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My Little Girl.


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There's been a week and 5 deleted posts before now... Sometimes words aren't enough. 

So was really thankful for the opportunity to donate; thank you. 

Your post has made my day I'm so happy for you all. She's so brave. 

Looking forward to the next update. In the meantime I'll keep you all in my thoughts

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We arrived home yesterday evening to find Amy’s bedroom made over by a small team headed by my best mates wife, People are really amazing!

I’m struggling to text as in a bit of pain and only one lazy eye with which to see. 
Ihad an eye op in QMC to correct a squint and they said it’d hurt for 2 days and uncomfortable for 5, and that seems to be panning out as predicted! Still it’s not a patch (geddit??) on what Amy’s been through, so I’ll man up 😊

She has a very tight top lip, but no upper lip so the reverse face lift was a huge he success. There was no tracheostomy and no lip stitching so she can breath and eat normally (though I’m feeding her from a baby spoon again).

Back to QUEENS on Tuesday to talk about stretching her top lip and talk about how further reconstruction will take place over the coming years. 

Again, I’d like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to you all for such kind words deeds and gestures. you are wonderful people and appreciate everything you’ve done for us. 
Naturally I’ll keep updating the thread as and when, but right now I’ve got to return the oitnof hours cuddles I’m getting from Amy. 

Thank Tou 

Kurt x



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Geeze Kurt, only just catching up. 

Absolutely sending my best here buddy. Absolutely gutting for you all but glad to see your update and that things are progressing as best as they can. 


Honestly I don't know how you do it, I struggle everytime our 18 month old falls over, let alone the above.



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