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  1. Looking good Dave. Its very satisfying doing it yourself.
  2. Dave, Why not enjoy a few good track days 1st then worry about the front clam?
  3. That is real bad luck. Hopefully its all ok once this is done.
  4. What was shorting out? Pleased you have got to the bottom of it.
  5. Jonny- where did you get your loom stuff from? Its got to be getting close to being finished now
  6. Looking great as always Jonny. Info on this tool for fitting the clips please?
  7. I do like the quick release and steering wheel combo. Looks good quality.
  8. No problem Jonny. Thanks for the ice cream today. Great job your are doing in your car. You have a lot more patience than me with the cleaning duties.
  9. Hi Jonny, A little off topic, but i have tried to Pm you and your inbox is full. Thanks Alan
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