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  1. I sort of remember the exige was about to run out of fuel. It was just a trip in lotuses... reliable..,
  2. Miles was wearing his springbok rugby shirt...
  3. Speak with Randy on Seloc. I believe he mentioned VX can be a little tired compare to the equivalent lotus. For the Abs from the old cavalier, you can had a switch to disable it.
  4. Brush the tyres with a wire brush and. Wrap them in cling film. For 24/48 hrs to force the softener. in. It reduces the harder by 5 to 10 shore but it is temporary.
  5. Got mine for the elise... it increased by 15%... and the mileage was decreased from 10k to 5 due to agreed value... if i was to keep 10k the agreed value would not work and the premium would be 50% higher. I asked why as i had descent premium for several years... they explained that several younger driver wanting cheaper premium £300 something and claimed a lot (120% of the insurance premium taking) and they are loosing money. When i was under 30's I had to pay over £700 premium 10years ago but it seems nowaday, these rules don't apply... i can see more company like cci refusing to insure under 40's soon...
  6. I tried these caliper pads several years ago and they aren't a long term fix. Went to topgear ago 8 years ago and talk to Martin. He advised 2 things either : 1 put some of these 3M strikingbuffer pads (similar to what mintex used to supply) on the metal back plate of the pad. When applying the brakes, the caliper pot will form a groove if the buffer pad and create a location stopping the pad rattle. Or 2 put some copper greace on the pad metal back plate, it 'sticks' to the caliper pot. I've done that for many years (40kmiles at least, countless trackdays and several sprints and few races) and it works.
  7. Are you getting it back on the road as original plate or are you going towards the Q plate route?
  8. Martin, you know the only real good s1 swap is a good 1,9 kserie engine with independant TBs...