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  1. JW Rudge & Co Ltd did a great job on mine after shot blasting elsewhere. Didn't mention that as an issue and I didn't have an issue after the 4 years after it was done. Mind you they didn't do many miles. Either way, still look perfect.
  2. Have to agree with OEM bushes. Not sure why you wouldn't zinc cost first though. Looks good, adds another layer of protection and POR goes on beautifully especially the second coat whilst tacky. When my clutch arm stuck and ripped the piston out of the master cylinder, brake fluid stripped the POR right off the wishbones below but the zinc coat was completely unaffected.
  3. Well listen. It was the right time, today the right day. Exige 498 has gone to a really great Lotus enthusiast. Upon loading it in to the transporter on a quiet road in middle of Sutton Coldfield on a very wet day, people still stopped and took photos.... The S1 Exige. GOAT.
  4. But no end of friendships hey Dredge or whatever your name is
  5. I have the Caterham and absolutely love that so something modern to chill in for a bit before I get back into a project....
  6. No more niggles, Gav went the extra mile as always. Only thing however and to cut a short story shorter, a very nice gentleman and Lotus enthusiast flew in briefly this morning and bought it! So off to Holland it'll be going Friday. It all happened rather quick TBH but I'm genuinely happy it will be looked after and cherished by a very nice chap. I wish him well and hope he enjoys many miles for many years. THE END 👍🏻
  7. Well done indeed. I'm not his biggest fan but it's quite the achievement nevertheless.
  8. You should rely more on recommendation.
  9. Lol always difficult, some really great people out there. Gav at Unit 4 and walk down the road to clear my head and grab a bacon butty is perfection. You really can't go wrong asking on MLOC.
  10. Grassroots footy and a trip to Kent Sunday counts me out. Brand GP on the 8th however
  11. This is it buddy. Just relax and let it take its course. I hoped I had finished mine last July (18), I rushed the finish to get to LiTP only to bollox up the paint work. I did but didn't take into account niggles and even now Gav has a list of jobs to do next month. Lol luckily all minor ..and this year again I missed LiTP (it wasn't my fault (again) Dean l
  12. Lol defo not a finger Steve and I couldn't help but edit the post
  13. I really hate that Gav @ Unit 4, thinks he know it all... HE REALLY DOES 🤣 So service no.2 since he got it running 600 miles run in found a few little niggles....2 little oil leaks, tiny and minor. Rear offside bearing, which TBH I thought was tyre noise and the sill coolant pipe is weeping. Luckily reachable. A days work he says.... I say fricking awesome. All in all I'll take that and I'll tell you What, it's running like an Arabian bloody stallion. My car is MEGA 😎
  14. Thanks for posting Kurt, there is a lot of love being fired over from the Foxes mate 😉
  15. Mine too after a Friday service with Gav and a clean. Sorry Chris. That said I'll pop over in the Q7 for social 😁
  16. I can only echo all the above Kurt, our love to your family. Donation made 👊🏻
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