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  1. Martin 111S

    Is it still AD07 and AD08 ?

    So what have you decided then ?
  2. Martin 111S

    Is it still AD07 and AD08 ?

    I'd go with this if you can fit the fronts ok - but grab them while you can, as AD08R aren't going to be around for long due to EU regs !!! I'm running AD08R on all corners and handles fine, the fronts remove most of the understeer
  3. Martin 111S

    Service help required

    How far do you want to travel, plenty of decent indy folks/specialists but not on your doorstep, apart from Rob Boston, apparently - not used him so no knowledge. Last few years I've travelled 220 mile roundtrip, worth it to me though
  4. Martin 111S

    Yokohama AD07

    Tyre Leader have both sizes in stock LTS spec. Usually it has LTS on the sidewall, or used to. AD08R is a very, very similar compound now to the newer AD07 LTS
  5. Martin 111S

    off to bed..

    Aerokit on the cups, provide lots of downforce at fast speeds - cant remember what speed- generates 100kg of downforce as opposed to the standard wing on the 220 which generates virtually nothing.
  6. Martin 111S

    S2 rear tyres

    I've run 08s on rears before without issue on previous cars, excellent grip and in the wet too, plenty of folks do it. Now running them on all four corners, usually work out cheaper too than 07s.
  7. Martin 111S

    Insurance Write off

    Sorry to hear about this You say you don't have legal protection, but do you have it on any insurance - i.e house ? As I think if you do you could use that - worth checking out at least. Your insurance will let you take it where you want to, but you may not get all the nice stuff like courtesy car etc. as they cant force you to take it to a place of their choosing. Also worth bearing in mind, that they might not let you buy it back if its written off. Some insurance co. send them to auction instead and you would have to bid, along with the rest. Often cars go for much more than they should in this instance. Hope you get a positive outcome, and be prepared to fight for what you want.
  8. Martin 111S


    Ouch, sorry to see this Kurt No idea to use for bodywork repair, is his insurance paying ? Those roundabouts at Newark can be a nightmare these days, and the road layout doesn't help.
  9. Martin 111S


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