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  1. Good people of MLOC! I'm off to the Yorkshire Moors next month on my annual driving excusion with a few mates. I've not actually done much driving in that area so I was wondering if anyone can recommend any good routes? We're staying just south of Chop Gate and have 3 days to kill. Cheers, Jon
  2. 10 years on

    Congrats Laura. Funny thing is, it's 10 years this month since I bought The Bug! How times flies, althought the last 3 yrs without a Lotus have dragged in motoring terms somewhat!
  3. Advice on a 2001 VX220

    I looked at S2000's Miles, but good ones were S2 money, so A I couldnt afford them and B i'd have gone for an S2 instead RichBK just sold his, looked mint but sold within a few days.
  4. Advice on a 2001 VX220

    Thanks everyone. Good to see the old crew are still around (and I dont mean that in agist terms!) I appreciate the offer Miles, but realistically I can't go anywhere near a Lotus for the moment. Whilst I can get into S1 territory, I can't afford to then keep it going. This will be my daily drive (80miles a day) and whilst I'd be more than up for it, my experience of keeping an old Lotus going tells me I'd be wiser to look elsewhere. Which brings me onto the top of my list... as Jon E has pointed out - an MX5 is a pretty decent alternative for rag top, small car fun, bomb-proof, cost-effective, etc. So I'm currently looking for the NC (3rd Gen) MX5, 2ltr Sport or Sport Tech. We'll see where it takes me, but unfortunately a Lotus requires a race team budget which I used up on the last one!
  5. Advice on a 2001 VX220

    Cheers Miles, hope you're doing alright. Not sold the beema just yet, but I'm working on it. Well the VX was clearly a bargain! I went over to see it this afternoon and someone had driven down from Wales earlier today and bought it, having already found out its history through a forum! Less than £9k from a local Merc dealer. I was working on the basis that they didn't quite know what they had there. It was a bit worn on the inside, seats would need re-trimming, quite decent on the outside, needed referbed front alloys but generally it looked quite tidy. I know there is the old saying that Lotus wouldn't build a car that was better than their own, but it is pretty much the only way I can get close to one. Ah well, win some loose some. So it's back to the car that is top of my list for fun and VFM! Jap-style!
  6. Advice on a 2001 VX220

    Hi guys, some of you may remember me.... it's been a while since I've posted, measured in years! Well, Big Beema ownership hasn't had as much family fun as I thought, so I'm looking to get back into a 2-seater rag top. I can't afford a Lotus again unfortunately, else I'd jump straight back in! But I've found a 2001 VX220 for sale that looks ok on the outside, not a bad price, but need to go and take a look at it on the inside and take it for a drive. I'm wondering though, it's done 60,000 ish, which isn't bad for a 16 year old car, but what do I need to look out for on VX's of that age - mechanically? I'm not very familiar with the 2.2 vauxhall engine, so any advice would be great. A VX isn't top of my list, but if its a good 'un I might go for it. Cheers, Jon
  7. The Twin

    BMW 335i
  8. Loved my Lotus Life!

  9. The Bug

    Updated photos of my Bug
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