6) Check out this very informative thread on TLF for possible headlight improvements....





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