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  1. Very impressive! Beautiful.
  3. HOLY SΒ₯!+ Dave, that's bloody awesome. Well done for smashing the living day lights out of it 😎
  4. Tim, we deffo need some pictures mate 😎
  5. Superb work, well done.
  6. They certainly are, thank you.
  7. Dunc well done, graftastic Phil I love that, hits the right note here. I love vintage single prop planes. Know FA about the guts and glory but I do absolutely love the aggression in motion they bring from a photographic point of view.
  8. I've done Doninigton, Zandvoort, Brands GP, Spa and Portamio in an Evora GTC, R300, various Pork & Fez and the excellent Tatuus. I'm missing nothing! 🀣
  9. Very cool colouring 😎
  10. Yes Ray Oh the days of wondering round in full NBC gear. Must of been a strange sight Jonathan, I wonder if the suit and canister were in date
  11. Both I'm using Assetto Corsa Ray.
  12. 🀣 everyone is welcome after we see off this God awful virus. Not my idea I copied IanC but it's a proper piece of kit. You can totally dial in. I've spent the morning driving Imola in a formula car then switched to the GTC. Did another epic stint at Spa again this afternoon. Tomorrow I'll ditch the paddles and go sequential with a bit of H&T action at Donington. Well, that's if I ever get my older lad off it, fecker 😁
  13. Ok so my friends... I've just done an hour 15 at Spa in a GTC Evora. Awesome and sweaty! It's hard work. Lots of forced feedback, a little too aggressive but all to enjoy and calibrate.
  14. Enjoy Fish πŸ™‚ Well the rig's been delayed but everything else is here, delivery is scheduled now for Monday. Build will start sometime next week. I'm still 4 giant boxes short. My wife is one seriously unhappy bunny 🀣
  15. Dave, get it done. I doubt you've worked any less harder than me mate. In difficult times like these, you're bringing a smile to the faces of many a good friend sharing these hard lines. Beaver away, post up pics and make us happy πŸ˜‰
  16. Dave, MEGA. I really enjoyed that read, what superb work. The calipers particularly. And that horrible goo, WTF mate, I bet you were pulling your hair out by the roots . Keep it comng, lots of time to kill so get cracking. Awesome work.
  17. Funny stuff, we'll need this thread to keep us going. Manufacturing and development with a skeleton crew adhering to guidelines will keep me busy during the week. But I guess I/we still need to limit further possible exposure and scale down to the very bare bones. So Saturday evening saw perfectly good banked S1 Exige money go to... Sim Labs - TR1 Fanatec - Club Sport bundle + handbrake Ebuyer - Monster curved LCD and Gaming PC Demon Tweaks - Sparco seat and adjustable rails John Lewis - wireless Microsoft all in one keyboard and mouse Possible divorce - lonely wife Hopefully build thread starting Friday evening :-) Please stay safe you wonderful MLOCer's and families.
  18. Well done Alex. What's top of the TLC list...
  19. I need to draw attention to this thread... As Mark is being so lackadaisical πŸ™‚ I'm posting it here. So why not come join me (and a few others hopefully) at Le Mans 24hrs this year. We haven't got to stay at the same site or anything, just do your own thing, watch the race, meet up and have giggle! Lol ok maybe a convoy. So, who's in....
  20. Proud. mega buddy. Keep going...
  21. G3 Supergloss paste wax is my go to wax now. Easy affordable purchase from Halfords.
  22. I really like that Phil, great job mate.
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