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Martin 111S

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  1. Red plinth, black wing mirrors But quite like the 'one of each ' look
  2. Give Ollie a ring at Phoenix motorsports - he has a box full of em. I know for a fact as I needed a RHS and he only had the left
  3. very good Andy
  4. AD 07/08 really for road use I found, which they generally come with. Folks tend to use 08 on the rear as they are usually cheaper, and run the 07's on the front unless it has a wider front wheel to cater for the wider 08.
  5. Just for you Andy
  6. Only these from picking it up yesterday
  7. Had my first Lotus of the year yesterday - loved it Looking forward to many, many more, again.
  8. Try taking out and returning fuse 8 or it might be 9 - have heard this resets dash lighting problems It might not work in this case, but an easy thing to try, all it costs is time