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  1. Longer if you take it to a Specialist rather than a Dealer 😎
  2. Just checked, still got it and in good condition, so long as it looks like this Looking at Jonathan's white one they look the same, even if its a rear one wouldnt surprise me if they used the same part to cut costs/ supply issues.
  3. No probs Chris, I'll check tomorrow and let you know if its ok.
  4. If Junks hasnt any and you do need the full indicator, try Ollie at Phoenix, he did have a box of N/S indicators. I've got a slightly damaged one otherwise, and the holder should be in good condition - I' ll check if you do want it 😎
  5. Frozen spray, probably a puddle there originally - water splashes up and freezes due to the cold. Great effect though for the picture
  6. I've always just given the aluminium bits on all my lotus's a wipe down with AG fastglass - usually when doing the windows. Never had a problem so far, and its non abrasive.
  7. I know of the owner - Jamie and history of the car. Yes it caught fire and the damage was costly. Fully repaired by Lotus themselves including a replacement engine IIRC. and rear clam etc. They also gave it a fresh 3 year warranty from the time of the repair, so long as it was serviced by Lotus dealer rather than independent. The fire was one of those rare chance things, Lotus recalled all of them and replaced the fuel rail bolts as a precaution - had mine done last April, I'm certain Oakmere would know the cars history and certainly wouldnt have took it if there was any chance of it bei
  8. Welcome Rich, nice looking motor, plenty of Big Aero folks about
  9. Mine too - happily it seems solid and put together ok, so probably not a 'Friday' car 😀
  10. I'd certainly give Ollie a call at Phoenix just to discuss your options too. He does this sort of stuff and has the gear on site to machine parts. Worth a call if nothing else.
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