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  1. Dash Gauge Mount

    As I replied on SELOC yes that's my car and unfortunately you cannot get those pods from Yvo any more.
  2. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Where did you get the wheel arch liners from? Original or copies?
  3. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Fabulous work there Jonny. You certainly deserve it given the work and attention to detail you've put in.
  4. Stack Issue

    Stacks are starting to fail now but as Jonathan says hopefully it's the nearside hub sensor or temp sensor.
  5. Introductions / S1 Exige Wanted

    Unfortunately only desperate people sell in a fast rising market and that coupled with rarity will mean you'll have to act fast if one does come up.
  6. That is nice. Not sure I'd sit on it like that though, more likely to be upside down with head stuck in the footwell.
  7. Introductions / S1 Exige Wanted

    Prices only catching up with the rest of the market. Lotus cars seemed to have lagged behind for a long time and are now starting to creep up.
  8. Evora 400

    400 for me in a couple of years when there are a few on the second hand market. It's the spares availability and common issues which will be the worry.
  9. Brake disc thickness

    Hi Alan. Yes thanks. I was unsure as the manual stated to replace at 25 mm which I was expecting 2mm of use at least.
  10. Brake disc thickness

    Can anyone with new discs measure their thickness? Need to know if they are 28mm or 25.4mm when new. Cheers
  11. IHi Mark Are there issues as others reporting they cannot post. Sent pm but can't see if it sent properly.
  12. Thanks again Mark. Just feeling my way round the new platform. Cheers
  13. Cheers. Can't find how to go to my garage though it just lists the garage entries by what ever filter. Was specifically looking for my car. I'll use my PC when I get home. Ta
  14. Hmm. I don't see any of those at all Mark. Just the MLOC banner then the advert banner. No buttons, drop downs, nothing. I'm on android phone.
  15. Hi Mark. Go on then, where's the options to view latest post, go to my garage? Cheers

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