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S1 Sport 160 Part Info

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Hello all.


I have purchased 2 risers to fit to my 111s Elise to raise the spoiler. What I didn't get was the longer bolts and the rubber pads that sit between the risers and the spoiler.


Any ideas on where I can get them or the size of the bolts. I could make rubber pads if they are not available. I should have bought as pictured that came with everything I would need!!! (Clearly the cheaper one was not the best option.)


Thanks in advance of any info!!!


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    • By SMP
      Evening all,
      As per subject title, is anyone free for a couple of hours or so on the evening of Wednesday 4th July from around 18.00 to 20.00 (ish) ??
      It is my daughters secondary “School Prom” and between her and her friends they have requested a small Lotus parade to take them from Wombourne to the Village Hotel in Dudley (What was Burnt Tree Island area).
      Ideally we need an additional 4 cars - ideally Elises / Exige Roadsters as it’s going to be a lovely sunny Summers evening (👍☀️) and 5 roofless cars will allow easier access for what are likely to be big dresses and posh hairdos !
      Initial plans are to get the girls and cars all together, have a few photos and then drive the 6 miles or so up to the Village Hotel. No doubt a few more photos and then go our separate ways.
      I’m sure there will be some beer 🍺 tokens available to cover fuel etc.
      Can anyone assist a group of teenagers who want something a little more original and probably a little noisier than the usual limo ???
      Please drop me a line on here if you can assist so we can arrange details.
      Thanks in advance.
    • By kerm111t
      Hi guys
      Apologies for the shameless plug, but thought some of you might be interested...
      As well as being a proud owner of an S2 Elise, I'm also a graphic designer and have just put together a range of Elise/Exige t-shirts, inspired by the famous Colin Chapman quote: 'Simplify, then add lightness'.
      They're available from www.mercht.com/u/kerm111t for a limited time (14 days from today) and come in a choice of five colours. Choose from the S2 Elise 111S, 111R or Exige (or all three if you're so inclined!)
      I'd really appreciate it if you could spare the time to take a look, provide me with any feedback and (obviously) would appreciate it even more if you choose to purchase one! Would be fantastic to see a few being worn at next year's LiTP!
      If you like them please feel free to spread the word within the Lotus community, or if there are any other designs you'd like to see just give me shout (thinking about adding the S1 Elise and V6 Exige at some point in the future).


    • By Chris Harris
      Pair of great condition used Tillet B5 seats in full carbon, not the carbon/fibreglass standard version. Full Seat pads, with side mounts on slimline runners. 
      These are over a grand each new on special order I believe.  Stock picture, but same seat, just bare carbon front and rear.
      Can send photos if you need them, or update this if requested.