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  1. Workshop recommendations required...

    He used to. Picked me up from the station when I went to collect my car. However if he's busy I can see why not these days.
  2. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    You are so going to cry when you get a stone chip in that perfect car.
  3. Smash!

    Ask them to claim for attempted perversion of justice. Some people just won't take responsibility for their own actions.
  4. Wheel refurb volunteer wanted!

    Is she going to pay for the refurb?
  5. Workshop recommendations required...

    Another vote for Gav at Unit 4. Respected independent specialist are more valued than a dealer stamp and more cost effective too.
  6. Smash!

    As said before, fight it.
  7. Advice on what seals & where...

    Ah if it's thin trim then it covered the edge of the rear diffuser.
  8. S1 Under Seat Carpet

    1. Do you really need it? 2. Any thin black mat material will be fine. 3. Don't stick anything down like rubber which will trap moisture and corrode the Ali. 4. Think of the weight you're adding
  9. Advice on what seals & where...

    Wheel arch liner edges?
  10. Tyres 195/50 ZR 16's

    That's no issue for an S1 Exige. Front wheels are fine for that size tyre and no rubbing problems (I run other 205/45/16 road tyres on the front of mine).
  11. Advice on what seals & where...

    Some options here https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/edge-trims As for other short trims. Have you a picture? I can hunt round the car to see if I spot them.
  12. Tyres 195/50 ZR 16's

    Aren't the fronts 205/45/16 for Lotus? I don't think they have the 195/50/16 as an option.
  13. Can I come back and apologies

    Fabulous to hear you beat this dredful disease Howard. Always welcome here.
  14. Vibrations at high speed?!

    Wheel bearing possibly. Check for movement when wheel jacked.
  15. Smash!

    Sorry to see this Kurt. I hope the witness was on your side as it's very common for the other driver to say you drove into them as you were speeding / driving wrecklessly. Having a Lotus counts against you. Hope it all works out for you and the car is back to pristine condition soon.

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