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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum Aircon is often desirable at resale, and handy for demisting if tracking with a roof on too Nothing wrong with 2 piece brakes. Hard tops are cheaper when spec'd with a new car - you don't need Bluetooth radio, and I think they do still come with one fitted, but werent standard on the S cup. In real terms theres not that much difference between the 220 and 250 cups, the 220 is more tuneable too, - however I did notice a lot of difference between my 250 and my old S2 SC. There may be some S cups around too for sale, which are the same as the 220 - rebranded later A 350 Exige is a different beast really, but an Elise would be more suited to smaller tracks and roads - but as you are testing one wait until after to decide. Haver fun and will be good to hear about your experiences. Might be worth registering on SELOC if you haven't already, contact Will B, who's a reputable dealer of Lotuses to see whats about.
  2. Snap, neither did I. Sorry for any misleading information.
  3. Its not the same, thicker cable and less likely to snap. Crafty Plates is the co. that sells them - on ebay too Lotus do stock them, but often on back order Had both mine go on the cup within the first 18 months, which really is rubbish !! Luckily the dealer replaced under warranty, @ £100 + each isn't a joke tbh. Crafty Plates ones are around £50
  4. First try the dimmer button - possible you've pushed and held it in. Next remove the fuse and replace, as this resets it Had this a couple of time on my old 2008 SC - think its no. 9 IIRC ( but check handbook ) After these - its gets more painful I'm afraid.
  5. Buy 4 cases of copy paper, one under each corner
  6. It will be dependant on which circuit they are using
  7. You'll be fine running the 08R's in 205 width on the front if the wheels will take them. Running them on mine and the handling is great, even at slow speeds.
  8. No problem Kevin, I'd probably run them at 24 front, 26 rear then, as the K is a lighter engine, and lighter car overall. All you can do is play around with them really to see what feels right.
  9. Which Elise are you running Kevin ? Those pressures are the stated ones for an S3 as per the handbook - I run mine about 25 front and 27 rear, so they aren't far off tbh.
  10. You're correct, the AD08/08R's aren't LTS - but won't make that much difference tbh, if any. I've run 08's for years and since Lotus now put A052's on I doubt they are LTS, and certainly the Ad08R's they put on the 260 Cup weren't LTS2 compound is very similar to AD08R Currently running AD08R's on the 250 Cup for fast road, and they're fine.
  11. Not in my experience, the Cup came with A048's which felt ok, swopped to the AD08's on the 205 and the steering was so much lighter I expected the car to feel really heavy at slow speeds, but not the case.
  12. Not used the Avons, but running AD08R's at the moment, no problems, great grip in the dry pretty good in the wet/winter. Fast road use on 250 cup But grab them while you can, as the EU in its wisdom will be banning them. Got a pair of rears on standby for when the current ones need changing.
  13. They area ridiculous price for them too - around £110 IIRC. Had 2 go so far on a less than 2 year old car Luckily they've been replaced under warranty. When they go again as they will, I'm going down the VX cable replacement route, as never heard of any of them snapping. One my previous elise I had one go in 6 years of driving - so the standards have dropped yet again. In reply to Macey, try eliseparts or a dealer if you want to keep original.
  14. So what have you decided then ?
  15. I'd go with this if you can fit the fronts ok - but grab them while you can, as AD08R aren't going to be around for long due to EU regs !!! I'm running AD08R on all corners and handles fine, the fronts remove most of the understeer
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