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    Team Dynamics ProRace 1.2, GAZ Monotube, 135 Cams, 135r Exhaust, Vibratechnics Engine Mounts.

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  1. AlexH

    New(ish) to MLOC

    Cheers guys. Great looking car Dean, which diffuser do you have fitted there?
  2. Hi all, Recently purchased an early K-series Elise so thought I would put a post up. A few of you probably already know me from LotusOnTrack days etc, I used to tag along in my Dads Elise (@ndy) and then for the last 4 years I've tracked a red MR2 mk2. Finally took the plunge and bought an Elise of my own! The car has a few nice mods already done; GAZ Mono coilovers setup at Guglielmi Motosport, TD wheels, polybushed all round, 135 cams, Hurricane induction kit and some Corbeau LE-Driver seats which are much to small for my liking! So far I've fitted some CL RC5+ pads and a small front plate, but the plan is to get some uprated rear toe links on asap and get it out on track and to some meets with you guys 👍 (If anyone is interested swapping seats drop me a PM!)
  3. AlexH

    Elise S1 or S2

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    Hi guys, after a clean Elise S1 or S2. Car will be used for road and track so I don't mind any modifications. If anyone is considering selling please drop me a message or email at : alex.hughes.1991@gmail.com. Willing to travel for the right car but I am located in Balsall Common nr Solihull. Thanks, Alex


    - GB

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