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  1. Yes Mark safari. But seems to have rectified itself! Thanks
  2. Hi Any one else having problems viewing MLOC on iOS?
  3. I would be interested in this Phil. I did the one Simon organised which was Friday 29th April 2016! A few of us stayed in the hotel where people met up on the morning for breakfast. We had a few beers and some Lotus chat in bar which was great. It would be good to maybe do that again this time too? I don’t mind helping with the organising, in the past when I have organised sprint days and Karting days it’s the chasing of payments I struggle with because I have paid in full out of my own money. I wonder if there is a way around this ? Mark
  4. I did the same, it worked, but can’t remember which way either! There is a post on Seloc explaining which way, which is where I educated myself!
  5. Sheldon as usual I can’t help with anything technical other than I’m up for a Trackday! Let me know! Mark
  6. A heart-wrenching story. I hope all goes well for your daughter. Mark
  7. Welcome back! I work in Thame and sometimes take the Lotus if you fancy a run out!!
  8. Welcome! I use Gav at unit 4 too. Good, honest bloke, who knows his way around a Lotus. As soon as I was out of warranty on my current car, it went to Gav. I personally believe, unlike most cars a dealer stamp vs a known independent stamp makes absolutely no difference to the selling price! Mark
  9. Alex Ive got Russ old set of original Standard Exige wheels if you’re interested - no tyres. Mark
  10. Alex Out of interest what tyres do you have fitted? When I had my Exige I had terrible steering wheel wobble at roughly 70mph. Did absolutely everything and nothing solved it. I was then told to change the tyres from A048 to R888 I didn’t think this would work for a second but desperate to sort the problem I changed them and low behold sorted it instantly!!! I also know other people who had this problem including SImon CIVRY on MLOC who solved it by doing this too. Mark
  11. Yay Jonny, I personally wouldn't recommend blowing out Grannies with air hoses it could hurt them. Or do mean Crannies??? LOL!! Mark I'll get my coat!
  12. Jonny - Is this a 'keeper' do you think? Mark
  13. Meister


    Taken at Curborough sprint course 20th September 2015
  14. Meister


    Moody shot taken at Curborough sprint course 20th September 2015
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