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  1. JonS

    The Twin

    BMW 335i
  2. Loved my Lotus Life!

  3. JonS

    The Bug

    Updated photos of my Bug
  4. JonS


    Uploaded on behalf of Alan's Elan
  5. JonS

    PICT0009 Version 2

    Uploaded on behalf of Alan's Elan
  6. JonS


    Uploaded on behalf of Alan's Elan.
  7. Counting down the last 1000 miles until I join the 100k club! :-)

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  9. JonS

    20130830 143513

    Furkapass if I'm not mistaken? Great roads!
  10. All MSA'd and ready to run! :D

  11. JonS

    Misc Photos

  12. Thanks for the comments. Glad it is of use to people, wherever they are in the world! :-)
  13. Quick - Summer's here! 1 weekend only!

  14. JonS

    2bular Exhaust

    A few photos of my new 2bular exhaust with single outlet and the false tail pipe.
  15. Had a slight 'off' at the Nurburgring! :D

    1. scatty


      Not bad I hope Jon??

    2. JonS


      Only damage to the driver - a few bruised vertebrae from being harnessed in and landing with a bit of a bump having leapt straight over a curb. No damage to the car as I managed to miss one of the few corners that has run-off! Lucky escape! lol

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