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  1. S1 Elise/Exige Switch Blank (205)

    Thanks fellas. I saw that one, the only one but there is no way I'm paying that. I may have found someone local on exiges.com fingers crossed.
  2. S1 Elise/Exige Switch Blank (205)

    Rocky was closed today, I'll try and get over next week but I'm hoping someone on here might have one.
  3. Mark forgive me, I'm having trouble finding one of these. Does anyone have one knocking around or if completely bored with absolutely nothing else to do could help me find one. They seriously are like hens teeth
  4. Introductions / S1 Exige Wanted

    Lol. You can come off that now Very possibly could be.
  5. Introductions / S1 Exige Wanted

    Was it something I said Kurt Edit and don't forget Keith's yellow S1.
  6. Exige S1 Renovation (images changed).

    Car Build Solutions Alan. It's getting close to be fair buddy
  7. Exige S1 Renovation (images changed).

    Thanks Tim. Replied to your PM buddy.
  8. Exige S1 Renovation (images changed).

    It's that single skin wall Leigh, the outside wall to my garage is single skin and saps the heat right out of it. Anyway stop bragging about how big your garage is Today will be spent with a snow shovel and sledge
  9. Exige S1 Renovation (images changed).

    Just a 2kw foot fan but It's properly sealed and takes 10mins to bring up to temperature. The garage door is quite excellent and insulated, it's all good as long as you wear footwear
  10. Exige S1 Renovation (images changed).

    A little bit more done here. So that's a new engine and front clam loom and I've recovered all the wiring around the crash structure and engine compartment with just the rear clam loom to finish off. No issues with the interior. Test fitted the battery. I'm going to fit a 2 post box for the Earth and a Live disconnect both in front of the washer bottle using the existing rivnuts which I taped and cleaned today. Also reinstalled the handbrake secondary.
  11. The 2018 Calendar

    Got mine too. But I'm not sure if I've fully committed this year. Auto renewal??? . . . . either or what do I do again?
  12. Exige S1 Renovation (images changed).

    Tidied up the loom at the front of the car. Described by a friend as CRISPY Some before shots, difficult to see but you get the idea. And after. I reckon I painstakingly removed and recovered 85% of the old tape and split plastic sleeving.
  13. Exige S1 Renovation (images changed).

    Hey Martin how are you guys... I used the EP clutch release btw, thanks for that no brainer really. I won't do the trumpets but it actually leads me on nicely to a point I wanted to make about the work I've done so far. This car started out as a resto mod but over the three years I've been doing this it's become less of a mod and more of a resto. I haven't and don't want to add a single hole that shouldn't be there, it's important I think. I have however done things like the clutch release, painted the centre consul, changed the dampers, TMR's, fuel tank etc etc but I have kept or purchased original parts to replace and restore once the car is back on the road. The black around the headlights was a little concern but then to repaint that area Orange is negligible. So too removing the AC but again I have all the parts or at least the important bits. I guess the more I keep the car original the better it's value will be in the long term.
  14. Exige S1 Renovation (images changed).

    A few more little jobs done. Rear window and bulkhead finisher panel cleaned, polished and refitted. Charcoal canister back on and lastly tonight the airbox. I received a couple of foam seals from Lotus, both of which were perished so I used a draft excluder I use at work, it's good stuff.
  15. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    ha ha awesome.