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  1. So I think the company just didn’t fancy do the job as spoke with another company yesterday with the parts going in today. Will then either clear coat them if they look good or paint them if they don’t. Where do people stand on body coloured wishbones? (The body is more orange than the entire cast of only way is Essex). Only seen the adverts never watched it.
  2. Hi all, Currently part way through doing a suspension refresh. Today took the wishbones and uprights to be zinc plated only for them to be turned away as they didn't want to acid dip them for fear of embrittlement. In fairness I'd only given the uprights light wire brushing and the wishbone were as they were when they came off the car. Just wanted to know for those who have zinc plated theirs what state did you send them in? does it sound like this company was just being picky or looking for a reason not to do the work as it would have been more effort to prep? thanks in advance Matt
  3. I'm doing this exact job this winter. Just finished stripping down the car. I hit a pothole and damaged a lower ball joint so rather than replace just the ball joint I'm refreshing the bushes and ball joints so I know exactly where I'm at with things. Sadly I've noticed a damaged track rod end and a leaking toe link joint. There is a company in Daventry that quoted me around £40 to re-plate the wish bones which I'd say is on a par with Powder coating. I'll be POR15 over the top of that and then maybe a colour on top if I feel a bit tarty. I went for Nitron Bearings like you the car is a road car, but having taken the bushes out there really isn't much rubber in there, and as it is high days and holiday fun any compromise in NVH I'm willing to forfeit.
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