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  1. 114,000 miles and the wheels have been off for detailing 😂😂 Top work though, sounds like Gav did the buisness again. Yeah mines OK, new battery and a few bits. Got a few interior bits on the go at the minute too.
  2. Sounds good Dave, Looks a fantastic buy. Did you Get Gav to give it the once over then? He's a good'en our Gav, hadn't even mentioned about my door hinge at my service before he had the Allen keys out and had sorted it without asking. W hat that man doesn't know eh!
  3. Geeze Kurt, only just catching up. Absolutely sending my best here buddy. Absolutely gutting for you all but glad to see your update and that things are progressing as best as they can. Honestly I don't know how you do it, I struggle everytime our 18 month old falls over, let alone the above.
  4. https://www.lotus7.club/forum/chitchat/ultimate-carbon-3
  5. No Longer Going Leigh, I had a few bits and put a group buy together. They have set up their own company now and focus on rapid turnaround work for the f1 teams...
  6. Hahaha yes I remember that one well, it was a rolling test bed for the evija, thank god I can now talk about it. Battery life was abysmal though.
  7. Someone had their first taste of lotus ownership last night after I couldn't take the banging and brumming at the internal garage door anymore... 😂 I think he needs a tiny t shirt
  8. Car sos uses a couple of places in Birmingham , might be worth doing some homework to find who they are?????
  9. Just catching up. Loving this , its getting closer!!!!! Regarding the light pods, what about bonding some strong magnets to the underside of the clam.
  10. Cheers Scott, Really appreciate it, I know a really nice Evora in the same colour
  11. Cheers Drage... Of course I have, I've been hanging around with my wife for too long now... That's her trait. Many thanks Mike, the same to you and Scott, cars looked lovely.
  12. Think I may have to go 3 😎
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