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  1. Too kind!
  2. Thanks Stu, it wasn't too hard to improve on as I think stevie wonder mapped it previously I hope your other half feels better.
  3. ...in a customers 300hp normally aspirated honda powered elise 8) I am extremely lucky to have some excellent customers and when I was invited to Angelsey to 'show me what it can do' by the owner of a car I only finished a few weeks ago there was no way I was going to say no. Angelsey is a great little circuit, we were on the coastal layout which takes in most of the track bar a pair of long straights and a hairpin which I assume were added to increase the length of the circuit to meet international rules. We were late for the briefing so missed the sighting laps, the owner offered me the first drive of the day so I went out and did 4 laps to get a feel for the car and circuit. Its fairly easy to learn, mostly point and squirt apart from the very fast section onto the back 'straight', which is actually quite a curve when you're in such a quick car. We came back in to check everything over and swap drivers. The owner went out and did a few laps, he'd been to Angelsey a few times and knew the track, but the last time he was here his tuned K series threw a rod and set the car on fire, so with just about double the power it was a very different prospect for him. We then swapped over again and I pushed a little bit harder, still chickening out of the throttle pretty early down the back straight though as we seemed to be instantly doing 120mph as we came out of the previous turn onto it. The car setup was very different to how I would set my own car up, much safer in that it has some understeer built in and a pretty nailed down rear end (which saved us a couple of times when the owner was driving ) so I was feeling my way around the car and the track whilst keeping in my mind that the owner has to drive 20 0miles home in this car he'd just paid a lot of money to have built Still, we had a decent go around the circuit, I didn't push any of the braking zones and definitely left a lot of track still to explore, but the car was about the quickest thing out there with the exception of a radical driver that was more than happy to overtake anywhere and any side he felt like Here's my first few flying laps. There were a few properly rapid cars out there, I let a couple past while I was in traffic and then easily caught them up again, which was nice And a few more laps later on in my second and final run in the car. Its an absolutely brutal car, bloody quick and yet had unbelievable traction from the new Avon ZZR tyres, I was absolutely pinned in 3rd coming out of a few of the corners that would have been completely lit up in my elise on road tyres and 100hp less, hugely impressive stuff.
  4. Can't be long before you bin them then and get some magnesium ones
  5. And a roll cage...I just fitted a roll cage to an S1 and it weighs a tonne.
  6. Now that's cool!
  7. Amazing looking car...I'm looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. Just needs the engine to match now (and no I don't mean a honda!)
  8. I actually said do it ANY colour BUT black Very much looking forward to seeing it whatever colour it is mind you!
  9. How very dare you that's not painted, its coarse grit blasted and then fine glass bead blasted
  10. Thats some f****g manifold!!