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Stelvio, But What Else?


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Well yes, finally - after having the Elise for nearly twenty years it's time for the 'pilgrimage' ! Early September because the schools will be back.


I'm taking my S1 to Stelvio, but also interesting in other driving roads / passes in the area. There are many online recommendations but I'm always more interested in personal anecdotes. Online guides list so many "must drives" I'd be there until the snows came in :)


Quite like the idea of continuing on to Slovenia and checking out the Mangart Saddle - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mangart_Saddle


Someone mentioned Mondsee area of Austria on another thread, quite like that because I worked in southern Germany many years ago and loved the area but didn't have time to explore enough of it.


Any info much appreciated.





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Have a great time smile.png  


We went early Sept 2011 to find this : The earliest snow for about 40 years.









The first 2 are in Livigno, the last one is the bottom of Stelvio sad.png


The "Col de Turini " well worth it if you are going that way ?






The old circuit at Reim also worth a visit on your way home



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Hi Adam,


Have a look at this thread, some notes & maps from my first euro trip in my Elise, 8 years ago now! Still remember it like it was yesterday, fantastic places and roads. R.I.B. did a similar trip the year after as well IIRC.


I would say that there are a lot better roads than Stelio - it gets all the press because it is the highest, but really there are other passes in that area that were much more fun to drive. (Grimselpasse / furkapasse /Sustenpasse / Col de Tende in Fr/It)  





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Went down in late May, depending on your route try the following;


Off two exits before the Gottard tunnel then explore the passes off the old Gottard pass (Susten, Furka etc), then via Andermatt pick up the 19 road and head east through the Alps, just before Chur head south on the 3 road and then pick up the 417 and head east to Davos, there pick up the 28 which is the Fluela pass, stay on the 28 to Santa Maria Val Mustair where you pick up the 559 which is the Umbrail pass and will join Stelio on the west side, the west side of Stelvio is 10 x better than the switch back on the east imho Bormio old town is fabulous place to stay as well, some video here;


Oh and enjoy!! I'd go again in a heartbeat, words failed me at times!!!




Some photos


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Started in Bilbao Monday morning, now near the French Alps and still not had the roof on.

Pyrenees was amazing but a bit too hot for a convertible at times.

Carcassonne was highlight so far.

Heading east into Italy in a couple of days.

S1 purring along, about 48mpg !

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