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  1. All the best Muzza - enjoy Scotland ( you lucky bugger )
  2. I'm saving myself for tonight - but looking forward to it!
  3. Interesting points Simon, cheers for that. I can feel another learning curve coming on!!
  4. Hi mate - I'm thinking coupe currently as the roof comes off anyway & I prefer the spoiler ( although only just ). I do like the power, but also love that extra dimension that the bigger engine gives to the way the Exige feels & sounds. For me ( and don't laugh ) It's almost the perfect blend of some old blood & thunder TVR attributes, with the wonderful delicacy of a Lotus. I'll feedback after my trip oop North ;-)
  5. I'm with you on the V6 Exige Mark - I've had my itch for a while ( I've even put my car up on the PH classifieds!! ) Off to Christopher Neil's tomorrow for a play ;-) Could be an expensive week !!!
  6. I had the pleasure of some hot laps round Anglesey in an IPS Exige at Easter & whilst I was sceptical it was epic!
  7. Great looking car mate - good call. Look forward to seeing it at Chatsworth.
  8. Haha - too right, & certainly less stress that doing it in the Exige!!
  9. GT 86 is my daily - it's been hilarious. Just switch the TC down one click & you will have a ball. Happy hooning!!!!