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  1. Interesting this....a couple of years ago I was desperate to get a standard exhaust as mine at the time was too loud for track. People told me I'd have no problem getting a second hand one.....well at the time I couldn't get one for love nor money and would have gladly paid £100!!!
  2. Okay so.....My boot release is now perfect! Thanks to Gav at Unit4. Apparently mine was at such at angle it was catching/rubbing. Gav has rerouted and now opens like a hot knife through butter! Mark
  3. Mine is exactly the same (2014 Elise CR S) can't help but think the cable is about to snap every time I open the damn thing! I am due a service tomorrow so will get a second opinion.
  4. Nice car! Welcome to the club!!! Mark
  5. That looks like it's going to be a right handful!!
  6. Red!
  7. A really nice car that Alex - I'm glad your happy with it! Mark
  8. Good work Guy! At this rate I am going to have to get you a job in sales!!!!
  9. I had a first class job done there. It just took about 10 days because they were so busy doing work for Merc. Mark
  10. Well spotted......and your probably right!! LOL!
  11. I've used these in the past - very good job - but it was a week or so before I got them back. IIRC they do a lot of work for the local Merc garages also. http://www.prestigewheelcentre.co.uk/alloy-wheels-c1
  12. Hi Dean Same place as the kit -here's what you need if you go down the microfibre route! http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/car-polish-compounds/meguiars-microfiber-system/meguiars-microfiber-finishing-wax/prod_961.html http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/meguiars-da-microfiber-correction-compound/prod_962.html http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/car-polish-compounds/meguiars-microfiber-system/meguiars-da-microfiber-finishing-pads-5-5-in-2-pack-/prod_966.html http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/car-polish-compounds/meguiars-microfiber-system/meguiars-da-microfiber-cutting-pads-5-5-in-2-pack-/prod_967.html http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/polishing-accessories/scholl-concepts-pad-cleaning-brush/prod_1721.html I strongly recommend that you buy a pad cleaning brush ( makes a difference in between applying more fluid. You are looking at about £80 all in but the pads can be washed in the washing machine and used again - there's enough fluid for two to three cars. Well worth the investment IMO. Mark
  13. Hi Dean If you can borrow someones DA Polisher - ( You can borrow mine if you want to come to Sutton Coldfield ). Meguiars Microfiber system is the way to go for novices! Next to zero chance of any damage with a DA Polisher - one to correct, one to wax! The results are absolutely stunning for a very low cost (check out youtube - couldn't be easier). If you are feeling flush and want a polisher too then here's a link for a 'kit', if not microfibre pads and correction fluid available separately. Mark http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/polishing-machines/das-6-pro-plus-dual-action-polisher/das-6-pro-plus-meguiars-microfibre-kit/prod_1454.html
  14. Welcome back and nice car!!!
  15. If nothing else you've given me a laugh!!