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  1. Amazing Job on your Exige S1.

    I am restoring one of the few S1 that made their way to Switzerland.

    Unfortunately the car was a bit modified and I still do not know how to restore the oil cooler hoses and attachments to their oem specifications.

    The oil cooler is the same type that is mounted in your car and the hoses should be SAE 100R6.

    Could you eventually be so nice and let me know the hoses length and what kind of fittings do you used on the oil filter and on the radiator side.

    Could you please let me know if there isΒ a supplier for the hoses in the UK?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards



  2. G3 Supergloss paste wax is my go to wax now. Easy affordable purchase from Halfords.
  3. I really like that Phil, great job mate.
  4. It's like a posh Lotus honestly. Panel gaps are all over the place, electrical glitches and the drivers side rear brake caliper seems to have lost most of the letters that make up Aston and Martin 🀣
  5. Hey Bis, long time buddy. I wasn't there, neither am I now but hey, Merry Christmas πŸ˜‰ God bless Con πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
  6. A very Merry Christmas MLOC 😁
  7. JW Rudge & Co Ltd did a great job on mine after shot blasting elsewhere. Didn't mention that as an issue and I didn't have an issue after the 4 years after it was done. Mind you they didn't do many miles. Either way, still look perfect.
  8. Have to agree with OEM bushes. Not sure why you wouldn't zinc cost first though. Looks good, adds another layer of protection and POR goes on beautifully especially the second coat whilst tacky. When my clutch arm stuck and ripped the piston out of the master cylinder, brake fluid stripped the POR right off the wishbones below but the zinc coat was completely unaffected.
  9. Well listen. It was the right time, today the right day. Exige 498 has gone to a really great Lotus enthusiast. Upon loading it in to the transporter on a quiet road in middle of Sutton Coldfield on a very wet day, people still stopped and took photos.... The S1 Exige. GOAT.
  10. But no end of friendships hey Dredge or whatever your name is
  11. I have the Caterham and absolutely love that so something modern to chill in for a bit before I get back into a project....
  12. No more niggles, Gav went the extra mile as always. Only thing however and to cut a short story shorter, a very nice gentleman and Lotus enthusiast flew in briefly this morning and bought it! So off to Holland it'll be going Friday. It all happened rather quick TBH but I'm genuinely happy it will be looked after and cherished by a very nice chap. I wish him well and hope he enjoys many miles for many years. THE END πŸ‘πŸ»
  13. Well done indeed. I'm not his biggest fan but it's quite the achievement nevertheless.
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