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  1. Something I'm going to look at in due course as apparently they do eventually snap Some folks have replaced the cable with a bike brake cable as its more resilient. Why Lotus went back to this after the S1, is ridiculous as they had known issues then, also the boot isn't secure if leaving the car with the roof off - so nowhere to leave any valuables. At least with the key entry muppets should only have locked it in the boot once.
  2. Welcome, I don't think you'll be disappointed in your choice of car The cups can be a bit marmite though, with all the aero kit Enjoy the run collecting it.
  3. Depending on who your insurer is, you may not get the chance to buy it back. Some send it auctions allowing folks to bid for it, rather than offering it to the original owner. If it does go to auction the price can vary wildly, as I found out with mine
  4. As others have said, get examples of similar cars for sale. Jonathan has it pretty much spot on. With regard to a hire car, a like for like one sounds good but will cost. This cost will eventually be added to the claim value and so may have an impact on whether they repair or write off - bear this in mind !! If you can mange without a car then I would do so, or go for the basic option to minimise the costs. No idea of repairers in your area, but best of luck with it. At least its someone elses fault rather than your own, so technically the other person has to put you back into the position you were in before the accident - i'e make good your car or make sure you are able to purchase a replacement of the same standard. You may need your ins. co. to fight this for you but they have to. When my SC was written off, I pushed for the full value I wanted, finally got it ( offered silly money to start !! ) and told them at the time I wanted a replacement car in the same colour, and if one wasn't available they were paying for the respray as the colour was important to me, and I could prove that it was. Negotiations were done and I came away happy I told them I was prepared to sue the culprit for the extra money if we couldn't reach an agreement. All the while driving around in a Merc SLC.
  5. Any noticeable drop in the header tank ? Have you tried taking the access panels off and having a feel around the rad. ?
  6. Red plinth, black wing mirrors But quite like the 'one of each ' look
  7. Give Ollie a ring at Phoenix motorsports - he has a box full of em. I know for a fact as I needed a RHS and he only had the left
  8. very good Andy
  9. AD 07/08 really for road use I found, which they generally come with. Folks tend to use 08 on the rear as they are usually cheaper, and run the 07's on the front unless it has a wider front wheel to cater for the wider 08.
  10. Just for you Andy
  11. Only these from picking it up yesterday
  12. Had my first Lotus of the year yesterday - loved it Looking forward to many, many more, again.
  13. Try taking out and returning fuse 8 or it might be 9 - have heard this resets dash lighting problems It might not work in this case, but an easy thing to try, all it costs is time