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  1. Winter work.

    This made me laugh. Not quite Dean. To be honest i can remove the clams on my car in about an hour for both. (as they are a bit tatty i do not have to be that careful) However i have no idea how long the sill removal will take. I am guessing the second one will take less time. Putting it all back together with fresh paint will be another story though
  2. Winter work.

    After last winter where i did the usual - wishbone, blasting, zinc plating POR15, new ball joints, spherical bearings, track rod, rack out, rear subframe, blasting, reinforcing, zinc plating POR15, Engine mount refurbishing, engine re positioning, uprated new outer CV and driveshaft rebuild, Gearbox rebuild and chassis clean This year i am only just removing all body work including sills, replace or repair heater pipes, trim up new sills, prep replacement clam, boot lid and the other panels all ready for nice shiny coat of new paint Then put all back together and plenty of shiny polish. While all that is at the painters i may just pull the engine out, have a look at my gearbox whine, fit my other inlet manifold and TB.
  3. A favour...

    Not completely what was suggested Alex The Tyres on the wheels we tried on the car for Alex do have pick up on, so i expected some wheel wobble. But you would like to think it would be either worse or better than he has and not the same as we found out. I then suggested just to make sure to put the tyre pressure up to 30 psi and try again. If still no different, remove the front discs and ensure that the mounting faces are perfectly clean, the hub and wheel mounting faces and try again. (all these options are free to do) But your discs have seen better days anyway so will need replacing sooner rather than later
  4. Another New Lotus

    Didn't think you would be able to stay away from a S1 Great looking car Dave.
  5. A favour...

    No problem Alex. Tuesday is probably best for me next week. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  6. A favour...

    Alex - If its a quick swap over just to check then i has some wheels here that can be tried. I'm i guessing that the steering rack wasn't the issue then?
  7. Bodywork Repair

    Was very happy with the full respray on the Exige that they did for me and was very easy to deal with.
  8. 340R

    I may know of someone that has one for sale, or at least did.
  9. Great day at Donington

    Was good to see some familiar local faces supporting the Elise Trophy racing. Very hard work weekend it turned out to be. ABS failure in Qually, but managed 8th. Broken Toe link bolt race 1. so a DNF but managed to get fastest lap. (also SC belt snapped due to gravel) Managed 5th in race 2 from back of the grid and another fastest lap. Came over the finish line 1st in race 3 to then receive a 5 second penalty for track limits that Craig had no clue about so ended up 2nd. Was all worth it though as even though it was our worst results we have enough points to clinch the championship even without doing the last round at Rockingham.
  10. New car at last S190 Pics updated

    Very nice
  11. New car at last S190 Pics updated

    About time. Hope it is as described, but you have probably spent the last few months researching the car in advance anyway. Lots of photo's please.
  12. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    That is real bad luck. Hopefully its all ok once this is done.
  13. Secure car storage needed

    I use a place that is close to Donington race circuit. If you are interested let me know and i will pass on the details.
  14. Onlins set up exige

    You need to put the car on a flat (are as flat as you can). Then measure the actual ride heights for each corner. Below is a link some very basic information. https://wiki.seloc.org/a/Ride_height You need to alter the spring seat height so that you get the desired ride heights that you are looking for. Once you achieve this then see if you have any of the issues you have stated. If you didn't know the exact heights prior then you will also need the geo setting up afterwards as the ride heights do effect camber and toe settings.
  15. 3mm Allen key redundant.

    The stripe even helps you line it up as well

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