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  1. Very very unlucky. If it’s damage limitation the cheapest way your going to do this is by buying something like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114251009333 Getting yours and that to Gavs . Swapping the engines and then either sell the celica as a going concern or to maximise your return part the celica out and sell the shell as scrap.
  2. Morning guys and Girls, Sorry it’s been a while. What a time of life eh, I hope everyone’s keeping safe and well. I somehow have managed to get roped into painting the hall, stairs and landing , deep joy. The only upshot is I only painted all the skirtings last year, it’s just a wall colour swap as we both hated it from last years mistake, one of those where it looks great on the can in the shop. The downside is now I’ve got all the gear out both bathrooms have now been mentioned as it just so happens we have paint arriving for those too. I even ended up giving Kerri's car a much needed clean and polish. It’s been very neglected this past year on parent duties. We actually were due to swap it in for a 3GT the Sunday before lockdown but didn’t, good job now. So jobs list to do still include the bathrooms, chop out and repoint around the front door, 2nd coat on the shed, build 4 rattan chairs and table that have been in the garage for 2 months ready for summer and find some time in an evening when I’m not knackered to try and master a caterham 620 round Donington on project cars2.
  3. 114,000 miles and the wheels have been off for detailing 😂😂 Top work though, sounds like Gav did the buisness again. Yeah mines OK, new battery and a few bits. Got a few interior bits on the go at the minute too.
  4. Sounds good Dave, Looks a fantastic buy. Did you Get Gav to give it the once over then? He's a good'en our Gav, hadn't even mentioned about my door hinge at my service before he had the Allen keys out and had sorted it without asking. W hat that man doesn't know eh!
  5. Geeze Kurt, only just catching up. Absolutely sending my best here buddy. Absolutely gutting for you all but glad to see your update and that things are progressing as best as they can. Honestly I don't know how you do it, I struggle everytime our 18 month old falls over, let alone the above.
  6. https://www.lotus7.club/forum/chitchat/ultimate-carbon-3
  7. No Longer Going Leigh, I had a few bits and put a group buy together. They have set up their own company now and focus on rapid turnaround work for the f1 teams...
  8. Hahaha yes I remember that one well, it was a rolling test bed for the evija, thank god I can now talk about it. Battery life was abysmal though.
  9. Someone had their first taste of lotus ownership last night after I couldn't take the banging and brumming at the internal garage door anymore... 😂 I think he needs a tiny t shirt
  10. Car sos uses a couple of places in Birmingham , might be worth doing some homework to find who they are?????
  11. Just catching up. Loving this , its getting closer!!!!! Regarding the light pods, what about bonding some strong magnets to the underside of the clam.
  12. Cheers Scott, Really appreciate it, I know a really nice Evora in the same colour
  13. Cheers Drage... Of course I have, I've been hanging around with my wife for too long now... That's her trait. Many thanks Mike, the same to you and Scott, cars looked lovely.
  14. Think I may have to go 3 😎
  15. Cheers all, Grey images are actually black... Silver wheels are available, but so far have been on order from lotus for 8 months...
  16. Been playing with 240r, cup 260 and new cup250 wheels in black and silver with an app on my phone... Excuse its not photoshop and done on a small screen, what's people's thoughts.
  17. I'm staying silver... The cars got a few tasty bits on it and runs 260bhp on another ecu.. I have all the 240 bits to go back too but with all the bits on ecu tech has moved on allot since that was done and there's allot more people like motec and ecumaster who can massively improve the car.. I was cotenplating going 260 again but I know the 440cc greens lotus fitted were on the limit hence why most fit 550s as a minimum. Although the mapper I'm not keen on did mine, the car is ALLOT quicker than my lotus 260 map I had one the last one... Night and day.
  18. Cheers fella. All being well i should be at the east Mids meeting Monday night in it and the litp filming day a week tomorrow.
  19. I'm just not sure on the fact its got no edge... Ill be interested to see one on a yellow car. I'm guessing the badges will have outer ring like these
  20. Cheers Jonny, it's the gotham I most want to swap out.
  21. I've got a rough idea on the ecu costs , I'm just waiting for everything else.
  22. We've not got into pound notes yet. I'm dreading it. Although I think it's the only one to maximise what I have without going efi with lotus's map
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