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    Yacht Designer by day, driving nut the rest of the time!

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    BMW 335i Coupe
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    DVA K13a, Piper 270 cams, Janspeed 4-2-1, Hurricane, CL RC5+ pads, EBC Turbo discs, SS Braided Hoses, Sport160 52mm Throttle Body, Black alloys
  1. Hi Adam, Have a look at this thread, some notes & maps from my first euro trip in my Elise, 8 years ago now! Still remember it like it was yesterday, fantastic places and roads. R.I.B. did a similar trip the year after as well IIRC. I would say that there are a lot better roads than Stelio - it gets all the press because it is the highest, but really there are other passes in that area that were much more fun to drive. (Grimselpasse / furkapasse /Sustenpasse / Col de Tende in Fr/It) http://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/topic/25030-jons-summer-2008-alps-expedition Jon
  2. Hi Leigh, I know i haven't posted here for a loonnng time, but I couldn't help with this news! Sorry to see it go, and I bet you must have had a lump in your throat as it drove off - and a wry smile with the rain! ;-) You and that 340 have been here from about the same time I joined and bought the Bug. Good luck with the Stratos project. Jon
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