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  1. That looks spot on Leigh - just one question, what is the port adapter that the FPR is screwed on to made of, as i've had one snap off. It was an off the shelf part which I changed for one made here out of 7075 and is now fine.
  2. £500 per hour
  3. Wow Dave thats a stunner!
  4. Why isn't anything straight forward!? Last week we had some very hard working chaps in to grind the top off the existing, very poorly finished concrete floor and apply an eye wateringly expensive epoxy resin floor covering. It took 4 days from start to finish and by friday it was ready for me to move in so I started to move my kit across. Only upon closer inspection the finish was actually shite, so I called the rep back in, who in turn called the workers back in, so at midnight on friday I was at work letting the guys in so they could grind the top off and try again. By Sunday it was hard enough to get in and inspect it, its still not right but its as good as its going to get and we can't hang around doing no work for much longer so the move is back on! Blockwork is going up in the morning, i've got two build rooms to go up, plus a toilet and a kitchen. I'm hoping to have all of it done by the end of the week....but we'll see! I've got more stuff than I thought as well....
  5. It wasn't hard to improve on whoever mapped it before! Stevie wonder presumably
  6. Its right at the top of my to do list!!
  7. Naturally!
  8. Yep, on the same estate! Thanks both!
  9. ...and moving into a much larger one this weekend! I'd just like to thank everyone for the business so far, my modest expectations for where it would go when I started were quickly blown out of the water, the level of faith you've all had in me has been mind blowing, so thanks again and long may it continue!
  10. Too kind!
  11. Thanks Stu, it wasn't too hard to improve on as I think stevie wonder mapped it previously I hope your other half feels better.
  12. Can't be long before you bin them then and get some magnesium ones
  13. And a roll cage...I just fitted a roll cage to an S1 and it weighs a tonne.
  14. Now that's cool!