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S1 Sport 160 Part Info

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Hello all.


I have purchased 2 risers to fit to my 111s Elise to raise the spoiler. What I didn't get was the longer bolts and the rubber pads that sit between the risers and the spoiler.


Any ideas on where I can get them or the size of the bolts. I could make rubber pads if they are not available. I should have bought as pictured that came with everything I would need!!! (Clearly the cheaper one was not the best option.)


Thanks in advance of any info!!!



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Or buy bolts from eBay, having added the depth of your riser to the current bolt. 2mm rubber sheet and cut it yourself.


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    • By Digimap2k
      So I spent a lot of today replacing the rear wheel bearings. Whilst in the area I had a good poke around the toe links and can't decide what to do. It's a V plate S1 elise with aluminium hub uprights. Road tyres and not tracked but quite hard road use round the peaks most days. Joints on the toe link are of the captive ball variety with conical spacer, all moving freely. Look like original parts to me.
      So do I:
      (a) Pretend I never read any of the toe link fail threads and get on with my life.
      (b) Spend the £300 + geometry from hangar111, elise-parts, elise-shop etc
      (c) Spend the £500 + geometry on the spitfire kit.
      (d) Replace just the end that tends to fail.

    • By Musicman7
      Hi guys.
      Not been on for a while.. good to see many of you this past weekend! As per title, I've had my car dipped matte orange, as well as had a spoiler fittted, canards, carbon fibre spoiler etc. 
      I quite like it!

    • By nokesy
      S1 and S2 clutch pedal trunnion bearing.
      Got an annoying squeak? this'll fix it.
      I have a few left (10 approx) £20 delivered
    • By M@r]{
      Mak XLR light weight wheels in Toyota fitment. Perfect fit for an S2 Exige, may fit Elise?  Shod with Advan A048's with legal tread. Easily enough tread for another track day or two. Wheels are in immaculate condition, no kerbing at all.
      Would make a great upgrade from the OEM y spokes or to have as a second set of wheels with winter or all season tyres on.  
      Two of them have lost the lotus badge off the centre caps.  Caps are still present, just needs a couple of those gel coat stickers from eBay. 
      Ive also got some more semi slick tyres that can be included for the right price.  I have 4 tears and 2 fronts. All have at least 3mm of tread.
      Collection from NN14 (30secs off the A14 in Northamptonshire). Can also arrange Collection from Northampton or Leicester.