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  1. Is there a FAQ or article for this somewhere? Google throws up an S2 version. Also, if doing this is there a list of job/checks whilst it's off and is a new bolt kit advised/available? TIA Adam
  2. Well, like busses..... Went for a short drive today and had a Lotus behind me on the A44 then parked next to one in the car park (both Elan FWD).
  3. Sunday started bright & sunny, so I gave the S1 a quick wash and we went for breakfast at CrossGates out on the A44. Decided to run over the hills down to Lampeter then across to Aberaeron - stopped for Ice Cream and Chips. Ran back via the North Brecons. Didn't see a single Lotus on the road?!?? Was there a big meet somewhere?
  4. I'd be interested if it stops raining. I nearly put my ancient S1 through the hedge yesterday, Herefordshire roads are mud, mud, mud.....
  5. This year I did Northern Spain through to Bruges via the Pyrenees and Alps, also taking in the Milieu bridge (incredible), Lake Como, Stelvio, sections of the Black Forest. Driving highlight was Col de Galibier, Stelvio was neat but get up early. Black forest was also great. 3000+ miles on the continent in a 19 year old Elise, no problems other than the number plate slid off in the heat!
  6. Very likely, I'm north of Hereford so practically already in Wales.
  7. Started in Bilbao Monday morning, now near the French Alps and still not had the roof on. Pyrenees was amazing but a bit too hot for a convertible at times. Carcassonne was highlight so far. Heading east into Italy in a couple of days. S1 purring along, about 48mpg !
  8. Any of you respondents heading to LITP weekend after next? Would love to hook up and chat about your experiences if you're there. Adam
  9. Thanks Jon, I'll take a read through that. Already did the Grimsel and furka in 2014 in a peugeot 206 diesel but they're definitely on the agenda for my trip. Adam
  10. Well yes, finally - after having the Elise for nearly twenty years it's time for the 'pilgrimage' ! Early September because the schools will be back. I'm taking my S1 to Stelvio, but also interesting in other driving roads / passes in the area. There are many online recommendations but I'm always more interested in personal anecdotes. Online guides list so many "must drives" I'd be there until the snows came in Quite like the idea of continuing on to Slovenia and checking out the Mangart Saddle - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mangart_Saddle Someone mentioned Mondsee area of Austria on another thread, quite like that because I worked in southern Germany many years ago and loved the area but didn't have time to explore enough of it. Any info much appreciated. Adam
  11. Thanks for posting this - mine is in need and I wanted to know how much work was involved before trying it myself.