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  1. Hi has anyone removed a non-air bag Elise S2 steering wheel without using the recommended puller tool? I don't have one and wondering if there is a technique for doing this? I've tried simply pulling on it hard a few times after removing the 22mm nut and washer, but it won't budge. I suspect its never been removed since it was put on in the factory. Cheers James
  2. Hi Guys. I am looking to retrim my steering wheel but am unsure whether my Elise S2 111R 2006 has an airbag fitted or not. If it does, then I know I need to disconnect the battery beforehand. There is no 'airbag' text on the wheel itself which is leading me to think it doesn't but I'm not sure about this. Does anyone know?
  3. I'm looking at lowering the cam change point and am wondering on a few things: To what RPM can it be lowered to? Does this have any negative impact on the engine? Can anyone recommend a reputable business to do the re-flash? Approximate cost? Cheers
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