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  1. Lotus Number 4...

    I just saw one of these in Hereford (we don't get nice cars around here so they stick out). Beautiful.
  2. Expensive MOT ;-) S1 Elise trade in

    Couldn't personally drop the fresh air above me when driving (last year was 3000 miles roof-off in Europe!) but that's a very beautiful car indeed.
  3. Elise S1 Front Clam removal

    Is there a FAQ or article for this somewhere? Google throws up an S2 version. Also, if doing this is there a list of job/checks whilst it's off and is a new bolt kit advised/available? TIA Adam
  4. Where were all the Lotus cars?

    Well, like busses..... Went for a short drive today and had a Lotus behind me on the A44 then parked next to one in the car park (both Elan FWD).
  5. Where were all the Lotus cars?

    Sunday started bright & sunny, so I gave the S1 a quick wash and we went for breakfast at CrossGates out on the A44. Decided to run over the hills down to Lampeter then across to Aberaeron - stopped for Ice Cream and Chips. Ran back via the North Brecons. Didn't see a single Lotus on the road?!?? Was there a big meet somewhere?
  6. I'd be interested if it stops raining. I nearly put my ancient S1 through the hedge yesterday, Herefordshire roads are mud, mud, mud.....
  7. A Mloc Welsh Weekend

    Very likely, I'm north of Hereford so practically already in Wales.
  8. Cv Boot Replacement

    Thanks for posting this - mine is in need and I wanted to know how much work was involved before trying it myself.