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  1. Meister

    Hello old friends......

    Welcome back! I work in Thame and sometimes take the Lotus if you fancy a run out!!
  2. Meister

    New Here...

    Welcome! I use Gav at unit 4 too. Good, honest bloke, who knows his way around a Lotus. As soon as I was out of warranty on my current car, it went to Gav. I personally believe, unlike most cars a dealer stamp vs a known independent stamp makes absolutely no difference to the selling price! Mark
  3. Meister

    A small favour...

    Alex Ive got Russ old set of original Standard Exige wheels if you’re interested - no tyres. Mark
  4. Meister

    A small favour...

    Alex Out of interest what tyres do you have fitted? When I had my Exige I had terrible steering wheel wobble at roughly 70mph. Did absolutely everything and nothing solved it. I was then told to change the tyres from A048 to R888 I didn’t think this would work for a second but desperate to sort the problem I changed them and low behold sorted it instantly!!! I also know other people who had this problem including SImon CIVRY on MLOC who solved it by doing this too. Mark
  5. Meister

    LitP 2019 help

    Hi Dean Happy to sort the MSA license if that helps. Mark
  6. Meister

    New Elise owner

    Welcome! Nice car!
  7. Meister

    Elise 2zz Engine Spruce Up

    Great job! Well done!
  8. Meister

    A favour...

    Hi Alex I have a full set of S2 Exige wheels (no tyres) you can borrow ( or buy if want a spare set for track days!). Out of interest is it ‘steering wheel wobble’ you have? If so I had this on my Exige at exactly 70mph. I pulled my hair out over this problem for months, kept having wheels balanced and all sorts. I was then told to change the tyres from A048 to R888s. I didn’t think for second this would make a difference but....problem solved over night! If IRC Curvy (Simon?) had exactly the same problem and his was resolved by changing to R888s. Mark
  9. Meister

    New Member ..First Lotus

    Welcome! A excellent choice of car!......but then I would say that 😂
  10. Meister

    Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Yay Jonny, I personally wouldn't recommend blowing out Grannies with air hoses it could hurt them. Or do mean Crannies??? LOL!! Mark I'll get my coat!
  11. Meister

    Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Jonny - Is this a 'keeper' do you think? Mark
  12. Meister

    Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    They look good Mr Fox! Mark
  13. Meister


    Taken at Curborough sprint course 20th September 2015
  14. Meister


    Moody shot taken at Curborough sprint course 20th September 2015
  15. Meister

    Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Good work Mr Fox! Mark

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