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  1. A Merry Chistmas to everyone

    Merry Christmas everyone!!
  2. 1966 Elan S3 DHC SE

    That looks beautiful SImon - well done! if I know you that will have been completed to an excellent standard! Are you keeping the car or is it for sale? Mark
  3. Newby

    Welcome to the club! Mark
  4. Back in a Lotus at last

    Good work Andy! Looks really nice - I wouldn’t mind a passenger lap in her! Mark
  5. Lotus Number 4...

    Nice car! Is it auto or manual?
  6. MLOC AGM Reminder

    Me too!
  7. My video from the Lotus Festival!

    Good high def video that Charlie - was that using a Gopro? How on earth did the Evora come off track at 7.15 on a parade lap?? Mark
  8. More from the Lotus Festival

    Some great pictures there Eric - thanks for posting! Mark
  9. Gauging interest

    I'm up for it Alex - date dependant. Mark
  10. Evora Specialised Indoor Car Cover

    Thanks Phil
  11. Evora Specialised Indoor Car Cover

    Hi Phil - Nice cover that! - Can I ask how much? Mark
  12. 2012 1.6 OEM exhaust - would it sell?

    Interesting this....a couple of years ago I was desperate to get a standard exhaust as mine at the time was too loud for track. People told me I'd have no problem getting a second hand one.....well at the time I couldn't get one for love nor money and would have gladly paid £100!!!
  13. Elise boot release cable.

    Okay so.....My boot release is now perfect! Thanks to Gav at Unit4. Apparently mine was at such at angle it was catching/rubbing. Gav has rerouted and now opens like a hot knife through butter! Mark
  14. Elise boot release cable.

    Mine is exactly the same (2014 Elise CR S) can't help but think the cable is about to snap every time I open the damn thing! I am due a service tomorrow so will get a second opinion.
  15. Newbie checking in.

    Nice car! Welcome to the club!!! Mark