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  1. That looks great Kieran. I was over there last month, but unfortunately working at a trade show so didn't really have any spare time to myself. But if i knew this was there i am sure i could have found some time somewhere. Have make sure i check it out next time i go in 3 years
  2. Bloody hell Dean, i hope there was not any damage when it happend? On my S2 Exige i fitted alternative suppliers toe link kit. It was a lot cheaper than everything else, but the rod ends looked a very good spec. It was all fitted just before going to Spa. When i got back i did my usual checks and found some play in one of the newly fitted rod ends. That was less than 1000 miles including the trackday at Spa. I felt lucky that the whole trip was mainly wet meaning i could not really push the car any where as much has i could have in the dry. I dare not think what could have happened. I did source my own bolts and used 12.9 as advised at the time and torqued accordingly. I did buy a pack of these with the intention of replacing them every year or so. I have used a popular suppliers bolt kit previously on a suspension refresh and found some of the bolts couldn't even make the required torque settings and just stretched. I did replace the toe link kit with the Spitfire version. Boy what a difference in quality. Almost too good to be underneath the car and not be seen. Everything needed come in the kit. Yes its not the cheapest, but as i found out you get what you pay for.
  3. I used to have ATR's fitted to my GBS Zero kit car. They was a great upgrade compared to the cheap basic Gaz units that was on the car. But that wasn't hard as they was s***. However i have never tried them on a Lotus. I have had Lotus cars with Nitrons 46 and Ohlins single ways. Both do a great job. But be careful with spring rates selection to suit your preferred use of the car. I believe Elise spares have run and help develop the ATR range on their race cars for Lotus fitment. But i think that they are produced and designed by Richard at Great British Sportcars in Ollerton, Notts.
  4. Chris, it will still be a lot firmer than what you are used to. Try giving Rob Boston Racing a call as well. He is a Gaz dealer and also knows his stuff.
  5. You shouldn't have any issues towing what ever you want with one of them? From memory i think they can tow around 3500kg? So what trailer have you bought ? What track only car have you got or are looking into getting?
  6. Chris, 450/550 are the springs rates for a S2 Exige cup car so are firm. I went to these after a log conversation with Mick Gardner (Ohlins dealer) regarding the S2 Exige i had which was very track focused. Previously the spring rates where something like 550/650. (i had single way Ohlins) The ride was greatly improved on the road, but by no means as good as standard set up. It was also great on track, but i had to fit a 7/8 Elise parts anti roll bar as well. As mentioned above, there are many options out there and they are all good. Not many people will really be able to tell much difference between them if correctly set up. Seeing as you do mainly road use i would seriously consider a road biased set up including nice soft springs. If you find it rolling a bit too much on track just fit a bigger diameter anit roll bar. Also take into account that your current set up is a fair few years old now, so even new/refreshed versions of what you have will be firmer.
  7. You can have it checked for straightness then if required skim it. I believe there is a limit to how many times or max amount that can be skimmed off these heads.
  8. I would 100% decide on what you are going to be towing first. Last thing you want to do is get your tow vehicle then find out it isn't fit for purpose. I have been towing for many years (i am sure plenty of you have as well) as i used to be one of them towing a caravan. From light weight single axles to the largest twin axles. One very important fact to always remember is to make sure your tow vehicle is rated to tow the weight you need. It isn't about what you think you can pull, but more importantly can you stop and be stable. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  9. That was a close call. At least it has prompted you to get out, have a great drive all the way home and realise why you decided to keep it .
  10. Great news Kurt. So when is your 1st track day of the year to test that new geo?
  11. Rob Boston is very good. You can't be as successful as he is and his drivers without knowing what you are doing. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  12. Hopefully they do not ruin it. But from visiting other circuits that they own they are looked after very well and have some good facilities. Some better priced track days there would be very welcome
  13. You can't leave us hanging like this More details and don't forget plenty of pictures.
  14. I have still got 1....................................................... Sorry i have just recounted and i now make that 2 Will potentially be back to 1 once i can be bothered to get my arse into gear. But for now i am enjoying the luxury of 2
  15. Can't do that date as i am away with work Thanks Andy. Anything new coming your way yet?