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  1. kieranexige

    Anyone know this car

    Excellent... any good??? Are we going to see it coming back ? Like leigh says its not had allot of exposure so its not had a build thread going anywhere.
  2. kieranexige

    Anyone know this car

    Waynes was White in the end and is now residing with one of his close Friends. I did try to buy it as I spoke to Wayne about buying it when he was still with us. I'm happy though it went to a good home where it means allot more to someone. From looking around I think the orange car belong to a chap called Dave Jackson Previous advert here http://bay2car.com/Lotus-S1-Audi-2-0L-20v-Turbo-Exige-550-Bhp-232027932542/car112079
  3. kieranexige

    Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

  4. kieranexige

    Shes a keeper, at least for now!

    Here's mine I had done a few months back. Looks allot better I think.
  5. kieranexige

    Advice on Elise Sport 190 dampers

    Ouchh.... I'm not even going to ask... My current shopping list is big enough Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
  6. kieranexige

    Advice on Elise Sport 190 dampers

    Kerrching 😍
  7. kieranexige

    Advice on Elise Sport 190 dampers

    Hi Will, Yeah as above I would contact Bilstein at Leicester. I have the same units on my 190. Is yours the grey one with the red interior I saw on Instagram at stone's?
  8. kieranexige

    Motorsport seats

    Yeah Steve has a point John, What is it your looking for. The original MS seats out of the 340/s1 exige /190 or the later probax then s3 harness hole? If its the originals then you my be waiting along time. I did and gave up. One came up In the Netherlands not. Long ago on FB.
  9. kieranexige

    Motorsport seats

    Honestly, I prefer them to the leather ones in my old exige. Allot comfier. Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
  10. kieranexige

    Motorsport seats

    There's someone wanting a set on seloc too... Unless that's you? Rocky at uk lotus centre has a few but not cheap. Here's what I bought
  11. kieranexige

    Motorsport seats

    It's a huge waiting game John. I was on the hunt for months and months. Finally a set came up on Facebook in October ber and sold in minutes. I was then browsing again just before Christmas and another set came up fairly local, lucky for me I was first and picked them up the day after.
  12. kieranexige

    New car at last S190 Pics updated

    I really must get back to getting this car sorted. I finally managed to get the interior done at last. The seat frames took some real modifications to clear the gear surround and I also some of the new lotus anti Rock spring steel shims (which work). I had to strip the runner down, clean and re grease to get a nice movement but I was still 2mm to far over to the passenger side. Instead of slackening the bolts holding the gear leaver mech and seeing what we had to play with I took one of the seatbelt spacers out and machined a new one 2mm shorter , still retaining the 45 degree internal chamfer that the shoulder bolt locks against. Hey presto job done. Spitfires, pro alloy bits, sports cat and a full service next. Oh the joy.
  13. I wear puma driving shoes... Really casual looking just with a rounder edge on the heel. The only reason I bought them was for the caterham which is around half the footwell space of an elise / exige...
  14. kieranexige

    Any meets in the West Midlands area?

    The LDC Hilltop farm meet might be of interest????

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