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Alex B

First Clean.

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I picked my S1 up on Saturday, it needed a little bit of TLC.
After spending most the day tinkering and cleaning the looks 100times better.
From this:
This is the rubber mat out of the drivers side foot well.

To this:

DSC_0001 by awbroomfield, on Flickr
SAM_0584 by awbroomfield, on Flickr
SAM_0583 by awbroomfield, on Flickr
SAM_0581 by awbroomfield, on Flickr
SAM_0579 by awbroomfield, on Flickr
SAM_0577 by awbroomfield, on Flickr
SAM_0576 by awbroomfield, on Flickr


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Azure blue....my favorite colour happy.png


Was the mat in the car foot well?

Yes it was, all cleaned up now ready to be coated in corrosion prevention stuff tonight.

Bloody hell Alex....was the previous owner growing potatoes in the footwell??

No but I think we must be a fan of that waterless wash shit you can buy. As any hard to reach area was left dirty.

What exhaust do you have on it?


How does it sound?

Eliseparts exhaust and 4branch.

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