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  1. Old Tools - free to a good home

    Why should he, he has one of these: (AKA nut lathe)
  2. Old Tools - free to a good home

    Bit late, could have murdered for some imperial spanners taking apart the carb on my Briggs + Stratton mower last weekend. (Case of make do and mend with an old cheapy imperial set and a grinder sorted it though ) Why do 'Murikans insist on being so backward? As for BA... I'd heard of AF (aka American Fread) and WW (Whitworth) but BA is a new one on me.
  3. Driving abroad

    Ditto. I've done 3 x c.4000 mile trips in my Lotuses. France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Romania all with no problems. I guess it depends if you will be driving at night, but for the odd tunnels where you have to put lights on didn't see me get angry flashes from other users. In my case I'd drive during the day, park up somewhere nice at night, going out for a meal and a few drinks meant leaving the car anyway. I did leave the set in the car that came with one of those "euro kits", as a bit of insurance in case I got pulled, but I've been lucky. TBH I'm more worried about returning to find a load of unpaid speeding tickets (Time for a personal plate before I go back ? )
  4. Number 5

    Congrats Alex, looks a beaut
  5. Anyone lend me an engine crane?

    I have one you are more than welcome to borrow, just note I don't have a leveler. P.M. me I might be able to drop it off / give you a hand.
  6. Tow Cars...

    Alan yep 3.5t tow rated, which is why they were so popular with plant operators (though my understanding is there is something of a crackdown on requirement of needing to have a tacho fitted if used for business.) I haven't bought a trailer yet, but thinking along the lines of either the Brian James Sprint or Race Sport. The latter seems more flexible with the side doors. In terms of car, I'm torn. An early-ish Elise is a definite option, as are the lower power Caterfields, at least to start with.
  7. Newbie Here - Tyres And Parts Bin Advice?

    What's not to love
  8. Suspension Advice

    My vote FWIW is try and just replace/refurb the dampers. Out of the box the Exige was a good compromise between road and track use (if anything a bit too track biased for my taste having seen the light of a stock S2 Elise, which I found had a better flow over broken surfaces.).
  9. Tow Cars...

    I'm hoping so Miles! It's an 02 plate, 103k miles. Not sure the exact model, but it seems fairly well specced for a car of that era. Metallic green, seven partial leather seats (heated fronts), multi-player CD, steering wheel controls, heated front screen, rear audio controls. It doesn't have the active levelling suspension (a plus in my mind for a car that old), or centre diff lock. Chassis seems reasonable from the prodding I did on it, drives straight (albeit slowly compared to what I'm used to ). Still has the original jack, manuals, wallet etc. I _think_ it's a pretty straight car. My only mild concern is how much towing it's done as I think it was owned by a company before. My best guess it was a trade-in, and they just threw it down the auction because it's too old to sit on a dealer forecourt (it was being sold by Pendragon). TBH What I paid for it I still have some in the kitty for repairs, and if it does go pop next week it was cheap enough to chalk it up to experience.
  10. Newbie Here - Tyres And Parts Bin Advice?

    For parts, the obvious ones are: DeRoure https://www.deroure.com Elise Parts https://www.eliseparts.com Seriously Lotus https://www.seriouslylotus.com/ DeRoure shipping more OEM stuff. You _might_ even be able to get some carbon 3rd party parts cheaper than the OEM plastic. Otherwise trawl eBay for bits on cars being broken for spares. As for AD08's are you confusing them for AO48's ? (The 48's are the semi-slicks fitted to the Exige, the 08's more of an all rounder). The 48's are definitely a handful in the wet (says speaking from experience of dailying an Exige), but I'm still here to tell the tale! In terms of replacement every year, it depends how far and how aggressively you drive My last Elise had Toyo T1-R's on and I did 10k miles, inc. one track day, and they were still plenty serviceable. The S2 Exige I think I was around 6k miles for the rears just on road use. The S3 Exige I squeaked 8k miles out of the last set of rears (lot's of touring miles)
  11. Tow Cars...

    @AlanS1 Sound advice, though I can be somewhat rash on occasion On a whim I picked up a Disco 2 at the local auction for half book price. Amazingly everything works, it drives well, 11 months MOT, had main dealer service history in the glovebox, the H/L selector was stiff from non-use (but works now I've freed it up)... Now to find a trailer! (And resist the new urge I've found to throw on a lift kit, silly tyres, winch bumpers, etc. etc.)
  12. Exige 'hardcore'?

    They may take away our Alcantara, but they will never take our freedom!!!
  13. Exige 'hardcore'?

    Ah but to counter that, you can cover the rearview mirror with velcro, put some on the back of your phone case too, and you have a perfect phone mount. (What I did to my old S2 Exige ) Now with the V6 you get parking sensors, and a glass screen, so reversing is easy
  14. Exige 'hardcore'?

    Suspension and tyres with the S2 Elise vs S2 Exige (assuming you are comparing like for like engines). You could easily put a set of stiffer springs, tweak the geo, add some semi-slicks and make an Elise more "hardcore" than a stock Exige. The V6's longer wheelbase does change the underlying character a little more.
  15. Exige 'hardcore'?

    My take is it's definitely more hardcore than an Elise. Stock to stock comparison, an S2 for summer road use the Elise was nicer IMHO. Less bump steer, more supple, cheaper to run, and getting caught by a rain shower was not an issue. Take it on track and clearly the Exige is better. The S3 Exige is probably less hardcore in some ways than the S2 Exige. It is quieter at motorway speeds, feels more "planted", and the torque curve generally makes for less gear changes and a more relaxed over all feel. (Not to say the pace is anything less than hardcore) I'm torn if I'm honest to which car I preferred doing my 3000+ mile road trips in (which I know is hardcore in both ). The S3 Exige probably pips it because of the motorway cruise ability (oh and the noise through tunnels )