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Removing steering wheel without a puller tool

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Hi has anyone removed a non-air bag Elise S2 steering wheel without using the recommended puller tool? I don't have one and wondering if there is a technique for doing this? I've tried simply pulling on it hard a few times after removing the 22mm nut and washer, but it won't budge. I suspect its never been removed since it was put on in the factory. 



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Well the first thing I would say is don't fully remove the 22mm nut, else you stand a very good chance of smashing yourself in the face with your steering wheel if it does come off. Loosen the nut but leave it still attached. Ideally you need a puller but it can occasionally be done without. Try bringing your knees up behind the steering wheel to exert some pressure that way whilst simultaneously pulling/tapping the wheel at various positions around the circumference. It might work.

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I removed mine on the S2 recently without a puller tool. Leave nut on loose like other have said, I normally do some wiggling of the wheel with hands at 12 and 6, then 9 and 3 positions, then just give it a few hard yanks to try and shock it. Has worked everytime on other cars too 👍

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