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  1. Your best MLOC memory so far

    I sort of remember the exige was about to run out of fuel. It was just a trip in lotuses... reliable..,
  2. 10 years on

    Miles was wearing his springbok rugby shirt...
  3. Advice on a 2001 VX220

    Speak with Randy on Seloc. I believe he mentioned VX can be a little tired compare to the equivalent lotus. For the Abs from the old cavalier, you can had a switch to disable it.
  4. Tire Softener

    Brush the tyres with a wire brush and. Wrap them in cling film. For 24/48 hrs to force the softener. in. It reduces the harder by 5 to 10 shore but it is temporary.
  5. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    Are you getting it back on the road as original plate or are you going towards the Q plate route?
  6. Martin, you know the only real good s1 swap is a good 1,9 kserie engine with independant TBs...
  7. Seven Seven

    Seven Seven
  8. Non Loti

    Non Loti
  9. Le Mans

    Track day with ARC
  10. Meeting with French fellows

    Meeting with French Lotus Owner at Neauphle in France (17/06/2007)
  11. S1 Elise Standard

    S1 Elise Standard