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  1. Time Left: 2 months and 18 days

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    For sale my year old AiM Solo DL GPS lap timer and HD Smarty Cam GP £800 inc p&p. Excellent bit of kit, easy to use with a super clear camera. https://youtu.be/2Vi58ANSdW8 was £1250 when new. http://www.aim-sportline.com/eng/products-car/solo/index.htm http://www.aim-sportline.com/eng/products-car/smartycam-hd-rev2.1/choose_smartycam.htm i would post more images but the Smarty Cam is currently in my car at Donnington.


  2. I'm so f*****g pissed off Mark, it'll take bloody ages.
  3. If it had of been $100 I would have done it Chris if only to move them but trying to do it now is a job too big.
  4. It's almost impossible to change the images, I have almost no idea what I posted where without a reference. I have asked Photbucket if I can pay to have the images hosted for a week so I can rehost with someone else. I could pay $399 for the year but I feel like I'm being blackmailed. A little notice wouldn't have gone a miss. I'll have to start all over again but it's going to take a while.
  5. Lol Rich. New windscreen went in yesterday, looks mint and I've just finished repairing solenoids. Thanks Leigh, I'll look into it.
  6. No I mean Photobucket no longer allow free third party hosting, it'll cost $400 a year. Put's a kibosh on the thread really.
  7. Well that's a bit of a fun sucker, not sure what to do now. Probably the end of this thread
  8. Tar buddy. Not sure if you remember, I had a load of stuff anodised including some blanking plates for the foot well and new floor panels kindly supplied by Mark. Fitted both blanking plates yesterday. The passenger side I bolted using the extinguisher bracket and the drivers side I bonded using 3M VHB tape. Looks neat, certainly an improvement on Duck tape. Floor panels will be one of the final jobs along with the rest of the interior I reckon.
  9. Chop chop
  10. Thank you Lars, that's quite a compliment. I had Dura Garage work two rooms to give the garage useful space. Knocked a wall down in the laundry to make a large utility room then properly went to work on the garage to make a little man cave. The garage door is an overlap and saves loads of space.
  11. So I finally got the car home today ready for the big rebuild but not before I had the dash painted again, this time by someone who knew what they were doing. I just wasn't feeling it, with the windscreen in place the job wasn't as good as it should be so out it came. To be fair it was showing it's mileage, a nice shiny new one is going back on tomorrow. AnyVan.com kindly supplied covered transport to move the chassis from work to home Fuckwits! The also forgot the winch, that was interesting! And after a good clean.... Time to get these bad boys back where they belong
  12. Great news Dan
  13. That's a bit handy but I may be away
  14. And about time ;-)