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Phil S1

Anyone Got An Offcut Of Gold Heat Shielding?

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Has anyone got a piece of gold heat shielding left over from their recently lined engine bays they might sell me?

I'm looking for a piece about 350mm long x 100mm wide. Doesn't necessarily need to be one single piece I guess either.

It's to protect the fibreglass in the recess immediately above the tailpipes...




After my rolling road session at Emerald last week my rear clam ended up with a smoked finish directly above the tailpipes. I had to get the polish out to thankfully get it back to being red again. I'm thinking that this problem has come about since fitting my new Larini Sports exhaust. I had ordered the version they do with the extra silencing layer, which effectively wraps an additional layer of sound absorbent material around the silencer along with another skin of stainless as per the photo below....




In addition to making it quieter what I have noticed is that I am now able to comfortably place my hand on the insulated silencer, even when the engine is at full operating temperature, which is good news for anything in the boot box I guess. The downside to this though is that all the heat seems to be being transferred to the tailpipes since they seem to be getting far hotter than I remember with the old exhaust. Over the weekend I managed to lower the exhaust on it's mounts such that the tailpipes exit slightly lower in the clam but I would still like a bit of insulation in there too if possible.

Anyone got a piece going spare at all?


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Phil, as you would need to be on your hands and knees to see it ( i presume you are just protecting the top of the aperture? ) Have you considered a bit of silver reflective adhesive tape? Im sure RS or Demon Tweeks will do it. failing that PM Dan Webster or Mister bling Bis :)

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Thanks Dan, let me know what you've got and I'll see ya right.

Yes it is the underside of the aperture Martin and gold would link the 2 gold stripes quite nicely I reckon plus I'll admit to liking a bit of discreet bling cool.png

Anyway, I seem to spend rather alot of time on my hands and knees under my car, so I'll get the benefit of it even if nobody else does laugh.gif

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