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  1. I had my Exige S2 sprayed via Edmonds and would fully recommend them.
  2. Great news Dan. Will have to take a ride over once you are in.
  3. Engine number located here : http://www.mgfcar.de/k_engine/ This should match the log book, but anyone can have the engine number changed on the log book to match watch is fitted. http://kengine.dvapower.com/ also a S1 exige should have a VHPD engine. How to identify the head is on these pages. I do not know the engine numbers for the block, but maybe a visit over to Exiges.com will help? The chassis number is stamped into the chassis on the drivers side at the rear wheel. I hope this at least gets you started?
  4. This is how mine was. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. That style does make it very difficult. Mine was connected through the dash. That extinguisher wouldn't be comfy either. Still very nice cars though:) Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  6. Did the cage connect via the sills or through the dash? My S2 was via the dash so didn't restrict access. I actually used the cage to help get in and out. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  7. Your symptoms do sound like a early head gasket issue, but the garage has carried out all the checks that any good garage would do. The K series engine is not anything special and is a very simple engine. Does it do it all the time or only after a good run and everything is really hot? Did the garage carry out the test in the same circumstances? My coolant level has always settled on the min mark. They can be a bitch to bleed the coolant system but once its done correctly that should be it. Is the cooling system standard and original?
  8. Great choice of car there. If i didn't have the s1 i think this would be my no.1 choice car. Doesn't Donny look so much better when it had its iconic features, real shame they was removed
  9. Great looking car. Been so close to getting one myself. Welcome. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  10. Hi Dave, i know of a very good hydraulic place based in Coalville that can make up hoses. You would have to take yours off for a pattern though. That is if it needs complete hoses. You really need to find the actual source of the leak before worrying too much about replacing parts. The fitting may have just rattled loose? If you are struggling give me a call and i am sure we can work something out.
  11. Fully agree with this I went for 308 AP's on my S2 Exige along with CL6 pads. The brakes was amazing on a dry track using semi slicks. Never had any brake fade at all. Was a little too aggressive on a damp track though and felt like they lacked that required feel too get the braking right. (ABS used to kick in a lot). I put this down to the CL6 pads and was going to change to CL5+, but i sold the car. On the road they used to squeal so bad that i was sometimes embarrassed to press the brake pedal. For road use i feel this setup was just not really required.
  12. Not quite correct Phil I mentioned speaking to Dave @seriouslylotus. He has the good selection of brake components and usually at the best price also. May not be the same issue. but Dr H have issues with some floating bells discs?
  13. Have a chat with Dave @seriouslylotus , i am sure he will be able to sort you out. I used to get a lot of pad chatter on my S2, especially on the N/S front. Even with new buffers etc. I used to have to apply extra buffers to stop it. But then it only worked for a while. So had to do the process every few months or so.
  14. Speak with Dave @seriouslylotus I believe that he has done some upgrades to improve his own 350.
  15. Might be worth posting on NYLOC or NYLOG?