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Simon Mac

Black Wheels, Titanium Car...

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Well my new wheels and tyres arrived today...


Had them delivered to work, so I bribed one of the lads at work to run them down to the tyre place to get the rubber mounted on the new shiny round metal bits.


Then had the slight issue of how to transport them back to my house where my jack and torque wrench live, so I could mount them on the car... 


I can now from experience say it IS possible to transport a complete set of Elise wheels using an Elise and an MX5! :o



Anyway the results look like this (please excuse how dirty the car is)




Only managed a brief spin out in it, and the tyres are still far to new to give a proper assesment. But I reckon it's made a noticeable difference, especially front end grip under braking.  (New 195/50 T1Rs  vs old 195/45 Kuhmo 31s upfront,  both with equivalent 225/45s at the rear)


I was in two minds about black vs. silver. But as I'm keeping the already silver Rimstock 6 spokes, I went the black route. 



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Thanks for the comments guys!


I was unsure to start with. There is a definite demographic split in my office, the "Old Skoolers" prefer the silver, the "Young Pups" the black...    


It must be because I'm still young at heart :P

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