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  1. Driving experience ideas please.

    Yes we are - but sometime in the summer
  2. Driving experience ideas please.

    Cheers guys for the input Looks like we’ll be doing the rally experience- it suits us well as my lad can be doing it the same time as me ;-) Just need to sort a date now
  3. Driving experience ideas please.

    Will do mate - cheers
  4. Driving experience ideas please.

    Cheers guys The rally option looks very good - I’ve emailed an enquiry over. Cheets
  5. I need some help finding a good car related present for my sons 15th birthday. He’s car mad & dying to have a proper driving experience. We did the typical groupon supercar jobbie a couple of years back & it was rubbish. Any recommendations guys? Many thanks
  6. New car content...... Nlc, well kind of.

    That looks great mate - good choice. Very interested to see what you reckon compared to the Exige. Always been tempted myself must admit - driven some taster days & I do get what all the fuss is about. We've booked a Donny TD this coming Friday if you fancy it.
  7. Farewell But Not Goodbye

    All the best Muzza - enjoy Scotland ( you lucky bugger )