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  1. Steve J

    Guiness World Record

    It was the largest number of lotus in convoy which I don't think we got because people seemed incapable of driving at a steady speed rather than accelerate than brake to a stop. There will be an old thread in the archives somewhere.
  2. Steve J

    Trailering to Unit 4

    Thanks. I'm going to hire a trailer locally then take the car to Gav. Just need to source the replacement boot and proper high temp grease.
  3. Steve J

    Trailering to Unit 4

    There's not much left. Completely blown apart. If I can hire a trailer for £40 for the day it's a no brainer. Just need to get the right parts and tripod grease.
  4. Steve J

    Trailering to Unit 4

    My inner tripod driveshaft boot has ripped apart. Given I can't drive it to Gavs are there any recommended trailer hire places near Newark that rent by the day? Either that or I could do with a mechanics help to fix it at home. Sleaford Trailers. Anyone used them. Thoughts?
  5. Steve J

    Blyton Park

    Who cares. Just have fun and drive to yours and your car's ability.
  6. Steve J

    Rear diffuser

    Any automotive edge trim supplier should be able to provide. Edgetrims.co.uk for example.
  7. Steve J

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    I like how the previously white walls are now some shade of reflected green 😎 Very cool car Leigh.
  8. Steve J

    1997 S1 Elise Bonnet Hinge replacement

    Amazing how things work once you get rid of 20 years of rust and gunk.
  9. That's got to annoy Porsche somewhat
  10. Steve J

    1997 S1 Elise Bonnet Hinge replacement

    Easy enough job to sort once rusted bolts are removed / snapped ones drilled out. Steel in aluminium which gets wet isn't the best thing. Keep it greased and moving once done.
  11. Steve J

    Considering a return to the fold....

    Hi Johnny. Another welcome back and get out that lardy car into something lighter.
  12. Steve J

    AD07 or AD07LTS2?

    Hmm. Looks like AD08R is 205 for the 16 inch wheel. Don't know why it came up 185 on my phone. 205 will be too wide for your 5.5 fronts I would have thought. There is stock of the AD07 still so maybe that'll be your better choice. Skinny front wheels on the early S2 were a right pain for tyre availability from my recollection.
  13. Steve J

    AD07 or AD07LTS2?

    Quick check on Blackcircles and Mytyres say they have them in stock.
  14. Steve J

    AD07 or AD07LTS2?

    Cheap fronts. https://classifieds.seloc.org/ads/ad07-lts-front-tyres/
  15. Steve J

    AD07 or AD07LTS2?

    I've run both lotus and non-lotus versions of the various tyres over the years. Even with track use I never found a difference. 185 on the fronts of your S2 will make a nice difference to the inherent understeer especially if you've had the geo changed too.

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