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  1. Absolutely beautiful buddy.
  2. On my S2 I tracked and used for road Bilsteins, 36mm and 46mm suspension (Ohlins in my case but the brand is not the point). An S2 Bilstein damper is what it is, soft and not particularly exciting. 36mm dampers (Ohlins) required more set up here and there but worked really well with an adjustable ARB set to full hard (350/425). 46mm dampers (425/550 Ohlins) were as Alan says different (so was the 36mm for that matter) BUT it was night and day better than both, with an adjustable ARB set to full hard. Pointy and pliant with almost no need once properly set up to change be it road, track, wet or dry. If you are looking for the lesser hassle OE option but way way better, it's 46mm without doubt.
  3. Not a thing Dave. PM your address mate and Ill get them sent tomorrow.
  4. No worries Dave :-) Kurt where you gone?
  5. Thanks Kieran. I still need to get the rocker cover painted when Its home. I assume it was a satin finish, anyone know for sure...
  6. Thanks Keith. A few more....
  7. Ha ha PMSL Dean
  8. Lol really :-) naughty boy. I had a good chat (over quite a few months) with Track Group before we commenced the build. An increase in BHP was never on the cards, it was purely a strip down and reliable rebuild with everything checked then double checked. I considered an Emerald, I think I posted about it but I soon went off the idea. Apart from the parts listed there has been a little porting, minor really just a tidy. Same crank, I think it needs the authenticity and yes same cams for that reason. Another priority was in making it look like new. They've gone the extra mile, it looks incredible. I've made a few purchases via DeRoure on engine bits and bobs I would never have thought still existed. EP made a few new fuel rail fixings which we jumped on and Dan has helped out with the fuel and oil cooler (braided) hose. Actually he called just today to say he'd fit on site once the engine was in (top man). I bought a new oil cooler off the Lotus Motorsport auction site rather than use the recon with the blue hose I'd previously fitted, will update that later. Really can't wait till it's dressed. Next step is to get it run in on the dyno. The engine like the rest of the car is a restomod, it's a trendy word right now but it's the truth. The one area I'm not completely sure about is the witches hat air filter. Clive did a mod over on exiges I may look into. I also need a new hose to the airbox, it's in a bit of a sorry state.
  9. So what's happens from here? Are they confiscated or do the police not bother. Is it the same person(s) who keep advertising them?
  10. Yes Russ
  11. The story so far in pictures...... Westwood verniers still to install, a shim to order and a rocker cover to paint, then off to the dyno.
  12. That is nice.
  13. Love that
  14. Lol tell me about it. Nor me I can't wait to drive it.