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  1. Elise 2zz Engine Spruce Up

    Great job! Well done!
  2. A favour...

    Hi Alex I have a full set of S2 Exige wheels (no tyres) you can borrow ( or buy if want a spare set for track days!). Out of interest is it ‘steering wheel wobble’ you have? If so I had this on my Exige at exactly 70mph. I pulled my hair out over this problem for months, kept having wheels balanced and all sorts. I was then told to change the tyres from A048 to R888s. I didn’t think for second this would make a difference but....problem solved over night! If IRC Curvy (Simon?) had exactly the same problem and his was resolved by changing to R888s. Mark
  3. New Member ..First Lotus

    Welcome! A excellent choice of car!......but then I would say that ?
  4. newbie

    Welcome to the club sir! Mark
  5. Done! Good Luck Guy! Mark
  6. Exige wheels - value?

    Okay thanks. I will post up in the sales section when I get time. In meanwhile any interested just pm me. ? Mark
  7. Exige wheels - value?

  8. Exige wheels - value?

    Hi All I have a set of standard (used) Exige S2 wheels (no tyres). Any rough ideas on value? TIA Mark
  9. Absolute Lotus Magazine

    Me too - really looking forward to reading this!
  10. Elise boot release cable.

    Bloody boot won’t open! I don’t think the cable has snapped as I can hear it unlock. Tried pushing down on boot and moving side to side while wife keeps pulling release. Uncle Gav not answering his phone all day either! The rascal! Any ideas? Mark
  11. Garage to Service 111R

    Gav will look after you. Very fair pricing and what he doesn’t know about Elise’s ain’t worth knowing. I can highly recommend him. Mark
  12. Hello to MLOC people

    Welcome to MLOC Sir!
  13. Window Tinting firm in Bromsgrove ?

    Thanks for taking the time to update. Mark
  14. A Merry Chistmas to everyone

    Merry Christmas everyone!!
  15. 1966 Elan S3 DHC SE

    That looks beautiful SImon - well done! if I know you that will have been completed to an excellent standard! Are you keeping the car or is it for sale? Mark

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