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  1. I'd be happy with your current badge as the new flat design looks cheap.
  2. Sorted. Must have been a temporary glitch.
  3. Thanks all. I'll try his phone again today.
  4. That's the phone I have but it says it's not working. I'll try the email assuming he's still trading.
  5. Hi has anyone got Gav's mobile or other phone number as the main one seems to not be working? Thanks.
  6. I liked the hurricane on my S2 Elise. Good increase in sound and maybe a little increase in power but mostly good noise.
  7. A 2a is still on the cards as a post divorce present to myself if I have any money left. 😊
  8. As said on SELOC, B36 is Norfolk Mustard Metallic / Spice Yellow. They changed its name but colour the same. It's Norfolk Mustard yellow base coat with a metallic/pearlescent clear top coat. I need to get mine resprayed to make it perfect again.
  9. Hi Dean. You're right it's not obvious. However go to the store then my details. Your address etc is there.
  10. CL6 do squeal on the road, certainly with AP rotors. Very good on track. Why not have a set of pads for road and a set for track. Changing them over doesn't take long.
  11. You only live once. 😊 Will have to pop over at some time to see this. May give me motivation to refurb my Exige or get a Land Rover 2a. 😄
  12. Lovely heart shaped manifold there Leigh. You can tell you love that car. 👍
  13. Why not provide as a digital download for this year and up the physical production for next year if there's actual more demand?
  14. A very happy Xmas Ray and to everyone else here. 🍾
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