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  1. jonnyfox

    Back with a bang...

    😁 brilliant
  2. jonnyfox

    Back with a bang...

    Defo 5 for me, 240's👍🏻
  3. jonnyfox

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    👍🏻 Creatively cool buddy 😎
  4. jonnyfox

    Lotus reveals new logo

    Should leave as is.
  5. jonnyfox

    Back with a bang...

    Oh I didn't realise that, good call 👍🏻
  6. jonnyfox

    Back with a bang...

    Wheels yes but I think it's pretty damn perfect already Kieran.
  7. jonnyfox

    Back with a bang...

  8. jonnyfox

    Exige S2

    No! Lol you'll remove the character. I had a good mouch at S2's last night, that green one is very nice indeed, I remember it well from Exiges.com days at Anglesey. Is that a similar price to your Cup 260? I would seriously would be torn between either car.
  9. jonnyfox

    Window Rubbers

    S1 use a separate piece either side of the glass. You can make a tool to fit the clips easier enough and a decent replacement is available from Eliseshop. S2 & S3 use a strip that is joined at the rear. A plastic rivet pushes into the door at the join. I tried to find some years ago but I believe they are Lotus specific.
  10. jonnyfox

    Exige S2

    Your Cup 260 or Pete's (GPFisher) , choices choices Now there is a quandary
  11. jonnyfox

    New Here...

    I only work in Lichfield. When you go PM me, if I'm not busy I'll pop over.
  12. jonnyfox

    New Here...

    Sutton Coldfield
  13. jonnyfox

    New Here...

    What a beauty, great purchase well done Where about are you in Brum?
  14. jonnyfox

    New Here...

    Hello Paul Matty or Dan HPE. North Bham, I'm in Sutton so Gav Unit 4 Burton. All good though. UK Lotus Centre is a breaker only.
  15. jonnyfox

    How does this make you feel...

    Call that a spoiler 😁

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