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  1. The MLOC Calendar has landed

    Ooooo I need to make a purchase
  2. S3 dash removal

    I wouldnt have thought a flip system was factory fit... Most left with alpine single din systems on that generation.
  3. S3 dash removal

    Didn't have to remove the dash in my s2 exige, just used the stereo pins and pulled it out to remove the din plugs.
  4. New car at last S190 Pics updated

    Electric. Had it installed this year to replace the up and over... Makes it a dam sight easier when I pull the car upto the doors. Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
  5. Winter work.

    I have a window between 8 and 11 at night with a 8 month old
  6. New car at last S190 Pics updated

    I've not done much over the past month or so... I've got a new proalloy rad and condenser to go in in the new year with braided lines, stainless driving light brackets and resistor pack along with a set of spitfires. Seats wise Im just waiting for a trimmer to retrim the new ones so I can take the fixed corbeaus out and stash them In the loft. I did buy a brand new diffuser from Jon Seal he was clearing out which I've spent a few hours on sanding all of the scratches out of and will be sent off to the anodising company next week along with the undertray. I've also taken the gear surround out and dropped it off at the painters for a freshen up, which hopefully should be back next week ready for a armour fend to stop future feet scrapes.
  7. TRD Airfilter/Induction 2ZRFE

    Ran one one my Exige... No issues whatsoever.. A little bit fidely to fit but once in it ran fine
  8. Radiator upgrade

    I used the proalloy single pass rad with twin spal top mount fans... Awesome bit of kit... Fans are slightly smaller than the originals and therefore don't cover as much of the core but the mounting frame does... That was my only observation On my new elise I'm fitting the same rad but with the ep fan upgrade mounting on the underside of the condenser as original.
  9. Winter work.

    I wasn't go to do to much.... Now I've read this I might whip the engine out
  10. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Ooooo a car... I see a car...
  11. New Elise owner

    Welcome along. Looks a lovely car. Keep an eye on the events page for regular runs out and breakfast meets.

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