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  1. Thanks Dean, was that the yellow 4 pots? If so I saw that as well. By the way it was me that sent you the message on Facebook the other day just incase you were wondering.
  2. I just had a look at my quote from BCS to remind me what they were charging (glad I was sitting down). BCS were c£320 for painting for a custom colour. Voodoo seem to be c£170 for the same service from what I can see. Granted they don't appear to give a lifetime warranty but being a one man band probably keeps the price down need to keep customers happy.
  3. Has anyone used Voodoo paintworks for painting calipers. They seem active on Facebook Lotus groups and photos look pretty good. Thought with them being Nottingham based someone on here may have used them and be able to give some feedback on how they have lasted.
  4. Oh yeah absolutely love it. Can relax and enjoy the scenery without too much drama then when the road opens up you and wind it up and let it scream.
  5. You can’t be too far from me then, I’m a 5 min blast from Wellsbourne.
  6. So this morning I took some tyres that I had sourced to be fitted. All we well and good until I saw the rims after the tyres had been fitted. Both wheels had impact damage and chipped the powder coat. The garage was fine when I pointed it out so I’m not going to have a go at them. However I now need to get my two rears repaired. I’ve standard SC wheels but my concern is now that the inner face is black but the spokes are silver (not diamond turned). I’d rather not do a smart repair. But does anyone have any recommendations in the Warwickshire area for a good place that will refurb th
  7. Like others have said there aren’t many SC’s about because of the financial crash and because Lotus was going through the Bahar days and there were some interesting decisions made. I’ve got a chrome orange SC and love it. Last year dealers had them up at around £26-27k but with Covid and jobs it’s probably going to have taken a tumble. Maybe worth put the standard parts back on and you’ll get a few quid back for mods assuming you’ve still got them.
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