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  1. Amazing mate it looks the business. We know how much you loved your S2 Exige mate... That’s why me, scatty, Alex and Jeff have had a whip round and bought you one of these to get you some of that noise back 😝
  2. A little bid of “midland” lotus history in the back of my dads Elan from the late 70’s Get your sewing kit out...
  3. He does absolutely everything. He’s a proper chap . Not much to look at his workshop but quality was excellent
  4. Agree 100% with Leigh, Steve did my sill covers this time last year. Sourced the same leather from Italy and was £50% cheaper than Allon Whites, around £180 IIRC
  5. Very very unlucky. If it’s damage limitation the cheapest way your going to do this is by buying something like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114251009333 Getting yours and that to Gavs . Swapping the engines and then either sell the celica as a going concern or to maximise your return part the celica out and sell the shell as scrap.
  6. Morning guys and Girls, Sorry it’s been a while. What a time of life eh, I hope everyone’s keeping safe and well. I somehow have managed to get roped into painting the hall, stairs and landing , deep joy. The only upshot is I only painted all the skirtings last year, it’s just a wall colour swap as we both hated it from last years mistake, one of those where it looks great on the can in the shop. The downside is now I’ve got all the gear out both bathrooms have now been mentioned as it just so happens we have paint arriving for those too. I even ended up giving Kerri's car a mu
  7. Just catching up. Loving this , its getting closer!!!!! Regarding the light pods, what about bonding some strong magnets to the underside of the clam.
  8. Absolutely epic build... I don't know why I'm suprised but it's an absolute credit to you Leigh it's added build time as let you have time to do things properly. Sounded mega too. Great to see you and also I'm glad Pauls Rollers let you have an initial dial in run.
  9. Cheers Leigh, Manifold and cat pipe I think... Backbox should be fine. I was hoping to go gunmetal I the hope it may be a little more kinder to the dirty marks..
  10. Do you zircotec the cats or the pipes before and after? Interested as it was something I looked at last time and never did.
  11. Great news... Huge relief it wasn't anything more serious. Another step closer...
  12. I would say make it bigger then have the option to smooth that Leigh, rather than remove material and then be worse off
  13. Looking Incredible Leigh . Was talking to a mutual friend about you last week, talk about small world. I understand Neil bought a frame from you, I was showing him photos of your build and he said " is that Leigh's car , I recognise that garage".
  14. simply stunning Leigh , I know how much work goes into making something like that but what a result.
  15. I agree Kurt... Must be about time I looked after that s1 for you for a while. Stunning build so far Leigh
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