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Midlands Lotus Owners Club (MLOC)

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Steve J

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Steve J last won the day on October 16 2016

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    My girls
    Shooting tresspassers

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    S1 Exige (SC Honda)
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    See the Garage
  1. IHi Mark Are there issues as others reporting they cannot post. Sent pm but can't see if it sent properly.
  2. Thanks again Mark. Just feeling my way round the new platform. Cheers
  3. Cheers. Can't find how to go to my garage though it just lists the garage entries by what ever filter. Was specifically looking for my car. I'll use my PC when I get home. Ta
  4. Hmm. I don't see any of those at all Mark. Just the MLOC banner then the advert banner. No buttons, drop downs, nothing. I'm on android phone.
  5. Hi Mark. Go on then, where's the options to view latest post, go to my garage? Cheers
  6. I've used deicer before, does a similar thing.
  7. Hardcore in an Exige over N Elise is 80% visual. There's not a huge amount physically different as an Elise is pretty hardcore already. You didn't buy these cars to ferry kids about or do the weekly shop in.
  8. Less girly than an Elise.
  9. That's why good independent specialists are valuable and in this Internet forum age reputations can be quickly made and even quicker ruined.
  10. R888 are totally fine on a road car unless you drive in soaking wet or ice.
  11. Nothing wrong with using a real Exige in anger. Has to be the best which is why I swapped my Elise for one.
  12. Prices are on the rise so £30k may not get you one. Welcome.
  13. Is it sold yet?
  14. It's a compensation culture. See if you can get something for free by making someone else responsible. Always liked Donington before they messed about with it.
  15. AD07 was replaced years ago with AD08. 205 fronts are fine and cancel out the understeer built in by having 175 on the front.