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  1. Yes AIB are worth contacting, I've used them before. Just try all the usual suspects too. Burnt Orange - great colour, and excellent choice
  2. I'd certainly give Ollie a call at Phoenix just to discuss your options too. He does this sort of stuff and has the gear on site to machine parts. Worth a call if nothing else.
  3. No they don't do them in 175/55/16 - but 205/45/16 is a very close circumference, so if your rims will take the width - some do some don't, then they will be fine. If your car is the RGB as stated in avatar, then likely you have forged wheels which will probably take the AD08's
  4. Why don't you think the AD08rs' wont fit Many folks run them on Elises, both S2 and S3 variants. you just need to check whether your rims will take the width - so its wheel dependant really. As the circumference difference is negligible Running them on my cup, but know they rims would take them Always found the 08 a much better tyre than the 07, grip wise.
  5. Hi and welcome to the forum Aircon is often desirable at resale, and handy for demisting if tracking with a roof on too Nothing wrong with 2 piece brakes. Hard tops are cheaper when spec'd with a new car - you don't need Bluetooth radio, and I think they do still come with one fitted, but werent standard on the S cup. In real terms theres not that much difference between the 220 and 250 cups, the 220 is more tuneable too, - however I did notice a lot of difference between my 250 and my old S2 SC. There may be some S cups around too for sale, which are the same as the 220 - rebranded later A 350 Exige is a different beast really, but an Elise would be more suited to smaller tracks and roads - but as you are testing one wait until after to decide. Haver fun and will be good to hear about your experiences. Might be worth registering on SELOC if you haven't already, contact Will B, who's a reputable dealer of Lotuses to see whats about.
  6. Snap, neither did I. Sorry for any misleading information.
  7. Its not the same, thicker cable and less likely to snap. Crafty Plates is the co. that sells them - on ebay too Lotus do stock them, but often on back order Had both mine go on the cup within the first 18 months, which really is rubbish !! Luckily the dealer replaced under warranty, @ £100 + each isn't a joke tbh. Crafty Plates ones are around £50
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