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  1. Dave, Why not enjoy a few good track days 1st then worry about the front clam?
  2. AlanS1

    Winter work.

    This made me laugh. Not quite Dean. To be honest i can remove the clams on my car in about an hour for both. (as they are a bit tatty i do not have to be that careful) However i have no idea how long the sill removal will take. I am guessing the second one will take less time. Putting it all back together with fresh paint will be another story though
  3. AlanS1

    Winter work.

    After last winter where i did the usual - wishbone, blasting, zinc plating POR15, new ball joints, spherical bearings, track rod, rack out, rear subframe, blasting, reinforcing, zinc plating POR15, Engine mount refurbishing, engine re positioning, uprated new outer CV and driveshaft rebuild, Gearbox rebuild and chassis clean This year i am only just removing all body work including sills, replace or repair heater pipes, trim up new sills, prep replacement clam, boot lid and the other panels all ready for nice shiny coat of new paint Then put all back together and plenty of shiny polish. While all that is at the painters i may just pull the engine out, have a look at my gearbox whine, fit my other inlet manifold and TB.
  4. About time. Hope it is as described, but you have probably spent the last few months researching the car in advance anyway. Lots of photo's please.
  5. That is real bad luck. Hopefully its all ok once this is done.
  6. What was shorting out? Pleased you have got to the bottom of it.
  7. Jonny- where did you get your loom stuff from? Its got to be getting close to being finished now
  8. Looking great as always Jonny. Info on this tool for fitting the clips please?
  9. I do like the quick release and steering wheel combo. Looks good quality.
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