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  1. Winter work.

    It's that long since I bought it I have no idea, will check on Monday. Same as Andy's I believe Russ. It's opened and accessed but in the box still buddy.
  2. Winter work.

    Good stuff. Russ I literally have that pump sat around doing nothing as I never fitted it nor will I if you are interested for beer tokens mate. I'm going to pop out the lenses and have painted the black surrounds body colour. Repair the stone chips and Armourfend the front clam and sills. Have Gav repair the gearbox oil leak found on shakedown, it's very minor but I think that's it. Lol oh yea and sell it .... and drive it a little bit in the meantime
  3. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    I had to weigh up what I really wanted but I'm happy with my decision right now. There are plenty of spares included to either keep or sell on so hopefully it offers an extra incentive. The niggles are just that but there is also scope to go nuts and make it even better than it already is. I'm proud of what I've achieved.
  4. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Very likely Steve
  5. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    In the meantime although not shouting from the roof top, my car is officially for sale... http://www.exiges.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=20748&p=235216#p235216
  6. 340R Wheels

    Exactly as Dave says
  7. My NA with touring pack but wheels and a full exhaust changed was 889kg half full. I was pretty obsessive in getting weight down, it took a lot of effort and money getting it to 815 kgs. My clam's were standard size, the rear CF. Yours are GT3 replicas so a bigger surface area. I've sat in a mates garage and watched them being made, I've watched your car being modified twice. I know you can peddle Mark but your car is as heavey as the rest with much more aero. Nothing is significantly light about it. An Elise R or SC is lighter still than a standard S2 Exige and likely slightly modified to reduce it further but thats the nature of the beasties. Listen don't get me wrong I'm not trying to push any buttons but you said it yourself its just over 900kgs therefore similar to other S2's.
  8. At over 900kg's only half full it is actually weight as well as aero Mark. In the first respect exactly the same as a slightly modified S2 maybe with lighter wheels and exhaust.
  9. Sticking door release button 2017 Elise

    Although I have an S1, you have a reflector where this black cover is. If you unscrew it you may see the barrel or at least the mechanism and if something is loose or no quite right.
  10. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Bonza! As they say in Italy
  11. Sticking door release button 2017 Elise

    Take the reflector off Daz, see if anything is fouling from the inside.
  12. Evora engine cover upgrade

    Loads, of course
  13. Evora engine cover upgrade

    Yes I'm with Dean on the letters, stay classy Phil
  14. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Lol you said it Leigh My head if firmly in the Sand. Thanks fella's . A few little things over winter and Shazam done!
  15. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    One question I keep being asked is how much I have spent on the car? I really don't know, I kind of lost track but if you know your apples.... Bonnet hinge and shims anodised Bonnet latch striker and spring assembly zinc coated AC removed Front shear panel anodised Chassis Aluminium cleaned underside, front & rear Crash structure cleaned Horn refurbished Heater box refurbed, fixings zinc coated, motor refurbished New custom powder coated aluminium battery mounting with AC cooling bypass and washer bottle mount New washer bottle and pump EP New washer nozzles EP and OE caps anodised New wipe blade EP New Odyssey battery New electrical cut out EP with custom mounting New OE heater hose Refurb resister assembly Front hub carriers cleaned and polished, new hub assembly EP, bearings and circlips SL New tow post assembly EP New driver spot lights and fixing assembly EP New silicon radiator hoses/pipes EP New cooling fans EP and fixings ES New Pro Alloy triple pass radiator Full suspension refresh including: Wishbones, ARB, ball joint carriers front & rear, steering arms, rear hubs, lower rear wishbone brackets to chassis, upper damper mounts shot blast, zinc coated, POR 15 clear applied, 2 coats. New ball joints and bushes SL New drop links SL Suspension refresh kit including all shims SL New Ohlin 36mm 2 way dampers 325/450 New ARB mounts EP New rear tow links and shields EP Steering rack serviced at Titan including new gaiters New track rod ends SL Front latch mechanism shot blast, zinc coated and mounting power coated New OE brake dust shields New brake master cylinder SL New clutch master cylinder SL New OE rubber connecting hose New braided hoses front & rear SL New AP front brake discs and bells SL New EP rear discs with refurbed bells (anodised) New rear brake lines New OE front and rear brake callipers New Pagid pads front and rear SL Dot 4 brake fluid New OE handbrake secondary Passenger bulkhead stripped and cleaned Stays stripped and painted with POR 15 black. Caps added. Rear subframe removed, stripped and galvanised Spacers to chassis shot blast, zinc coated and POR 15 Silver applied New OE longerons Fuel tank removed and replaced with new larger Pro Alloy tank New fuel pump SL New silicon fuel tank filler and breather hose Fuel filler assembly shot blast, zinc coated and POR 15 clear applied New fuel filter and HPE mounting New braided fuel hose, unions and rail fixing New filler assembly stainless ring and gasket Aluminium shear panel stripped and anodised Aluminium cooling pipes polished, mounts zinc coated PRT kit/grey EP New header tank EP New silicon cooling pipe/hose EP MAP/BARO vacuum mount shot blast, zinc coated and power coated Solenoid valves vacuum refurbed, new silicon hose New vehicle speed sensor EP New OE throttle position sensor New aluminium mounts to rear hub Engine gearbox mounts shot blast, zinc coated and powder coated Door spring plates and hinge shims shot blast, zinc coated and (plates only) powder coated Alternator mount shot blast and zinc coated Alloys shot blast and powder coated New Yokoham AD08’s New aluminium wheel bolts HPE New aluminium boot floor New OE heatshield boot floor New OE heatshield above cat New aluminium undertray and OE NACA ducts New aluminium diffuser New diffuser spacers EP New OE throttle pedal assembly Brake & clutch pedal anodised New aluminium engine divider All interior removed, inside cleaned throughout Footwell vents blocked with anodised aluminium panels New FEV gas electrically operated extinguisher 2 nozzles inside cabin and two in the engine bay Seat mounts stripped, shot blast and powder coated. Driver rails cleaned regreased and wet sprayed Interior trimmed at Allon Whites include: Seats, upper dash panels, dash cowling, door trim including handle pull trim, sill trim pads, roof lining and steering wheel including new horn and badge. New quick release plastic trim fasteners. Carpet under seats Bulkhead trim cleaned Stereo and speakers removed, anodised aluminium blanking plates fitted OE dash stereo blanking cover fitted New adonised aluminium floors panel bonded over old with Sikafkex New OE mats Foot rest, window winders, foot divider and foot rest stripped and anodised New OE rear tunnel cover Body painted gear lever and hand brake covers New OE hand brake handle New OE gear knob and shrink sleeve New OE cigarette lighter and assembly Painted dash, dash inserts including trinket trays and steering column shroud AC & Recirc switches replaced with OE switch blanks 4 point harness washed and cleaned, one new buckle fitted New windscreen and rubber bead Windscreen surround painted Door striker pin shot blast and zinc coated and new OE plastic surround Interior roof mounts stripped and POR15 black applied Refurbished gearbox HPE New OE wheel arch liners SJS and weather strip Head light bracket shot blast and zinc coated New headlights and seals EP Front and rear grills powder coated – front clam inc side and rear clam fog/reverse Airbox back plate shot blast and powder coated Ceramic coated manifold, flexy and decat. Exhaust stripped, cleaned, repacked and wet sprayed with high temp paint New V band, blue mounts and refurbished fixing shot blast and zinc coated Full VHPD engine strip & rebuild Reface valve seats Hone con rod small ends Soda Blasting Silver high temp engine paint Mahle motorsport Main bearings Mahle motorsport big-end bearings Thrust washers Westwood ductile Liner Set (OE) Sump baffled Uprated main bearing ladder Forged Wiseco Piston Set ARP con rod bolt set Throttle body/ injector clean & service Gasket set (conversion kit) Gasket set (head set) Oil pump Water pump Head bolt set Timing belt Timing belt manual tensioner Alternator Starter motor Kent Cams vernier cam pulley set Kent Cams VS51 valve spring set REC757 S/S Inlet valve VVC 31.5mm Paul Ivey REC758 S/S Exhaust valve VVC 27.3mm Paul Ivey New OE oil cooler, new unions and braided hose AP clutch kit New clutch slave with strengthen kit EP New clutch arm with reinforce wielding EP New engine steady arm, both parts EP New OE hydromount assembly Refurbished upper engine to chassis mount, shot blast, zinc coated and powder coated New OE breather rail and silicon piping New OE driveshafts Xylan Coated rocker cover New alternator cooling hose and EP heat shield kit New Nimbus single skin manifold/bulkhead heatshield Refurbished OE bulkhead heatshield covered with Agriemach aluminised heat barrier Airbox cleaned inside and out New OE hose intake duct to airbox Refurbished OE air filters (aka witches hat) Refurbished and clean door seals with 3M VHB tape applied Door hinges cleaned, new caps New outer window seals ES New OE door access caps above latch Refurbished cleaned inner seals New OE Meta immobilizer Refurbished OE Meta keys New OE front clam harness New OE engine harness New JSR rear clam harness Main harness (most) sleeving replaced for new, front, rear and inside New OE indicator/flash arm steering column Refurbished headlight lens covers All bodywork painted original Chrome Orange paint code B25 Roof, engine cover and bonnet grills POR 15 black applied Roof/engine cover hinge painted New OE Lotus nose badge New OE indicator lenses New OE side indicator/repeaters New OE Lotus & Exige decals Refurbished front number plate mount, shot blast & powder coated New OE labelling fuel, jacking, films etc. New OE rear clam brake, indictor, EP fog, reverse light and number plate light Refurbished reflectors New OE engine cover latch mechanism and cover Refurbished striker shot blast and zinc coated New OE stone chip protection rear clam (black) New rear clam rubber strip to sill New OE vehicle manual & service book

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